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Big beer companies still rule the world, but smaller (and more creative) brewers are flooding the market with tasty and complex beers every day. How much do you know about craft beer?

Which company is the largest craft brewer in the United States?

The Brewers Association recently changed its definition of craft beer, letting some larger companies join the craft category.


As of early 2016, how many craft breweries are there in the United States?

The vast majority are lumped into the "microbrewery" category.


To be considered a microbrewery, a company's production cannot exceed what?

Also, 75% of the company's beer must be sold off-site.


What's the average calorie content of a pumpkin ale?

Drink too many of these, and you'll wind up with the figure of a pumpkin.


Most of the market for craft beers falls into which age range?

Old people like good beer.


Which state ranks dead last in the number of craft breweries per capita?

There are only 14 craft breweries here, or 0.5 breweries per 100,000 adults of legal drinking age.


In 2008, there were 1,523 craft breweries in the United States. How many were there in 2014?

That's right, the number more than doubled in just six years.


What is currently the most popular craft beer style in America?

There are so many IPAs in stores these days that a backlash is inevitable.


By volume, small and independent brewers make up about how much of the U.S. beer market?

Mass-produced beers still rule the market, but craft beers continue to grow in quality and quantity.


By dollars spent, how does the market share for craft beers stack up against the beer market as a whole?

Many craft beers are significantly pricier than their mass-produced counterparts.


As of 2016, how many different beer styles are recognized by the Brewers Association?

It's too many for you to try in one sitting.


How do craft brewers introduce smoky flavor into smoked beers?

When the liquid is introduced to smoke during brewing, it takes on some of the smoky flavors.


What is the alcohol content of Sam Adams' Utopia?

It is meant to be savored, not slammed.


Why do many craft beers lose flavor if they are too cold?

Many craft beers taste better at temperature approaching 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


What is one defining characteristic of a so-called "session beer?"

The lower alcohol content means you can drink more of them without getting wasted.


Which U.S. state has the most craft breweries?

California easily wins; Texas is a distant 7th place with 189 breweries.


How many craft brewing companies are there in California?

At last count nearly 520


Why do craft beers go bad when stored at warm temperatures for long periods of time?

Non-pasteurized beers simply have a shorter shelf life so you need to store them in a cool place.


What was the approximate dollar amount of the U.S. craft beer market in 2015?

The overall beer market weighed in at around $106 billion.


How do flaked oats affect a stout's mouthfeel?

The mouthfeel can drastically alter the way you perceive a beer.


Why does Dogfish Head Brewery call one of its beers a "90 Minute IPA?"

Most beers use hops boiled for 30 to 60 minutes.


What is a trait that defines the brewing process for ales?

Lagers, however, are fermented at very cool temperatures.


What color is Struise's Black Damnation?

It is pitch black and has an alcohol content of nearly 40%.


Westbrook Gose beer is unique because it tastes like what?

The label says, "Sour, Salty, Delicious."


Which state ranks first in terms of breweries per capita?

There are more than nine breweries for every 100,000 adults of legal drinking age.


Which U.S. state ranks dead last in the number of craft brewing companies?

There are nine craft breweries there, one for each person who lives in North Dakota.


What makes a beer a "dry-hopped" beer?

This process adds more hops flavor and aroma.


If your beer has a fruity character, you may be drinking which style?

Ales often have fruity overtones thanks in part to the warm fermentation used to create them.


How do sour beers get their unique flavor?

It's the same kind of bacteria used to make yogurt.


What makes the primary difference between an American pale ale and an English pale ale?

Hops vary greatly depending on the type and the location in which they are grown, and each type lends a new taste to your beer.


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