Which State Matches Your Personality?

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While not everyone rejoices in the diversity of America, it's undeniable. Cultural norms change state by state and community by community. Are you wondering where you fit in best? 

Do you thrive on the ability to get a slice of pizza or Chinese takeout at 3 a.m.? Do you think that public transportation is the best thing to ever happen to the world? Are you lulled to sleep by the sounds of sirens and garbage trucks? Then one of the states with the largest cities in the country might be best for you!

Conversely, do you feel that other people are terrible and crave isolation? Do uninterrupted miles of nature make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside? Do you want to live somewhere where driving a pick-up truck is a necessity? Then one of the more sparsely populated states might be the home of your dreams.

Maybe you need a little of both worlds! There are plenty of states where the nightlife is bumpin' but so is the nature scene. Let us know your lifestyle preferences, and we'll tell you which great state is the best fit for your personality!

How ambitious are you?

Do you trust outsiders?

Do you like being around rich people?

How traditional are you?

Do you love big sky country?

Can you sleep in a noisy neighborhood?

Do you go mad if you don't have access to noodles at midnight?

Do you adapt well to new situations?

Can you be out of touch without feeling antsy?

Is a house a home without a dog?

How much time do you spend on the internet daily?

How important is money?

How important is having your choice of at least two dozen churches?

Are you a vegan?

Do you have at least five snappy comebacks ready at any one time in case a creep bothers you in the street?

How proud of your home are you?

Do you mind if your state government is woefully underfunded?

Which holiday do you love most?

Do you think "The Great Gatsby" is actually quite aspirational?

What drink calms you down?

What sort of person can you absolutely not bear to be around?

What sort of clothing is your idea of dressed up?

What's your favorite kind of gathering?

How important is fine dining?

Do you like to go out to clubs often?

How often do you travel overseas?

When is it too hot out during the summer?

Which car is too big for you?

Do you like knowing everyone in town?

How important is being in touch with nature?

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