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You might say that this country has had its ups and downs in the past few centuries. How much do you know about German history?

In what year were the Summer Olympics held in Berlin?

Germany beat out Spain for the privilege of holding the event.


Charles the Great is sometimes called what?

Circa 800, he began gathering together areas that would become France, Germany and other European countries.


By population, what was the biggest state in Germany in the 1890s?

By population, it was five times as large as Bavaria and dominated by the wealthy class.


Who was the last German emperor?

At the end of World War I, the empire was no more.


What did Otto von Bismarck accomplish?

He helped make the German Empire increasingly powerful until he left office in 1890.


Including civilians, about how many people died during the Thirty Years War?

The war finally ended in 1648, but it devastated Europe's populations, including pre-modern Germany.


What was Otto von Bismarck's nickname?

He was a clever and powerful man who dominated world politics from his home in Germany.


Modern Germany is made up of how many constituent states?

The country's makeup and borders have shifted many times in a span of hundreds of years.


Where did Adolf Hitler attempt his first coup?

The amateurish coup failed and he was jailed; he did not repeat his mistake.


How many states made up the German Confederation in 1815?

It replaced the Holy Roman Empire but was never a very effective entity.


Which country imposed its rule over Germany in 1806?

Napoleon's version of Germany, however, did not last long.


In what year did the unification of Germany occur?

It was then that Wilhelm I became German emperor.


In the 1500s, Martin Luther led reformation against which entity?

His ideas and outspokenness had a profound impact on German culture.


In what year did the Holy Roman Empire give way to a more modern nation-state entity?

The declining influence of the Catholic church helped to make way for a more modern type of nation.


The Battle of Leipzig found Germans and their allies fighting which force?

Napoleon lost the 1813 battle, an event that ultimately unraveled his reign.


The Thirty Years War was a battle between which groups?

Beginning in 1618, the Catholics failed in their attempt to bring the region back under church control.


What event caused the end of the German Empire?

At the end of the war, a republic replaced the imperial government.


What event contributed greatly to the rise of Nazism in Germany?

People across the world lost faith in their leaders; in Germany, this had disastrous consequences.


How long did the Weimar Republic last?

It was an unofficial designation for Germany following World War I.


Who built the Berlin Wall?

Communist East Germany was hemorrhaging people and resources to the more democratic West German side.


For how many years did the Berlin Wall stand?

The wall was an ominous divide between East and West Germany.


How effective was the Berlin Wall in restricting East Germans from escaping the country?

Particularly in urban areas, many people were shot at and sometimes killed for attempting to scale the wall.


In what year was the so-called March Revolution?

Many uprisings happened all over Europe in 1848 and 1849 as the working class rejected their unlivable conditions.


What did the Potsdam Agreement accomplish in Germany?

Culture was scrubbed clean of Nazi influences in the hopes of rebooting German society.


During his rise to power, how did Hitler alter the military oath for members of the armed forces?

With the forces at his disposal, he seized power throughout the country.


In what year did Germany's economy surpass Britain's?

The Germans developed an advanced industrial economy early in the 20th century.


Following World War II, when was West Germany allowed to begin rearming itself with a military?

The Allied-controlled areas blossomed after World War II; East Germany languished under communist rule.


Before starting World War II, which country did Hitler decide was his biggest foe?

He figured that the English would be hard to subdue, and he was right.


As of 2015, what is Germany's population?

And it has the biggest economy in Europe.


Which country did the Nazis invade to begin WWII?

Hitler's aggression triggered events that reverberate throughout the world even today.


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