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Think all there is to Hannibal Lecter is liver recipes and that creepy face mask? See if you can develop an accurate psychological profile of "Hannibal the Cannibal" with this delicious quiz.

Why is Hannibal always securely restrained, including his face, when he is transported?

The assault on the nurse is why Lecter is literally muzzled whenever he's transported.


What was the nickname of the first serial killer Lecter helped the FBI track down?

Lecter helped agent Will Graham with the Tooth Fairy case several years before he was consulted on finding Buffalo Bill.


What physical anomaly was Lecter born with?

Lecter removes the extra finger himself while he's a fugitive.


While a fugitive in France, what name does Lecter use when he is hired as a museum curator?

Lecter takes the name Dr. Fell.


What is Lecter's profession when he's not in prison?

Lecter's knowledge of psychiatry makes him valuable to the FBI, but it also makes him incredibly dangerous.


Why does Lecter kill the flautist in the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra?

Lecter has little patience for poor musicianship.


What does Mason Verger plan to do to Lecter?

Verger's plan with the pigs doesn’t pan out.


What meal does Lecter infamously serve to Paul Krendler?

Krendler unwittingly eats part of his own brain.


What incident is the origin of Lecter's mental state and interest in cannibalism?

Lecter's transformation into a murderer, and eventually a cannibal, is closely tied to the fate of his sister, Mischa.


What country was Hannibal Lecter born in?

Lecter's family is Lithuanian nobility.


How did Lecter kill fellow prisoner Miggs after Miggs was rude to Clarice Starling?

Miggs' was talked into swallowing his own tongue. To be fair, that thing Miggs did to Starling was super gross.


How does Lecter escape the courthouse during the Buffalo Bill case?

Lecter wore the cop's face and uniform as a horrific disguise, then murdered the paramedics in the ambulance.


In the movie version of "Silence of the Lambs," Lecter gives the FBI the name "Louis Friend" as Buffalo Bill's real identity. What is this an anagram for?

Iron sulfide is fool's gold. In the book, Lecter gives a different fake name, "Billy Rubin," which is basically a poop joke.


Why does Lecter commit his first murder, of a butcher?

The butcher dies for making an obscene remark to Lecter's aunt.


How are Lecter's parents killed?

They are senselessly killed by Nazis at the end of World War II.


What body part was the first that Lecter ever intentionally ate?

Lecter sliced off the cheeks of two of his earliest victims and ate the flesh.


What became of the men who killed and ate Lecter's sister?

Lecter found and killed every last one of them. Because they were war criminals and there was little evidence, he was never convicted.


In what city was the last of these men in when Lecter found and killed him?

Lecter kills him in Montreal at the end of "Hannibal Rising."


What is the Tooth Fairy murderer's real name?

Dolarhyde is a film and video processor.


Why is Dolarhyde called the Tooth Fairy?

Dolarhyde bites his victims with a set of false teeth.


Dolarhyde's murders are inspired by a painting called "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun." Who painted it?

The painting, based on the Biblical book of Revelations, is part of a series by William Blake.


How does Lecter lead Dolarhyde to FBI agent Graham?

Reading the "Tattler" is another of Dolarhyde's many obsessions.


Where did Hannibal Lecter receive his medical degree?

Lecter earned his degree at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.


Who eats Mason Verger's face?

Lecter convinces a drugged Verger to slice his own face off and feed it to his Doberman.


What is Buffalo Bill's real name?

It's Jamie Gumb who very much would like for you to put the lotion in the basket.


Why was Lecter imprisoned and not given the death penalty when he was apprehended for his murders near Baltimore?

Psychiatrists have a hard time categorizing exactly what is wrong with Lecter, but they're very sure he's insane.


What happens to Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter at the end of the "Hannibal" TV series?

The series finale is not so much a cliffhanger as a cliff jumper.


What is different about the character of Freddie Loundes in the TV series "Hannibal" compared to the film and novel versions?

The slovenly, frustrated male reporter from the books and movies is replaced by an ambitious woman in the TV series.


How does Lecter first meet FBI agent Will Graham in the TV series?

Lecter starts out working for the FBI to provide psychiatric assistance to agents on stressful cases.


What fate is implied for Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in the "Hannibal" series finale?

The post-credits scene has her eating her own leg.


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