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Think you know everything about the mafia and organized crime? Test your knowledge of the mafia with our mafia quiz.

Roughly translated to English, la cosa nostra means:

The FBI misunderstood what recently immigrated mobsters meant when they refered to their lifestyle, or "their thing." Instead, the term came to refer to the Italian-American mob.


Which big-time mafioso was nicknamed the "Dapper Don"?

Well-dressed and always ready to toy with the Feds, John Gotti was also called the "Teflon Don" due to his reputation for beating the rap.


Where did the mafia originate?

The mafia was born in Sicily in the 19th century from the emergence of capos, wealthy landowners who extracted tribute from locals by the threat of force.


Which mafia was the first to set up shop in Las Vegas?

Jewish gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky acted as loan sharks for casino developers. This made the mob acting partners in the money machine that is Sin City.


What does a consigliere do?

Consiglieres act as impartial advisers to the head of a mafia family, or the don. This vital position usually lies outside of the family hierarchy.


The Commission of mafia families slowed rampant recruiting of mobsters in the 1920s and '30s by:

By requiring the names of all prospective recruits be added to a list and circulated among the families, the chance any mafioso could be murdered by someone they didn't recognize was reduced.


FBI agent Joe Pistone infiltrated the mafia with the undercover name:

Agent Joe Pistone spent six years in the dangerous position of living undercover as a mobster in the Bonnano and Columbo crime familes in the 1970s. Pistone's work netted dozens of arrests and a biopic about him called "Donnie Brasco."


Which event brought the mafia's existence undeniably to light?

In 1957, a New York state trooper led the Apalachin Raid, the raid of a secret summit among 58 mafia bosses and high-ranking family members. The idea that the mafia didn't exist could no longer be entertained, as the public had up to that point.


What is RICO an acronym for?

The Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (the RICO Act), a blow to the mafia passed in 1970, allowed prosecutors to go after entire illegal organizations instead of one member at a time.


What city was host to the first mafia incident in the United States?

In 1890, a mafia family retaliated against local pressures, murdering the sherrif and killing 16 members of a lynch mob that gathered outside the New Orleans jailhouse where the gangsters were jailed.


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