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Breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breathe out. How much do you know about the benefits of mindful meditation?

Meditation is focused on training which part of a human being?

Meditation can help you relax, learn to live in the moment, reduce anxiety and achieve more as a human being.


What is a defining trait of Focused Attention meditation?

This focus can reduce your mental clutter and help clear your mind.


What is neuroplasticity?

Meditation can actually help reform the brain to your advantage.


OMM stands for what kind of meditation?

Typically, novices start with focused attention meditation before taking up OMM meditation.


Some people say meditation can help you improve your "qi," which is what?

The word "qi" comes from Chinese culture but it is represented by many other peoples as well.


Samatha meditation is designed to help you do what?

It often uses mindfulness of breathing to help you focus.


How can meditation change the brain's aging process?

Meditating for perhaps 40 minutes per day can slow the rate at which your brain ages.


What does the practitioner monitor during OMM meditation?

The idea is to simply monitor everything without focusing or judging.


What is a mantra?

A mantra can take many forms and may or may not have literal meaning; mantras are often used to focus the mind in meditation.


How can meditation prevent you from becoming ill?

Meditation doesn't just increase mindfulness, it can recharge your immune system's function.


About how long must you practice meditation before your brain begins to change?

It takes only about eight weeks to begin overhauling your brain activity through meditation.


What is the point of nirvana?

Nirvana is a sort of emptiness, freedom from the cycles of birth and death, and meditation is a tool to help you move in the direction of nirvana.


A study by Wake Forest University showed that meditation's pain relieving properties were sometimes more effective than what?

It was a small study but it demonstrated a possible use for meditation.


Ultimately, mindfulness is just what?

Meditation is a way to exercise your mind, and your brain, for better overall functionality.


The brain's posterior cingulate is related to which functions?

After meditating for just few weeks, this part of your brain begins to thicken.


Some experts say you should AVOID meditation at what part of the day?

You might confuse your body and mind into associating meditation with sleep, when it's better to separate the two.


What is MBSR?

It was developed by professor Jon Kabat-Zinn as a secular way for people to become more mindful.


What is the brain's temporoparietal junction associated with?

Exercising your brain through meditation can build this part of your brain, helping to increase your empathy and compassion.


A National Health Interview Survey found that Americans use mediation more than what other destressing technique?

About 8% of U.S. adults reported using meditation, as opposed to about 7% for massage therapy.


In some rare situations, meditation can lead to what?

But these people likely had underlying mental or physical problems .


An altered state of consciousness is any brain state different than a normal waking state that features what kind of brain waves?

Meditation can significantly alter the kinds of brain waves we have during waking hours.


Meditation may increase what sort of oscillations in the brain?

Gamma wave activity can be associated with improved levels of working memory and focus.


One research team found that meditation increased gray matter in which part of the brain?

This part of the brain is associated with memory and decision making.


What typically happens to our frontal cortex as we age?

People who meditate consistently, though, often have cortexes that resemble much younger folks.


In loving-kindness meditation, meditators start by developing compassion for what?

You then begin extending compassion and love to others, from friends to foes.


In samadi, what happens to the mind?

It's a meditative trance in which you become completely one with the present moment.


Buddhism indicates that meditation can help the practitioner hone which two mental qualities?

In the end, Buddhists use meditation to let go of worry and gain more wisdom.


How long does the Dalai Lama meditate each morning?

He meditates in the evening, too; he regards meditation difficult but worthwhile.


Sahaja yoga meditation is also known as what?

In this type of meditation, you may learn to turn off the distractions in your mind.


Meditation increases telomerase, which is what?

It helps to protect your chromosomes and perhaps even slow the overall aging process.


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