Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Dashboard Symbols?
How Well Do You Know Your Dashboard Symbols?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Youtube via Bilal Auto Center

About This Quiz

As automotive technology grows, so do the number of lights found on dashboard displays. With new warning symbols and reminder symbols coming out every year, it can be a little difficult to keep up. Studies have shown that only one in 29 women know what all of them mean. We're betting that you know more them than you think. 

With over 150 known dashboard lights in vehicles today, cars are practically speaking their problems in visual form. From oil pressure to tire pressure, our cars are able to better communicate than some of our husbands. But how well have you learned their language? Put your knowledge to the test and possible learn a few lifesaving tips. Then, we'll let you know how well you did! 

During this quiz, we will put your knowledge of dashboard lights to the test. We will show you a picture; then, we will provide you with four possibilities. Choose the answer you think most closely represents the symbol, and we'll let you know where you stand in the ranks. How well will you do? You will never know unless you give it your best shot. Tell us how many you got once you have finished! 

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What might this symbol represent?
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What important car system is this symbol telling you to check?
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Which of your car's systems does this symbol relate to?
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Which dashboard symbol reminds you to shift?
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What part of the car is this symbol saying needs attention?
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What does this symbol let you know that you are using?
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What dashboard symbol might you see going up a steep hill?
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What does this symbol let you know you have set?
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Where does this symbol indicate that there might be trouble?
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What is this symbol foretelling?
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What does this symbol let you know is working?
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What light might come on if your car were not shifting correctly?
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What kind of weather is this symbol named after?
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