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Whether you like them crunchy or soft, spicy or mild, tacos are a culinary fixture in Mexico and around the world. How much do you know about tacos?

What's the primary ingredient in tacos de tuetano?

The marrow imparts an unbelievably rich flavor.


Tacos al carbon are usually made with which meat?

The beef is thinly sliced and cooked over a charcoal grill.


True or False: Tacos were developed around the time Europeans arrived in the area of Mexico.

The locals were already devouring tacos before settlers arrived.


"Salsa" is Spanish for what?

Salsa quality can totally alter your perception of any taco.


What preparation has "adobada" meat undergone before being used in tacos?

It is most often pork marinated in a red chili sauce.


The oldest tacos used which ingredient?

White corn tortillas were likely the first style used for tacos.


In 2015, about how many tacos were consumed in the United States?

According to NationalTacoDay.com, 4.5 billion tacos would stretch to the moon and back.


Traditionally, the meat for tacos de cazo are first cooked in a pot of what?

Nowadays, many cooks opt instead for oil.


When did tacos likely make their first appearance in the United States?

There are newspaper items mentioning migrants and the foods they brought with them.


The word "taco" may have originated in which Mexican industry?

Miners may have used taco-shaped explosives to help them reach precious metals.


When you eat tacos sesos, which sort of meat are you consuming?

The brain is usually simmered or braised before being chopped for tacos.


When were taco shells first fried into a U-shape?

No one really knows for sure but in the World War II era there are Mexican cookbooks describing the technique.


Which fast-food restaurant often gets credit for popularizing Mexican food (and tacos) in the United States?

Taco Bell's revolution began way back in the 1960s.


Why are tacos sudados "sweaty"?

The covered baskets hold in steam, which keeps the tacos soft.


Tacos de cazuela refers to what kind of taco?

The various fillings are simmered in pots.


How is a "mulita" taco served?

The meat is placed between two tortillas.


How is meat for tacos de asador cooked?

This dry heat style of cooking lends delicious tenderness and flavor to the meat.


Why are hard shells frequently used instead of soft shells?

Soft shells, especially those with few preservatives, spoil much more quickly.


Taco de cabeza includes which type of meat?

You can often specify which part of the head you really like, such as the eyes or tongue.


Pico de gallo is also called what?

"Bandera" means "flag." The red, white and green ingredients are representative of the Mexican flag.


What does "pico de gallo" mean?

It means literally "the beak of the rooster." Some say it got that name because people originally ate it by pinching a small piece off, like bird seed.


Tacos "al pastor" refer to what style of tacos?

This meat is often skewered and cooked rotisserie style. ("Pastor" means "shepherd.")


Al pastor tacos were strongly influenced by which culture?

Lebanese immigrants introduced this style, which is now one of the most popular tacos in Mexico.


How are Navajo tacos different from Mexican tacos?

They are fried bread that has a puffy consistency.


What ingredient might you find in a "chapuline" taco?

They are fried and reportedly delicious … but hard to find in the U.S.


The meat in a tripe taco comes from which part of the cow?

It's very popular in parts of Mexico.


How is a taco dorado cooked?

The cylindrical taco is also called a taquito or flauta.


In which region did tacos de camarones originate?

It makes sense, of course, that shrimp tacos would come from an area close to the sea.


Which factor was the first to help popularize tacos across the United States?

The shells lasted longer during transportation and gave every state access to the necessary taco ingredients.


What type of meat are you using in tacos de lengua?

Boil the tongue first to make it tender; then it is usually sautéed in oil.


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