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Think you can pass our invention timeline quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you know how long these technologies have been around.

When was the first fax machine invented?

Alexander Bain developed the first fax machines way back in 1842, around 30 years before the telephone was invented.


What year was the world's first coin-operated vending machine invented?

Greek mathematician Heron created a coin-operated vending machine for holy water around 215 BCE.


What year was the first iPod-like digital music player created?

Before the iPod changed music in 2001, England's Kane Kramer created a similar player capable of playing a full 3.5 minutes of digitally stored music in 1979.


The automobile was invented in the late 19th century, but when did the first odometer hit the market?

Odometers, which used pebbles to measure the distance between cities, were available as early as 27 B.C.E.


What year was the first mechanical door knob patented?

The first door knob designed to retract a latch and open a door was patented in 1878. Before that, knobs were used to pull the door in some cases, but a lever and handle were required to operate it.


What year was the modern piano invented?

The piano was created around 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Three of his pianos survive to this day, with one housed at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.


What year was Coca-Cola invented?

Dr. John S. Pemberton developed Coca-Cola way back in 1886 in his Atlanta pharmacy.


When was the mechanical copy machine developed?

James Watt created the first mechanical copier – which used pressure to create a reversed copy of documents – in 1780.


When was the first touchscreen produced for industry?

Inventor E.A. Johnson developed the first touchscreen in 1965. His device was used by air traffic controllers for thirty years before it was replaced by newer technology.


If you own the world's oldest teddy bear, what year would it have been made?

Believe it or not, the teddy bear wasn't created until 1902, when the Ideal Toy Company created the bear as a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt.


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