Which Nail Polish Color Is Right For You?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

A good manicure can put some pep in your step and add a finishing touch to any outfit - and we all have our signature look. What nail polish should you rock today? Take this quiz to find out!

Everyone's looking at you! How do you feel?

What do you do for a living?

Is it the weekend?

What state are your nails?

Do you have time for multiple coats?

Are you feeling sexy?

Who are your nails for today?

What colors and fabrics are in your wardrobe?

What are you planning lip-wise?

A chipped manicure is much more visible in a darker color. How soon do you plan to redo your nails?

What's the weather like?

Do you like to draw attention?

Will you be in a conservative environment?

Do you work with your hands much?

Who's a role model for you?

What's your fashion style?

What are your friends like?

What rings do you wear?

What event are you attending?

Who else will be there?

How good are your self-manicure skills?

What watch do you wear?

What's your phone case like?

Do you have any arm tattoos?

Which of these places is appealing right now?

Whose approval matters?

How rebellious are you feeling?

Will you be going to any auditions, client meetings, or job interviews?

Do you like breaking convention?

Are you feeling Goth?

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