A Very Canadian New Years Quiz

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A Very Canadian New Years Quiz
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The new year is a time for celebration and to look back on the year that has passed. It's also a time to look forward to the new year that is coming as a fresh new start. Celebrating is a big part of ending off your year the right way, celebrating your accomplishments and your best moments from throughout the year. If you're a Canadian, then you probably know a thing or two about how to celebrate in style!

There's no doubt that Canadians know how to have fun. It really shows when it comes to New Year's Eve! Wild bashes around the country take place, with all types of events going on. Even if you're not into the partying that often comes with the night, you might find ways to celebrate at home, whether it's through old traditions that have run throughout your family or even new ones that you've taken up more recently. Celebrating with food and drinks is another way to ring in the New Year, with many traditional dishes being served all around the country.

So, you think you know how to celebrate like a true Canadian? Let's see if you can hit up all of the best parties by taking this quiz!

Fireworks at Ottawa
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On New Year's Eve, this a popular way to light up the night sky in Canada. What is it?
Going to a concert
Going to a light show
Releasing lanterns into the sky
Putting on fireworks
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In Canada, fireworks are used on many different occasions and celebrations, with New Year's Eve being just one of them. Many go out to parties, gatherings or even to their backyards to set off fireworks and celebrate the New Year.

L'Olympia dance party
Montreal Nightlife via YouTube
There's a huge dance party in Montreal to kick off the New Year. Where is it held?
The Windsor Ballrooms
Rialto Theatre
Centre Bell
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L'Olympia has been home to this crazy New Year's Bash for a long time, being one of the most well-known places to celebrate within the city. For anyone celebrating New Year's that loves a good party, this is the best place to be.

Man wearing frosty face mask
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It's typically cold and snowy in Canada during New Year's. What do many people often do with their family during this time?
Stay inside
Boil their coffee a little hotter
Buy a hot tub
Take a vacation
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Vacationing over New Year's is a common thing for Canadians to do since they usually already have time off, and they may want to keep warm for a while. Going South is never out of the ordinary during this time of the year!


Coal Harbour, Vancouver, British Columbia
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Despite being moved for the 2020 celebrations, Coal Harbour has been a popular destination for people in which city to celebrate New Year's Eve?
Quebec City
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In typical Canadian fashion, the Coal Harbour festivities attracted people with their use of fireworks each New Year's Eve. The people of Vancouver will still be able to catch the fireworks, though it will be held somewhere else in the city.

Nathan Phillips Square in winter time
Katrin Ray Shumakov/Moment/Getty Images
Where do many Torontonians go to celebrate the New Year in the city?
Nathan Phillips Square
Rogers Centre
CN Tower
Toronto Event Center
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There's always something to do at Nathan Phillips Square, but the New Year's celebrations make it even more fun. With music to compliment your night, you can skate and get refreshments as you ring in the New Year with family and friends.

Lake Louise in Banff National Park Winter
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If you're a nature lover, where might you go in the west to celebrate New Year's Eve in the heart of it all?
Haida Gwaii
Stanley Park
West Edmonton Mall
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It's hard to beat visiting the Rocky Mountains, but this is especially true on New Year's Eve! Partying under the stars is a tradition that many in the area take part in as they gear up beside Lake Louise to ring in the New Year.


Guy Lombardo
Wiki Commons by Music Corporation of America-photo by Maurice Seymour, Chicago
Music is often a big part of the holidays in the North. What is the name of the band that created the festive song, "Auld Lang Syne?"
Stompin' Tom Connors
Bryan Adams
Gordon Lightfoot
Guy Lombardo
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Guy Lombardo is the talent behind "Auld Lang Syne," the traditional Canadian New Year's song. In fact, Guy himself was even a proud Canadian, being from London, Ontario. The first time that this song was ever heard on New Year's was in 1928!

New Year kiss
dardespot/E+/Getty Images
When the clock strikes midnight on New Year's, what do many Canadians do to celebrate?
Go to bed
Put on slippers
Eat cookies
Kiss each other
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Many countries have this tradition, including Canada. When the clock strikes midnight, it's a time for celebration and expressing love and gratitude for those that you care about. It's good to choose who you plan to kiss when the New Year changes!

Family watching tv
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When not out partying, many enjoy a cozy night inside. Can you name one popular TV special that became a New Year's Eve classic in Canada?
"New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen"
"Year of the Farce"
"NBC's New Year's Eve"
"Polar Bear Party"
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First airing in 1992, each New Year a "Year of the Farce" episode airs to help ring in the New Year. Despite cast members changing, the show has not stopped and welcomed the new members, bringing in the old cast on special occasions.


Vancouver Polar Bear Swimming
DeerLakor via YouTube
It's no secret that Canadians don't mind the cold, but this takes it to another level. Which of the following is the name of a tradition in Canada that is done on New Year's?
Polar Bear Swim
Moose Shuffle
Eager Beaver
Goose on the Loose
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Not for those who enjoy the heat, the Polar Bear Swim is exactly what it sounds like. Contestants run out into the freezing cold and jump into the extra freezing waters. Nothing says cool like becoming an ice cube — especially when it's done for charity!

Olympic Plaza Calgary
Wiki Commons by Thank you for visiting my page from Canada
What city would you go to in order to celebrate New Year's at the Olympic Plaza?
St. John's
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Calgary is filled with many different New Year's events, but one of the biggest is the party at Olympic Plaza. There are many unique things to experience here, such as watching ice carving in real time!

Ice Fishing Cabins
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Getting out into nature is just one way to celebrate. Where in Canada is ice fishing a popular activity to do on New Year's Eve?
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
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New Year's Eve ice fishing is a popular sport in Quebec where you can hang around with a few friends or family. There's nothing better than bringing home some fresh food to eat on New Year's Day.


Calendar Indicating New Year Day on 1st January
Nora Carol Photography/Moment/Getty Images
It's important to know your days off during the holidays. Which day is considered to be a statutory holiday within Canada?
January 2
December 31
January 1
All of the above
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January 1st is always a statutory holiday in Canada if it falls on a weekday. If it falls on a weekend, this works differently. The statutory holiday will then fall onto the Monday after the weekend, making for an extra-long holiday to spend with your family!

Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images
As with many things, Quebec does things a little differently sometimes. Which day is considered a holiday in this province?
December 31
January 3
December 30
January 2
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January 2 serves as a bank holiday within Quebec, with many public servants and a few other types of employees getting an extra day off. It gives many citizens of Quebec more time to chow down on that delicious tourtiere!

People skating on ice rink in Old port of Montreal
Linda Raymond/Moment/Getty Images
A truly Canadian activity during the winter, what do many Canadians suit up to do on New Year's Eve?
Go skating
Go birdwatching
Play lacrosse
Go to Tim Horton's
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Skating is very popular around the country, with family and friends lacing up their skates and having a good time on the ice together. Many major rinks are open for business on New Year's Eve, meaning you'll always find a great place to skate.


New Years Eve Party
lisegagne/E+/Getty Images
In Canada, New Year's is often an important social event. Who is it usually spent with?
All of the above
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New Year's is for everyone in your life here in Canada. At a party, you might spend your night with the person that you love, or you might stay home and hang out with your family. All of it is an acceptable way to celebrate the start of a new year in Canada!

The Forks, Winnipeg
Wiki Commons by Aspergersguy70
Visiting The Forks for New Year's Eve takes place in which Canadian city?
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The people of Winnipeg love visiting The Forks on New Year's Eve. It's a popular destination with many of the traditional things that New Year's Eve is known for. One example is a beautiful display of fireworks.

Winter Wonderland Rideau Canal
charrongolf/E+/Getty Images
The people in Canada's capital of Ottawa go to which famous landmark to celebrate the New Year?
Dows Lake
Parliament Hill
24 Sussex Drive
National Gallery of Canada
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On many occasions throughout the year, there's typically a party on the Hill. It often includes live music, and there is a beautiful display of fireworks behind the historic building to ring in the new year.


New Year Fresh Start words on Notebook
Constantine Johnny/Moment/Getty Images
Canadians often make these at the end of the year going into the new one. Meant to make good changes, what is it called?
A tasty hot chocolate
New Year's resolutions
A checklist
Making promises
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New Year's resolutions are quite popular to make, but they're even harder to keep! Many Canadians plan ahead for the future year by making resolutions such as going to the gym, making more money or other things to positively impact their lives.

Blue Jean Chef via YouTube
In the province of Quebec, which dish is a popular one during the holidays, including New Year's?
Peameal Bacon
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Tourtiere is one popular dish in Quebec, especially around the holiday season. For someone from Quebec, there's usually nothing better than having a good taste of tourtiere to finish off the year or begin the new one.

Giving a toast
Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images
This is something that is often done in Canada to send off the year. A form of speech, what is it known as?
A motivational speech
A public speech
A persuasive arguement
A toast
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A nice way to finish off your year is to give a toast, something that many Canadians take part in. It's also a great way to kick off the brand new year with a clean slate and preparing to make the big changes that you want to make in the future.


Constantine Johnny/Moment/Getty Images
In the final anticipating moments of the year, what do many Canadians do?
Go to sleep
Call a loved one
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A countdown is how many people spend the last minute of their year, counting the seconds down until they reach the midnight hour. Sometimes, it can be on your own or with people at a party, to which you celebrate after it's all done!

Calendar and pen
Utamaru Kido/Moment/Getty Images
Can you guess which of the following is not an official New Year's holiday?
December 31
January 1
January 2
All of the above
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Despite being New Year's Eve, December 31 is not considered to be an official holiday, but some get time off for it regardless. December 31 is the perfect day to get all of your last-minute grocery shopping done if you're the host of the New Year's Party!

Video wall
Vertigo3d/E+/Getty Images
Which Canadian network always puts on a New Year's special that takes everyone around the country?
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The CBC always puts on an annual special made for Canadians to travel around the country and see how other Canadians are celebrating the New Year. It's like Canada's version of "Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve!"


Fogo, Newfoundland, Canada
Photography by Deb Snelson/Moment/Getty Images
Can you name a common way that people used to enjoy celebrating New Year's in Newfoundland and Labrador?
Giving gifts
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In Newfoundland, the tradition of giving gifts didn't stop at Christmas, but rather at New Year's. But New Year's wasn't meant for huge, lavish gifts. Typically, stockings or smaller gifts were given to loved ones.

Quebec City, Grande Allee, restaurant
Tibor Bognar/Corbis/Getty Images
Which of Quebec City's streets is popular for its nightlife and New Year's celebrations?
Grande Allee
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If you're in Quebec City and love a good party, there's no better place to celebrate than on Grande Allee. It's packed with great people, great food and a great atmosphere to enjoy the last moments of the year.

Group of friends having a new year party and dancing
South_agency/E+/Getty Images
If you're not a homebody and like to have fun dancing the night away with others on New Year's, how might you celebrate?
A friend's house
A dinner
An amusement park
A party
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For an extrovert, there's nothing quite like enjoying a party, especially on New Year's! It's a very common way for people to celebrate, as many host their own parties or attend them with groups of friends at clubs or other areas.


Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2019
Which American New Year's TV special is one that many Canadians enjoy as well?
"Millennium Eve: Celebrating 2000"
"New Year's Eve Live"
"Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve"
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Despite being an American show, it still gets aired in Canada, meaning that Canadians get to join in on the NYC fun. Many Canadians who like to stay in on New Year's Eve spend it enjoying this legendary annual special.

Church service
FatCamera/E+/Getty Images
Canadians who go to church may want to spend their New Year's Eve doing what?
A baptism
Going to mass
A caroling session
Sunday Service
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Mass is a popular thing to attend in Canada on New Year's Eve, but of course, it is always possible to attend a service on New Year's Day as well. For many, it's an important part of their New Year's traditions.

Niagara Falls
surangaw/Moment/Getty Images
Niagara Falls puts on a free event for everyone on every New Year's Eve. What is the main attraction?
A polar bear swim
A concert
A talk show
A petting zoo
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Niagara Falls is a popular destination at any time of the year, but it really draws people in for the New Year's Eve festivities. A concert is held annually, usually featuring popular Canadian artists. In 2019, the legendary Bryan Adams performed there!


Champagne toasting
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/DigitalVision/Getty Images
What is a drink of choice at many Canadian New Year's parties?
Molson Canadian
Maple Syrup
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Champagne is very popular in Canada for all types of celebrations, but especially for New Year's. Making a toast just isn't the same without popping open a bottle of bubbly champagne to do it properly!

Radio canada show bye bye 2017
Popular in French Canada, this Radio Canada show is held every New Year. Do you know what it is called?
"La Nouvelle Annee"
"Bonne Nuit"
"Hello, New Year"
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"Bye Bye" is a yearly show that, in short, recaps the biggest events and moments of the year while counting down into the New Year. It has an array of hosts that take part, including people like Julie Le Breton and Mehdi Bousaidan.

Grocery checkout
Tom Werner/DigitalVision/Getty Images
In Canada, what is something you must expect when New Year's rolls around?
Fireworks being set for three days
Rainy weather
Polar bears coming to the party
Store holiday hours
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Plan ahead for the holidays because with them come reduced store hours! As the employees take their holidays also, it's essential to make sure that you have everything you need before the stores close especially when they start to close much earlier!


New Years Eve Party
SolStock/E+/Getty Images
If there's one thing that a good Canadian New Year's Party is known for, it's which of the following?
Lots of noise
The Northern Lights
A countdown
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It's got fireworks, screaming and singing, along with so much other noise. Fortunately, New Year's Eve is a night where many stay up and those who don't aren't typically bothered by the noise anyway. Party away!

New year song
kundoy/Moment/Getty Images
Which song has been sung to ring in the New Year in Canada for many years?
"New Year's Resolutions"
"Happy New Year Friends"
"New Year's Day"
"Auld Lang Syne"
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"Auld Lang Syne" is a classic New Year's song that is sung all around the world. However, it's roots are right here in Canada. It was first played in the early 1900s and is still popular to hear nowadays on New Year's Eve.

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