Are You A Vampire Or A Werewolf?

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About This Quiz

The war between vampires and werewolves has been going on for what now seems like a millennium. These supernatural creatures have been sworn enemies since their creation (if you go by what the "Underworld" movies say anyway) and have been going at it since then. 

More recent movies the "Twilight" saga restarted what we thought was a waning war, with people all around the world choosing a side (werewolf or vampire) - Team Jacob or Team Edward. Now you may have chosen one based on how cool you think the creature is, but what if you were wrong. What if you chose a werewolf when you were meant to be a blood-sucker? Or what if you chose a vampire when you were meant to be a lycanthrope? There's only one way to find out, and it's with this quiz!

Werewolves are humans that can shapeshift at the full moon, depending on which legend you believe. Some of them can shift at will, whenever they want to, while some of them are bound to change once a month. The great thing about werewolves, apart from their hunting abilities and sense of smell, is that they return to being 100% human after their shifts.

Vampires on the other hand always have to drink blood. In some legends, they can eat human food, walk in the sun (either with rings or sometimes they sparkle) and breathe. Whatever you believe, most vampires are beautiful, elegant, rich, and alluring. They can ensnare you, run extremely fast and sometimes even fly. 

Regardless of your preference, both of these creatures of the night are pretty badass. But which one are you, really? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of dancing do you prefer?

Is makeup attractive?

Your favorite movie genre?

Your favorite color?

Your favorite US president?

Your favorite US city?

Could you have a career in politics?

How do you like your food?

Do you keep clean?

Who do you most want to impress in life?

What does your house look like?

Do your friends know your secrets?

Your favorite music genre?

Your favorite actor?

Which of these do you prefer to read?

Your ideal car?

Do you exercise?

How do you feel about kids?

What were you like as a student?

Which of these careers would you hate the most?

How do you usually dress for a party?

What do you like least about the internet?

How do you express your opinions?

Your favorite fictional character?

Your favorite holiday?

Do you eat animals?

Could you ever have a job on a farm?

Your favorite European country?

How would people describe you?

What matters most to you?

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