Are You Dating Your Soulmate?

Dana Brown

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About This Quiz

There's something absolutely magical, even mystical, about a soul connection. When you have it with someone, it just feels so right, like you've known each other forever. And who knows? Maybe you have. It's what soulmates are all about: an instinctual understanding that this is it. There's no explaining why it feels the way it does. It just, well, does. You don't need to explain everything to them. You don't need to pretend anything at all. There are no games involved. There's a certain natural flow that happens from the start. They just get you, and you get them. 

It's hard to find your soulmate, but the good news is that they're just as drawn to you as you are to them. So if you're dating someone now, there's a chance they might be your soulmate. While all relationships are challenging to some degree, and nothing is perfect, some connections are more powerful than others, and some are truly awe-inspiring. 

Take this quiz and find out just how connected you are to the one you're dating now. If you're genuinely looking for your soulmate, this test will ask you to define whether you've found the right one for you. It might be easier to tell than you think, and it's well worth the trouble! Let's begin. 

How do you usually feel when you see them?

Have you ever felt like this before?

How quickly did you fall in love?

Would you say you often think about them?

What is it like to kiss them?

What's it like to hold their hand?

Do you feel comfortable around them?

Do you like saying their name out loud?

Do you like their smell?

What does it feel like to sleep by their side?

How do you feel about the pet name they gave you?

From a scale of 1-10, how attracted are you to them?

Do you often find yourself smiling for no reason when you think of them?

How well do they get your sense of humor?

Do you have similar interests?

Do you argue often?

Do your friends like them?

Which of these images evokes the feeling of them?

They say they want to date you exclusively. How do you feel about that?

Do you ever worry about being too clingy with them?

How responsive are they to your needs?

Can you see yourself with them a year from now?

Do you ever hesitate about introducing them as a romantic partner?

Do you have good conversations?

Do you find their flaws endearing?

Would you say you like them more now or when you first met?

How strongly do you miss their presence?

Do you ever fantasize about what it would be like to marry them?

An old flame contacts you. How do you feel?

They tell you they love you. How do you respond?

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