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Can you pass this "Arrow" quiz with flying colors or will Oliver Queen say "you have failed?" Test your knowledge of this arrow-slinging hero and his family, who aren't all as good—or bad—as they seem.

What is the secret identity of the Arrow in the television series "Arrow?"

"Arrow" character Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy who lives a double life after escaping from the island on which he was stranded for five years. Canadian-born actor Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, whose secret identity is known as the "Arrow."


What is the name of the yacht that sinks and leaves Oliver Queen stranded in the premiere episode of "Arrow?"

In the debut episode of "Arrow," the Queen's Gambit is the yacht that sinks and leaves Oliver stranded on an island.


In the series "Arrow," who is character Oliver Queen's best friend?

"Arrow" characters Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen are best friends. Merlyn is played by actor Colin Donnell. In real life, Donnell and actor John Barrowman, who plays Tommy's father in the series, are only 14 years apart in age.


What is the name of the island where Oliver Queen is marooned in the series "Arrow?"

In the series "Arrow," Oliver Queen is marooned on the fictional island of Lian Yu in the North China Sea. The name Lianyu is Mandarin for purgatory.


What is the hometown of "Arrow" character Oliver Queen?

Starling City is the fictional hometown of "Arrow" character Oliver Queen. The skyline shown in the series is footage from many different cities including Singapore, Philadelphia, Boston, Tokyo and Frankfurt.


In the "Arrow" series, the character Robert Queen dies in a shipwreck.

The "Arrow" character Robert Queen survives the shipwreck only to commit suicide to save his son, Oliver Queen. Actor Jamey Sheridan plays Robert Queen in five episodes of the series "Arrow."


Which "Arrow" character says, "You have failed this city?"

In the series "Arrow" the title character confronts people with a bow and arrow as he says, "You have failed this city."


Who is Oliver Queen's girlfriend before the shipwreck in the "Arrow" series?

In the series "Arrow" the character Laurel Lance is Oliver Queen's girlfriend before the shipwreck. Actress Katie Cassidy plays Laurel Lance in the series. Cassidy is the daughter of 70s pop star and actor David Cassidy.


What is "Arrow" character John Diggle's profession?

The "Arrow" character John Diggle is a bodyguard, hired by Moira Queen to protect her son, Oliver. Diggle is one of only five characters to have appeared in every episode through the 2016 season and is played by veteran actor David Ramsey.


Throughout the first season of the series "Arrow," what nickname did police use for the vigilante?

During the first season of the "Arrow" series, police nicknamed the vigilante "The Hood."


In the series "Arrow," who is revealed to be Thea Queen's biological father?

In "Arrow" episode 41, Slade Wilson informs Thea Queen that Malcolm Merlyn is her biological father.


Name Oliver Queen's love interest who dies in a shipwreck in season 1 of "Arrow?"

In season 1 of the "Arrow" series, Sara Lance is Oliver's love interest who dies in a shipwreck. Oliver's relationship with Laurel Lance is ruined as a result. It was revealed that not only was he having an affair with her sister, Sara, but that he was responsible for Sara being aboard the doomed vessel.


How long is "Arrow" character Oliver Queen stranded on the island before being rescued by Chinese fisherman?

In the debut episode of "Arrow," it is revealed that character Oliver Queen spent five years on the fictional island of Lian Yu.


Who is responsible for Oliver Queen's kidnapping in the pilot episode of "Arrow?"

In the pilot episode of "Arrow," Oliver Queen's mother Moira has him kidnapped and interrogated. Moira wants to find out what Oliver may have learned from his father before the shipwreck. The character Moira Queen is played by veteran actress Susanna Thompson.


What DC Comics character is the television show "Arrow" based on?

The television series "Arrow" is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow. The Green Arrow, created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, made his first appearance in "More Fun Comics No. 73" in 1941.


Which "Arrow" series character says, "I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him…?"

In the "Arrow" series character Slade Wilson says, "I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him, destroy those who choose to follow him, corrupt those he loves." Wilson is talking about seeking revenge on his former friend Oliver Queen.


"Arrow" series character Oliver Queen spent the entire five years on the island of Lian Yu.

In the series "Arrow" the character Oliver Queen did not spend the entire five years on the island of Lian Yu. Through flashbacks over the course of four seasons it is revealed that Oliver Queen spent part of his time in Hong Kong, Russia and even Starling City.


Which television network airs the series "Arrow?"

The CW Network airs the series "Arrow." The network was founded Jan. 24, 2006 as a joint venture between the CBS Corporation, the former owners of United Paramount Network (UPN) and the former majority owner of the WB Network, Warner Bros. Entertainment.


What year was the "Arrow" character Oliver Queen born?

In the series "Arrow" character Oliver Queen was born May 16, 1985. Actor Stephen Amell was born May 8, 1981, in Toronto, Ontario.


Which "Arrow" character dies in the season 1 finale?

The "Arrow" character Tommy Merlyn is killed in the season 1 finale as an indirect result of an earthquake device his father, Malcolm Merlyn, set off.


When did The CW Network debut the television series "Arrow?"

The television series "Arrow" premiered on The CW Network on Oct. 10, 2012. "Arrow" won the 2013 TV Guide Award for Favorite New Series.


In the series "Arrow" who is married to Oliver Queen's mother when Oliver returns from Lian Yu?

Upon returning to Starling City "Arrow" character Oliver Queen discovers that Walter Steele is now his step-father. Walter Steele is played by British actor Colin Salmon.


What is the name of Oliver Queen's nightclub in the series "Arrow?"

In the series "Arrow," Verdant is the name of Oliver Queen's nightclub. According to Merriam-Webster, verdant has been used as a synonym for green since the late 16th century.


Which "Arrow" character is Laurel's father?

Detective Quentin Lance is the "Arrow" character who is Laurel's father. Detective Lance is played by British actor Paul Blackthorne. Blackthorne spent six months learning Hindi for a role in the Bollywood film "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India."


To whom does Arrow reveal his true identity after being shot by his mother?

In the series "Arrow" Oliver Queen reveals his true identity to Felicity Smoak after being shot by his mother Moira Queen.


In the "Arrow" series what is the name of the company that the Queen family owns?

In the series "Arrow" the Queen family owns Queen Consolidated. Oliver Queen's father, Robert, was the founder of the fictional company and served as CEO until his death in 2007.


Moira Queen dies in the season 2 finale of the series "Arrow."

It's actually episode 20, not the season 2 finale of the series "Arrow," when Moira Queen is killed by Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke. Wilson, played by actor Manu Bennett, is Oliver Queen's former friend and mentor who was injected with Mirakuru and intends to make Oliver suffer.


How many arrows does the "Arrow" series title character carry in his quiver?

The Arrow carries 24 arrows in his quiver in the television series. Actor Stephen Amell trains with Patricia Gonsalves, founder and lead instructor at Lykopis Archery in British Columbia, Canada. Gonsalves serves as the on-set archery consultant for the series.


Which "Arrow" character says, "My friends just had a baby, so if you don't mind, there's another slimy, little human that needs my attention?"

"Arrow" character dismisses Ray Palmer after he uses her to steal Queen Consolidated by telling him, "MY friends just had a baby, so if you don't mind, there's another slimy, little human that needs my attention." Actress Emily Bett Rickards plays the role of Felicity Smoak in the television series.


Who is the first person that the "Arrow" character Oliver Queen encounters on the island of Lian Yu?

The "Arrow" character Yao Fei is the first person Oliver Queen encounters shortly after he washes up on the shores of Lian Yu. After first shooting Oliver with an arrow, Fei befriends the playboy and saves his life. Actor Byron Mann plays the role of Yao Fei in the "Arrow" series.


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