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This "Back to the Future" quiz requires you to think hard about various McFlys, iterations of Doc Brown and even Jennifer Parker if you're really looking for a challenge.

Who directed "Back to the Future?"

Zemeckis had an earlier hit with "Romancing the Stone."


Steven Spielberg did get a credit on the film, though. What was it?

Spielberg produced all three of the films.


What Huey Lewis song is featured in the first film?

Not to be confused with Celine Dion's "The Power of Love."


Who was originally cast as Marty McFly?

He was replaced with Michael J. Fox, who was the first choice anyway.


What is Doc Brown's dog's name?

Einstein is a good sport.


To make George McFly think he's seen an alien vistor, who does Marty dress as?

Okay, to be fair, he just wears a hooded radioactivity suit. But that's who he tells George he is.


How much power does the DeLorean time machine need?

But if you want to do your best Doc Brown impression, pronounce it "jigawatts."


What is the theme of the dance that George, Lorraine and Marty all attend?

Why high school dances have themes is a mystery we can't solve.


What song does Marty play to utterly bewilder the crowd of 1950s high schoolers?

But their kids are gonna love Chuck Berry's classic.


What speed does the DeLorean have to reach to travel through time?

Not recommended on the freeway.


Who replaced Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker in the second (and third) "Back to the Future" films?

The last scene of the first film had to be reshot, as it also was the first scene in "Back to the Future II."


What other actor in the original film does NOT appear in "Back to the Future II?"

Crispin Glover wasn't pleased with the ending of the first film.


"Where we're going, we don't need" what?

I guess we didn't need Cripsin Glover in the future, either.


How did the filmmakers get around Glover's absence?

Glover ended up suing (and settling with) the filmmakers for using his likeness.


What movie is being advertised in Future 2015?

Marty says the shark still looks fake.


What year does Marty and Doc travel back to in "Back to the Future III"?

They travel back to the Old West, of course.


The second and third films were completed how many years apart?

The final two films were both completed within 11 months.


What name does Marty give himself in the Old West?

Who wouldn't be tempted.


What is Doc's catchphrase?

Complete with bulging eyeballs.


Who plays Marty's great-great grandmother?

Also known as Lorraine McFly.


What is Marty's great-great-grandfather's name?

Played by Michael J. Fox, of course.


How many shots of whiskey does Doc drink before he passes out?

Kind of a lightweight, Doc Brown.


What do Doc and Clara name their children?

They were named in tribute to Robert Heinlein. (Kidding.)


In "Back to the Future II," what does Jennifer do when she encounters her future self?

That seems like a reasonable reaction.


Who is Biff married to when Doc, Marty and Jennifer return to 1985 in the second film?

Hill Valley is no longer a pleasant place to live, especially for Lorraine.


What musician makes a cameo as Marty's future boss in "Back to the Future II?"

In a way, Weird Al would almost make more sense.


What does Biff receive in 1955 from his 2015, to change the course of his life?

Biff gets rich off sports betting.


What team did make it to the postseason in 2015, as (kind of) predicted in "Back to the Future II?"

But alas, they were knocked out of the National League Championship before reaching -- or winning -- the World Series.


Are hoverboards real yet?

While a magnetic superconductor board can hover above a special track, we aren't exactly skateboarding on air yet.


What is one technology introducted in "Back To the Future II" that consumers can now get a hold of?

Like McFly's Nike" AirMags," Nike introduced the HyperAdapt 1.0 that tightens automatically when a user stuffs their foot in the shoe.


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