Quiz: Can You Identify the Mario Game From a Screenshot?
Can You Identify the Mario Game From a Screenshot?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Nintendo

About This Quiz

One of the most recognizable game characters in the world, Mario, the Italian plumber, actually started off nameless. That's right, when he first was seen in "Donkey Kong," he was simply known as The Plumber. From those humble beginnings, Mario has gone on to star in 200 games for Nintendo and is now recognized as the official mascot of the company. Mario is also never alone; he always has his brother Luigi to help him. Help with what? Well, it always seems he's needing to rescue his girlfriend Princess Peach from his eternal enemy, Bowser. 

Mario's popularity is unrivaled. In fact, games he has starred in have sold over 500 million copies worldwide. Those are staggering numbers, they really are. Starting with platformers, Mario has branched out into just about every genre there is. This includes racing, role-playing games, puzzle games, sports games of every kind and much more. 

But with over 200 titles, it's going to be difficult to recognize each and every Mario game from an image, isn't it? Well, we intend to put you to the test and see just how many you can get right out of the 40 we have in this quiz. 

Just take your time, think it through and use a hint if you have to.

Good luck!

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