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You'll find this sticky treat in almost any color of the rainbow. Plus, it's completely delicious! Over the years, cotton candy has become an indelible part of American culture, and it can be found everywhere from county fairs to movie theaters. Find out how sweet you are on this sugary treat by taking our cotton candy quiz.

Cotton candy first appeared:

Though forms of spun sugar have been around since the Middle Ages, the first true batch of cotton candy wasn't concocted until 1897, when James C. Wharton and William Morrison invented a machine that spun crystallized sugar on a heated plate, then pushed the confection through small holes to create the sticky treat we all know and love.


One of the inventors of cotton candy held which profession?

Ironically enough, William Morrison, the co-inventor of cotton candy, was a dentist. In fact, he was also the president of the Tennessee State Dental Association.


Cotton candy was first sold to the public in what year?

Cotton candy made its public debut at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Mo., and it was a sweet success. Wharton and Morrison sold 68,655 boxes of the stuff for the then shockingly high price of 25 cents. That was half the price of admission into the fair!


True or false: Cotton candy was originally sold under the name "Fairy Floss."

Morrison was a dentist, so it's no big surprise that his legacy would have something to do with flossing (though we're pretty sure no one has ever avoided cavities eating this sweet treat).


The U.S. celebrates national Cotton Candy Day on:

Yes, cotton candy is primarily a summertime treat, but its national day occurs on Dec. 7, which is much better known as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.


How many calories does an average serving of cotton candy contain?

As far as calories are concerned, cotton candy isn't the worst sweet treat you could choose. There are only about 100 calories in an average serving, but don't assume you've stumbled into the next diet-food fad. Cotton candy is made up of almost entirely of sugar, which isn't exactly good for your waistline.


True or false: There is less sugar in a serving of cotton candy than in most 12-ounce cans of soda.

Most sodas contain more sugar than a serving of cotton candy. That's really saying something, considering that cotton candy is essentially nothing but sugar.


Cotton candy gets its different colors from:

Which color of cotton candy is your favorite? The truth is that if you closed your eyes, they'd all taste the same. Cotton candy makers almost always use tasteless food dyes to color their products.


In the U.K., cotton candy is known as:

Wharton and Morrison's original title for their sweet invention partially lives on in the U.K., where cotton candy is known as "candy floss."


Cotton candy is usually served:

Anyone who's been to a county fair or an amusement park has seen a child walking around with sweet candy cloud on a stick, but it's also possible to buy cotton candy in bags. The bag option is convenient anytime you get a hankering for the treat but aren't anywhere near a rodeo or roller coaster.


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