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Grab your pigskin because it's time for football trivia. How does the QB make that ball spiral? Wouldn't "handball" make a better name than "football"? Pad up and get on the field ... the football quiz field, that is.

How long is an official NFL football field?

An official NFL football field is a rectangle that is 120 yards (110 meters) long and 53 yards, 1 foot (49 meters) wide.


How long is an official NFL football?

The football is an oblong sphere and is 11 to 11.5 inches (28 to 29 centimeters) long. It has a lengthwise circumference of about 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters) and a widthwise circumference of about 21.5 inches (54.6 centimeters) in the middle of the ball.


What's the maximum number of players allowed on an NFL team?

An NFL roster allows for no more than 53 players on a team. At any one time, only 11 players per team are allowed on the field.


Which of the following is NOT an offensive position?

A nose tackle is part of the defensive line.


The helmet rule is nicknamed after which NFL player?

A player cannot remove his helmet on the field unless it is to adjust his equipment. This rule is dubbed the "Emmitt Smith rule" because Smith, who holds the record for most rushing touchdowns, was famous for ripping off his helmet to celebrate a touchdown.


According to the NFL Rules Digest, how many new footballs must be marked with the letter "K" by referees?

Twelve new footballs, sealed in a special box and shipped by the manufacturer, will be opened in the officials’ locker room two hours prior to the starting time of the game. These balls are to be specially marked with the letter "K" and used exclusively for the kicking game.


If a punter increases the angle at which he kicks a football from 45 degrees to 60 degrees, which factor will decrease accordingly?

As the angle of the kick gets steeper, the ball hangs in the air longer and goes higher. Also, as the angle of the kick is increased, the distance traveled by the ball increases to a maximum (achieved at 45 degrees) and then decreases.


When a running player changes directions quickly, which property of physics mostly influences that motion?

When a player plants his foot to change directions, he applies force to the turf. The force that he applies to the turf helps him stop his previous motion and accelerate in the new direction.


Bill Winkenbach, the creator of modern fantasy football, was affiliated with what NFL team?

Modern fantasy football can be traced back to the late Wilfred "Bill" Winkenbach, an Oakland area businessman and a limited partner in the Oakland Raiders.


Which of the following is NOT a type of fantasy football league?

In a salary cap game, the player acts as a virtual owner with a virtual bank account to draft players whose weekly game performances translate into points. In pick 'em leagues, the player picks who he or she believes will win between the two opposing teams in each of the NFL's weekly regular season contests. The managers' league is not a type of fantasy football league -- though it sounds good.


Which of the following is NOT a position on special teams?

There are three popular positions on special teams: punter, placekicker and returner.


How high are the goalposts, centered at the back of the end zone?

Goalposts extend 10 feet (3 meters) high.


Which of the following reasons will NOT stop the clock?

Teams can stop the clock by running out of bounds, calling a time-out, or throwing an incomplete pass. Time stops for each half's two-minute warning as well.


What is a turnover?

When the opposing team drops the ball or if the defensive team intercepts the ball, it is called a turnover.


How many challenges is each team allotted each game?

Each team is allotted two challenges per game. If the team loses the challenge, the team also loses a time-out.


Which of the following positions run down the field and catch balls thrown by the quarterback?

Receivers run down the field and catch balls thrown by the quarterback. Depending on the field position, the receiver could either be a wide receiver or a tight end.


Which of the following is NOT true concerning a fair catch?

Once a player signals for a fair catch, he can’t be tackled and can’t move beyond the spot where he catches the ball.


How long does the referee have to review the play during a challenge?

When a play is challenged, the referee has 90 seconds to review the play at a field-level monitor on the side of the field.


How do teams lose yards?

If the ball holder is tackled behind the line of scrimmage, the team loses yards.


What is gridcord?

Gridcord is cotton thread covered with vinyl. It is used to lace the football.


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