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Anyone who has spent some time on the back of a horse knows how incredible these animals can truly be. Often, it takes bravery to mount a horse, especially on your first time. Let's face it — horses are tall! Once you've made it past your fear, it's easy to see how majestic and fun they can be. From bonding with your horse on the ground to riding through the horse trails, there is so much to do with your furry friend.

After you've grown comfortable with your horse and you've had the chance to get to know each other, this is where the fun begins. You'll learn their quirks, their patterns, and their needs and wants to make your bond stronger. But to handle a horse, whether you know them or not, you also need to know a thing or two about the basics. Acting appropriate, being aware of the horse and its feelings, and knowing how to handle certain situations are all key to keeping both you and your horse safe during your time together.

So, do you think you have what it takes to ride like the wind? There's only one way to find out. Grab the reins and giddy up into this wild quiz!

A horse that doesn't enjoy being ridden is most commonly referred to as what?

A sour horse is one that has no interest in being ridden and finds no enjoyment in it. They may act differently than a horse that is happy with it and can be a little more difficult to work with. It's essential to bring that enjoyment back to them.


There are a few items that you shouldn't wear while riding a horse. Which of the following is one of these items?

Sandals are not ideal for horseback riding, and they can be downright dangerous. They leave your foot exposed, making it much easier for you to get an injury. In addition to this, shorts are also not the best attire to wear while on your horse.


A horse is measured in which of the following terms of measurement?

Horses are measured in hands, from the lowest point (the ground) to their withers. One hand is equivalent to 4 inches. The tallest horse in the world is known as Big Jake, who measured a whopping 20 hands. For comparison, the average Quarter Horse stands at only 15 hands.


Though it can be scary, how should you feel when mounting a horse?

Confidence is key when riding a horse. This is because the horse can feed off of your energy and sense whether or not you are afraid. The more confident you feel, the more confident your horse will be with you in the saddle.


Which of the following is not one of the gaits that a horse has?

There are four gaits that a horse has, which all vary in speed. The one missing from here is a gallop, which is the fastest gait that a horse can learn. It's probably safest to leave it for the open ring rather than the open trails, however!


More important than knowing how to make your horse go, is to know how to stop. What word is used to ask your horse to stop?

One of the most important commands to know when riding a horse is "stop." A firm "whoa" with a gentle pull on the reins is all you need to tell your horse to stop. This command can come in handy especially when it comes to emergencies.


Another part of the saddling process, the bridle is put on what part of the horse?

The bridle is placed on the head of the horse and is used for steering. It attaches to the reins to allow for the rider to have control, rather than the horse. It would be difficult to get around without it!


What is the best way to mount your horse?

A horse is most commonly trained to stand while it is dressed and mounted from the left. While it is fine to do this from the right, there is a possibility that it may startle the horse. Try to stay to the left as much as possible.


What is the purpose of a foaling stall?

A foaling stall is vital for anyone who has a pregnant mare. It gives her and the newborn foal the privacy that they need during and even after the birth. It also provides much-needed shelter to both of them.


What is the name of the supplies and dressage that you put onto your horse?

Tack is an integral part of getting your horse prepared for a ride. It refers to things such as your saddle, reins, bridle and other supplies. Your brushes and grooming supplies are also included in this term.


Knowing how to ride is one thing while knowing how to handle your horse from the ground is another. What is essential to do while leading your horse?

It's always important to be gentle with a horse, and this goes for when you are leading them around as well. A simple light tug and click of the mouth can get them to walk with you and allow you to leave some slack for them on the rope. You don't want to be tugging their head around!


What is the first brush that you should use for grooming your horse?

The curry comb is very important to use as a first step in brushing your horse. Though it looks straightforward, the curry comb does a lot of work in loosening up any dirt in your horse's hair. Then you can brush that out with the rest of the tools.


If you have a need for speed, you'll want to ride which horse which is known for their speed?

A Quarter Horse gets its name from its speed. It's one of the fastest horses over a span of a quarter mile. They also make great companions, and they're perfect for a beginner rider to get their start with.


Is it true or false that you can be bitten by a horse?

Though you may think of this as something that a dog or cat would be more likely to do, a horse is capable of this as well. More often than not, they don't mean to do it, which is why it is so important to keep your hand flat and straight as possible when feeding a treat.


Which of the following games is played while mounted on a horse?

Polo is played on the back of a horse while the rider tries to hit the ball. The game is from many, many years ago and passed on throughout the years. Each team in the game is made up of a group of four players.


What is the name used for a young female horse?

A filly refers to a female horse that is less than four years old. After this age, she is then known as a mare instead. A horse of any gender is known as a foal if they are under the age of one year, later taking on their new names.


What goes under the saddle when riding Western or English?

A saddle pad is an essential step in dressing your horse, which keeps them comfortable with you on their back. It's also important for your safety, as there's less chance that a horse may experience irritation under the saddle this way.


After learning how to ride a horse, you can also enter fun events. Which timed event sees the rider and horse working their way around three obstacles?

Barrel racing is enjoyed by many and consists of the duo circling through the three barrels and back to the finish line. The goal is to make this as fast as possible. Did you know that in official events this is mostly a women's only event?


A horse may kick for which of the following reasons?

Horses can spook easily, and it's highly possible that they'll kick in response to fear. This is why it is always important to let your horse know where you are. As you walk around your horse, simply putting your hand on it and moving it along as you walk will let your horse know that it's only you and there's nothing to be afraid of.


How often should you clean your horse's hooves?

Every day, the horse's hooves pick up all kinds of dirt and rocks that can cause issues later if they're not cleaned out regularly. To keep your horse's feet as healthy as possible, it's important to take good care of them.


Time to think about the big competitions. Someone who rides the horse in a horse race is known as what?

Jockeys are talented horseback riders who have trained many years to compete in races. However, not all riders are jockeys, but all jockeys are riders. Racing around a trail may feel as exhilarating as being on the track, but a jockey is exclusive to the track.


In horseback riding, the word "green" refers to which of the following?

If you or your horse is green, then you're new to horseback riding. But you're in for a treat! There's nothing like the feeling of galloping on the back of your loyal steed, leaving all of your troubles behind.


When riding, many find it hard to stay in the saddle. What is the key to doing so?

Balance is the key to many things, and horseback riding is no exception. It may be your first instinct to hang on in any way you can, but once you've learned how to balance, you won't feel this need any longer.


What city is the legendary Kentucky Derby held in?

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most important events in horseback riding. You may remember the famous Secretariat as one of the most legendary horses to ever win the Kentucky Derby. He took multiple titles in his life and earned his spot as one of the most famous racehorses of all time.


Posture is an important part of riding a horse, but so is how you hold the reins. What is the proper way to hold them??

It's essential to keep in mind that you have to be gentle with the reins and keep a little bit of slack. This is because they are connected to the bit inside the horse's mouth, which is very sensitive. If you hurt the horse's mouth, it could not only be bad for your furry friend but you as well.


While riding your horse, where should you always keep your eyes?

Just like when you're driving, it's essential to keep your eyes looking at where you want to go. It's important so that you and your horse can stay on track and minimize the risk of danger. This allows you to stay safe whether you're out on the trail or in the ring.


You're in the saddle and it's time to get going. How do you ask a horse to go once you've mounted?

A trained horse can understand your simple commands and know exactly what to do, but touching them with your heels is also a good way to communicate. Talking to your horse also lets them know that everything is good and calm.


The word "balk" refers to when a horse does which of the following?

When you get on your horse, you probably want it to go ahead. But if it doesn't, now you know what to call it! There are a few ways that you can work on stopping your horse from doing this, for example, working with it from the ground.


Is it true or false that horses can be purebred?

Horses can indeed be purebred, just as a dog or cat can be. Horses have breed standards just as many other animals do, which help to keep the breed up to par. There are also crossbreed horses that are a mix of multiple breeds.


A horse described as Chestnut is known to be which of the following colors?

Chestnut is just one beautiful coat color that horses can have. However, there are many others, such as Sorrel, which is somewhat of a copper and a darker shade of brown.


Just as there are shows for dogs, a horse takes part in a show that determines how well they could be used for breeding. What is it called?

Rather than riding the horse as most shows and competitions are known for, the handler of the horse shows it by walking it on the ground. It is then judged by its looks, form and other features that determine its place.


There are many benefits to horseback riding. Which of the following is one of them?

Your legs get a good workout in the saddle of a horse. You're always using them, from the control of the horse to keep your stability within the saddle. After a good horseback ride, you'll probably feel every single muscle you used the next day!


Horses boast the biggest what of any land mammal?

The eyes on a horse allow them to see almost everywhere around them. This is why it is so important to keep your eye out for anything they may spot and get startled by before they spot it and spook.


A horse with an injured foot who is favoring it would be known to be doing what?

Pointing is something that all horse owners should be aware of because it can indicate more significant problems. When a horse does this, it's most commonly concerning injury or pain, meaning that the owner should have a look and keep an eye on it.


Like in many other activities, horseback riding has its share of styles. How many different riding styles are there?

As a horseback rider, you'll choose to ride in one of two styles: Western or English riding. One difference between the two is that a Western saddle is a little more bulky, usually with a horn on the front. The English saddle is smaller and a little less detailed.


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