How Much Do You Know About Quebec?

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How Much Do You Know About Quebec?
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Would you like to travel to Europe but don't have the money? Do French accents, intricate architecture, and new foods allure you? If so, Quebec might be your next dream destination. Canada's Francophone province, Quebec is home to Montreal and Quebec City — two of Canada's most popular tourist hotspots and for good reason. From Saint Catherine Street and the Notre Dame Cathedral to an ice hotel and one of the world's best universities, these two cities are a must-see. But even beyond Quebec City and Montreal, the province is teeming with a vibrant history and culture that any travel enthusiast would adore. 

So maybe you're here because you're planning your next big trip and want to brush up on your knowledge, or perhaps you've just returned from Quebec and want to relive eating a poutine before heading out to the ever-enchanting Gatineau Park. Fear not: This quiz is full of questions about the province's history, norms, culture, foods and whatever else. If it's about Quebec, it's here, no English-French dictionary required. Before you know it, you might be packing to permanently move to La Belle Province ("The Beautiful Province") and, seeing how it's Canada's biggest, there will be plenty to see.


1-Quebec Night
Pexels by O-seop
Comprising about 15.4% of Canada's total area, Quebec might be its biggest province, but that doesn't mean it has the most people. What is Quebec's population?
8.4 million
15.8 million
5.2 million
12.1 million
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Despite being the second-biggest country in the world, Canada's population is only about 37 million — to put that into perspective, Spain is smaller than Quebec yet has approximately 46.5 million people. Ontario takes the prize for the biggest province by population with about 14.3 million people, and Quebec is second.

2-Daytime Quebec
Unsplash by Rich Martello
What's the capital of Quebec?
Quebec City
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Right next to the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City (known as "Ville de Québec") is easily recognizable because of Château Frontenac, the sprawling and historic hotel that stands grand in the city's skyline.

3-Historic Quebec Building
Pixabay by Jean-François Gagnon
Confederation is the event where Canada officially became the country we know today. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario and Quebec (both of which were previously an amalgamated province also called "Canada") became one country. In what year did this happen?
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Confederation happened on July 1, 1867, hence why Canada Day is celebrated on that day each year. In 1864, Quebec City hosted a conference where leaders discussed the possibility of uniting the provinces.


4-Old Stone Building
Pixabay by A. H.
Mark Twain famously said that Montreal was a city where "you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window." What's the name of the iconic cathedral found in Montreal's Old City?
St. George's Anglican Church
Saint Joseph's Oratory
Christ Church Cathedral
Notre-Dame Basilica
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The Notre-Dame Basilica is unique in that it's Canada's first church designed in the Gothic Revival Style. The Basilica receives about 11 million visitors each year, rivaling the 13 million annual visits to Notre-Dame de Paris.

5-Lake Shore Quebec
Pixabay by Joe Breuer
Despite being in Ontario, Ottawa is just a stone's throw away from Quebec's border. Which city is part of the National Capital Region?
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Gatineau Park, a massive park that's 361 km² in area, is one of Gatineau's crown jewels. A sight to behold in autumn, it's home to several historical treasures, including the Mackenzie King Estate, the grounds where the former prime minister lived.

6-War Cannons
Pixabay by Art Tower
Some Quebecers feel that the province should be its own country given its unique cultural and linguistic situation. Separatist sentiments have previously reached a fever pitch in the form of referendums to vote whether Quebec should be a sovereign state. When was the most recent referendum?
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The referendum occurred on October 30, a crisp autumn day that saw a whopping 93.5% of the approximately 5 million eligible voters head to the polls. The final result was a tiny victory: "No" to separating received 50.58% of votes, while "Yes" received 49.42%.


Wikicommons by Bouchecl
The Parti Québécois is a provincial party committed to Quebec's sovereignty and socially democratic values. Can you tell us its founder?
René Lévesque
Pauline Marois
Valérie Plante
Jacques Viger
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Lévesque founded the party in 1968 and was Quebec's premier from 1976-1985. He has the distinction of being Quebec's first politician to implement a referendum on the province's independence.

Pixabay by Photo Mix
Hockey is one of Canada's national sports. What's the name of the NHL team from Quebec?
Montreal Canadiens
Montreal Leafs
Quebec City Hornets
Sherbrooke Tigers
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"Canadiens" is the French version of "Canadians." Founded in 1909, the Canadiens have the highest number of Stanley Cups — a grand total of 24. To watch a home game, head over to the Bell Centre, though it'll likely be packed.

Wikicommons by Anirudh Koul
Quebec is home to some of Canada's and the world's most talented celebrities. Which "All By Myself" singer reigns from there?
René Simard
Céline Dion
Régine Chassagne
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Indeed, the queen herself reigns from Charlemagne, a small suburb of Montreal that, in 2011, had a population of just under 6,000. There's even a street and pizza restaurant named after her.


Pixaby by Bernd Saße
Which provincial holiday occurs on June 24 each year?
Labour Day
Family Day
Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
Victoria Day
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Also known as La Fête Nationale, this holiday celebrates the birth of John the Baptist, a Jewish prophet who baptized repentant people in preparation for God's final Judgment. The holiday originated from French settlers who arrived in Quebec, but it didn't gain prominence until it was re-imagined by a Montreal journalist who, in opposition to Britain's rule, wanted to give Quebec a French version of St. Patrick's Day.

11-Ryan Gosling
Wikicommons by Elen Nivrae
"The Notebook," the 2004 romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, has gained a cult following, but many people don't know that parts of the movie were filmed in Quebec. Which city?
La Tuque
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Well, technically, the battlefield scenes were filmed right outside of Montreal, but details, details. The movie needed a beautiful winter setting, and lo and behold, they found it. Keep an eye out the next time you're weeping into your Kleenex watching the movie.

12-Quebec Flag
Wikicommons by Abdallahh
The flag of Quebec is proudly displayed in front of many homes and stores. What's the name of the flower that appears on it?
Forget Me Not
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The fleur-de-lis represents Quebec's relationship with French settlers. The flower is a symbol of French royalty, with rumors that France's first Christian king began using it as his personal emblem.


13-Quebec River Map
Wikicommons by The Darlington Collection of Maps
Many Canadian cities and provinces have an Aboriginal origin. What does the word "Quebec" mean?
Abundant and prosperous
Narrow passage or strait
High mountain
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With Quebec City located right next to the St. Lawrence River, the word "Quebec" was used to describe to the river's narrowing. The original Algonquin word is "kébec," which eventually morphed into the word used today.

14-Montreal Olmpics
Pixabay by Oliver2017
The Montreal Olympics have the distinction of being Canada's first and only time hosting the summer version of the event. In what year did the Montreal Olympics happen?
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The Montreal Olympic Stadium is a must-see, receiving over 67 million visits since its inauguration in 1976. Directly attached to it is the Montreal Tower, the world's tallest inclined tower, standing at 165 metres.

Wikicommons by Michal Klajban
The province's coat of arms became official in 1939. What's the motto found directly underneath it?
Je me souviens
Je ne souviens pas
Famille, amis, et foi
Une province magnifique
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"Je me souviens" means "I remember," and while its origins are traceable, there isn't an established consensus on its context. In the 1880s, Eugène-Étienne Taché, the architect of Quebec's legislature, inscribed the words on the building plans directly under the province's coat of arms, which were to appear on the building's main door. The phrase was then included in Quebec's coat of arms when they became official. Though theories exist, no one is certain to what Taché was referencing.


16-National Park
Wikicommons by Dlanglois
Can you tell us which national park is located at the Gaspé Peninsula's outer tip?
Gaspesie National Park
Mont-Tremblant National Park
Yamaska National Park
Forillon National Park
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You might have been inclined to choose the first, but it's located on the peninsula's inland. If you visit Forillon National Park, be sure to check out the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, an amazing spot for whale watching.

17-Meat Pie
Pixabay by Steve Buissinne
Tourtière is a staple in Quebec's cuisine and dates back to the 1600s when it was often featured in a feast after Midnight Mass on Christmas. What is it?
A yule log
A meat pie
A shepherd's pie
A maple syrup dumpling
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A staple during winter, each family has its own version because there's no established consensus on how to make tourtière. Regardless of the variations, four spices are essential: nutmeg, cloves, allspice and cinnamon.

18-Justin Trudeau
Wikicommons by GoToVan
How many prime ministers were born in Quebec?
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This is a trick question because Quebec didn't officially become a province until 1867, so while some prime ministers were born in what we know today as Quebec, it was technically a different province at the time, covering a different surface area. The four prime ministers born there are Louis St. Laurent, Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney.


Wikicommons by Bernard Gagnon
The annual G7 Summit is a key part of bolstering foreign relations. Which Quebec city hosted the Summit in 2018?
La Malbaie
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The G7 Summit was held at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, a grand hotel. The town is also home to Casino de Charlevoix, a riverside casino, and Mont Grand-Fonds, a ski mountain known for its stunning slopes.

Pixabay by Kamel Belgacem
The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty that seeks to reduce substances that harm the ozone layer. In what year was it signed?
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With 24 countries signing the Montreal Protocol, it's considered one of the most successful treaties because, thanks to the majority of ozone-depleting substances that are being eliminated, the ozone layer is recovering.

Unsplash by JESHOOTS.COM
Quebec's tourism has been rising steadily, with the capital welcoming the most tourists in its history in 2017. Undoubtedly, many of them are from abroad. How many international airports are in the province?
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Montreal and Quebec City have the province's two international airports — Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport. The former is the third busiest airport in Canada.


22-Quebec Mountains
Unsplash by Jamshed Khedri
With its stunning beauty, it's no surprise that Mont Tremblant has been frequented by the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Can you name the mountains that Mont Tremblant occupies?
The Saint Elias Mountains
The Rockies
The Mackenzie Mountains
The Laurentians
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Covering 22,000 km², the Laurentians reach far beyond Mont-Tremblant and are home to North America's first ski lift, which was built in 1931. There are also more than 9,000 freshwater lakes, but who's counting?

23-Sunny House
Pexels by Willy Bearden
Halle Berry used to own a home in Quebec. Do you know where?
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Berry bought a cabin in 2008 while dating a model from Montreal, but sold it in 2011 when they broke up. The list price was $1.9 million, no wonder considering that it occupied 63 acres and was next to a private lake.

Wikicommons by Neumeier
Canada is home to 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites are deemed to be of great importance and are legally protected under international agreements. How many are in Quebec?
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The Historic District in Quebec City, with its meandering streets and European charm, was given UNESCO status in 1985. Miguasha National Park, a mesmerizing display of natural beauty, followed suite in 1999 because it contains the most and best-preserved fossil specimens of lobe-finned fish. These specimens gave rise to tetrapods, the first terrestrial vertebrates that are four-legged and air-breathing.


25-Trois River
Wikicommons by Bouchecl
Trois-Rivières got its name because one of its rivers has three mouths at the Saint Lawrence River. Which one?
Saint-Maurice River
Rouge River
Richelieu River
George River
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The river is 395 kilometers long, making it a sight to behold for the town. In North America, Trois-Rivières is the second-oldest city where French is widely spoken. If you ever stop by, make sure to visit the river, but also save time for the Old Prison, a historic monument that was once Canada's oldest prison.

26-Ice Hotel
Wikicommons by Clément Belleudy
Quebec contains a hotel made of ice that opened in 2001 — the first and only of its kind in North America. What's its name?
Ice Hotel
Glacier Getaway
Charlesbourg Hotel
Montmorency Hotel
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Using 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice, the hotel's French name is "Hôtel de Glace," and it takes six weeks to build each year. There's even an ice chapel if you were hoping to get married.

27-Space Museum
Wikicommons by Laurent Bélanger
Can you tell us the name of the space science museum in Laval?
Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Musée Aerospace
Musée de la Technologie
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The Cosmodôme has a cool "virtual missions" activity that allows you to become a space exploration character and begin an airspace mission. The museum also features 4D films and a tour of the Endeavour space shuttle.


Wikicommons by Benjamin Sulte
Who was the first premier of Quebec?
Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau
Gédéon Ouimet
Paul Sauvé
François Legault
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A Conservative, Chauveau held office from 1867 until 1873 and held a seat in both the provincial and federal legislatures. He appears to have left a political legacy, as his great-great-great-grandson is Thomas Mulcair, a federal candidate in the 2015 election.

Unsplash by EV
The October Crisis was one of the most intense moments in Canadian history. What year did it happen?
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In Montreal, the Front de libération du Québec, a separatist group, abducted Pierre Laporte, the Deputy Premier, and James Cross, a British diplomat. The kidnappers' demands included $500,000 and the release of people they deemed political prisoners who espoused their beliefs.

30-Jacques Carter
Wikicommons by Théophile Hamel
Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, is credited with "discovering" Canada. During his first expedition, he came across parts of Quebec. What year was this?
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Quebec was among the first provinces that were discovered, the others being Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. He reached the Gaspé Peninsula before returning to France to report his findings to the King Francis I, who was impressed.


31-Kayak River
Wikicommons by 0x010C
What's the island that lies at the Gulf of Saint Lawrence?
Ellesmere Island
Haida Gwaii
Anticosti Island
Galiano Island
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Anticosti is a hidden gem, unknown to many people. It even contains an eponymous national park, and with biking, canyoning, ziplining and sightseeing, there's no shortage of things to do at this natural wonder.

32-Skiers Walking
Unsplash by Alain Wong
What percent of Quebecers report French as their first language?
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According to the 2016 Census, approximately 6.75 million of Quebecers say their first language is French, while 964,210 report that it's English, and 278,710 say it's both. Owing to its diversity and Indigenous population, there are numerous other languages spoken as well.

33-Maple Syrup
Unsplash by Nadine Primeau
Quebec is known for its abundance of sugar shacks, known as "cabanes à sucre." How many maple syrup businesses does the province have?
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With so many maple syrup producers, the province yielded 159 million (yes, million) pounds of maple syrup in 2018. It's no surprise that Quebec creates 72% of the world's maple syrup, with about 60 recipient countries.


Unsplash by Eaters Collective
Canada's legal drinking age is the same in all provinces, except for a few. What's the age in Quebec?
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Most provinces have set the age at 19, but a few others have allowed 18-year-olds to buy and drink alcohol. It's not uncommon for young Ontarians close to the Quebec border to hop over to the not-so-local booze place.

Pexels by Enrique Hoyos
According to a 2016 report, 28.5% of Canadians have at least a bachelor's degree. Which Quebec university consistently ranks among the top 50 best schools, according to Times Higher Education?
McGill University
Concordia University
Université Laval
Université de Sherbrooke
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McGill has over 400 programs and dozens of research centres and institutes. The school has also surpassed other Canadian post-secondary institutions in educating the most Nobel laureates and Rhodes Scholars.

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