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The "Little House on the Prairie" book series and the TV show, based on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, are classics in their respective genres. Test your knowledge of the books, the show -- and the differences between them.

Who were Laura Ingalls' parents?

Laura was the second child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls.

Which Ingalls TV sibling is entirely fictional?

The Ingallses did have a son, but he died before he turned a year old. The adopted Albert is a creation of the show.

Who is the book "Farmer Boy" about?

"Farmer Boy" is Laura's account of her husband's childhood in upstate New York.

Who was "the wildcat from Tennessee?"

Mr. Edwards appears in both the books and the TV show, but he probably wasn't a real person.

On the TV show, Mary marries Adam. Who did she marry in real life?

Mary Ingalls never married.

What's the name of the Ingalls family dog, both in the books and on TV?

The real Jack was a bulldog, but on the show he's a sheepdog.

Which of the following characters on the TV show is based on a real person?

Laura's archenemy Nellie was a real person -- although perhaps not quite as evil as the TV Nellie.

Which of the following TV characters is NOT based on a real person?

Nellie's sweet husband, Percival, was a creation of the show.

When did the "Little House" TV show premiere?

"Little House on the Prairie" debuted on Sept. 11, 1974.

For how many seasons did the show run?

"LHOP" lasted for 9 seasons -- the final episode aired in 1983.

In the first book of the series, "Little House in the Big Woods," where did the Ingallses live?

The little house in the big woods was outside of Pepin, Wisconsin.

In "Little House on the Prairie," the family packs up their covered wagon and move far away. Where do they go?

The Ingallses end up in the prairie near Independence, Kansas.

In the "Little House on the Prairie" book, the family gets seriously ill with "fever 'n' ague," better known today as ___________.

The Ingallses were most likely sick with malaria.

The TV show depicts life in Walnut Grove, Minn. In which of the books do the Ingallses live in Walnut Grove?

Plum Creek was just outside of Walnut Grove.

Who is Laura's teacher in Walnut Grove?

Miss Beadle was a real person and appears in both the books and show.

Which illness overcomes the family while they're living on Plum Creek?

Between "On the Banks of Plum Creek" and "By the Shores of Silver Lake," everyone but Pa and Laura get scarlet fever.

Did Mary go blind in real life?

The real Mary Ingalls went blind when she was 14.

Why did Mary lose her sight?

The books say that scarlet fever had caused Mary to go blind, but new reports say it was probably viral meningoencephalitis.

To where does the Ingalls family move in "By the Shores of Silver Lake?"

Pa's aunt stops by Plum Creek and tells Pa of a job at his uncle's railroad camp.

How do Laura and Mary get to the Dakota Territory?

The girls take their first train trip to the railroad camp because Mary is weak.

In "The Long Winter," why do the Ingallses have Christmas dinner in May?

Seven full months of blizzards had the people of De Smet, South Dakota, completely snowed in and starving. Supplies didn't arrive until May.

What was Laura's first real-life job?

To raise money for Mary's schooling, Laura took in sewing work.

What's the town in "Little Town on the Prairie?"

The Ingallses are still in De Smet in "Little Town on the Prairie."

In the same book, what destroys Pa's crops?

Blackbirds totally destroy the corn and oat harvests.

Who is Laura's teacher in De Smet?

The teacher in De Smet is Eliza Jane Wilder, Almanzo's sister.

What grade did Laura teach in her first teaching job?

Fifteen-year-old Laura had a third-grade teaching certificate but taught students older than herself in a one-room schoolhouse.

In "These Happy Golden Years," what does Laura agree to do for the first four years of her marriage to Almanzo?

Laura agreed to be a "farm wife" in the early years of their marriage.

Where did Laura and Almanzo end up settling?

The Wilders moved around a bit before settling in Mansfield, Missouri.

How many children did they have?

Laura and Almanzo had one daughter, Rose. They also had a son who died as a baby.

Complications from this illness killed all four Ingalls sisters.

Mary, Laura, Carrie and Grace all had diabetes.

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