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Pie is the perfect finish to any meal, whether it's Sunday dinner or a holiday feast. Grab a slice and dig in to our quiz on all things pie!

What does chess pie take its name from?

Chess pie likely comes from the word "cheese," as the standard recipe for the dessert closely resembles Colonial cheesecakes.


What is the official state pie of Florida?

Thanks to a 2006 House bill, the key lime concoction is Florida's official state pie.


Which of these ingredients is critical to a good key lime pie?

A key lime pie relies on canned condensed milk — a throwback to the pre-1930s period when fresh milk simply wasn't available in the Florida keys.


Where did the apple pie originate?

No part of the apple pie, including the finished dessert itself, originated in the U.S. Instead, the apple pie most likely came from England.


What year was the first-known apple pie recipe published?

The first apple pie recipe appeared in a 1381 cookbook called "The Forme of Cury," which was gifted to Queen Elizabeth in 1390.


True or false: Pie dates back to the ancient Greeks.

The ancient Greeks and Romans chowed down on meat-filled pies, which used a tough crust made from flour and water to hold the concoction together.


Which of these ingredients was found in the first-ever known pie recipe?

The earliest known pie recipe called for goat cheese and honey and dates back to ancient Rome.


What were early pies called?

In England and Colonial America, the pie was known as a coffin or coffyn, and the crust was not meant to be eaten.


What is pie most likely named after?

"Pie" likely comes from "magpie," because early cooks used all kinds of odds and ends to fill pie.


Which of these ingredients was NOT common in early English pies?

In the earliest days of pie consumption, sugar was way too expensive for the average diner, so most pies contained meats like beef, duck or lamb.


What type of pie was served at the first Thanksgiving?

There's no evidence that pie was available to the Pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621. If they did put a pie together, it certainly wouldn't be the sweet potato or pumpkin dishes associated with modern Thanksgiving celebrations.


What year was the first-known pumpkin pie recipe published?

A British cookbook published the earliest-known pumpkin pie recipe in 1675. It called for boiled and spiced pumpkin, but it still wasn't the sweet treat we know today.


Which of these ingredients distinguishes a Dutch apple pie from a standard one?

The Dutch apple pie has a rich, buttery crust topped with walnuts, which are not typically found on traditional apple pies.


What makes a tarte tatin different from a regular pie?

The tarte tatin is an upside-down pie, with butter, sugar and fruit on top and a crust on the bottom.


What is another name for sissy pie?

Made with beaten egg whites for a light, fluffy texture, the chiffon pie was traditionally called a sissy pie.


Which of these ingredients is typical in funeral pie?

Funeral pies traditionally contain dried raisins, which offer a sweet flavor yet require no refrigeration.


Which of these facts is true of icebox pie?

Icebox pie is the perfect treat for hot summer days, because it's designed to set in the fridge — no oven required.


Which of these ingredients is found in a lamprey pie?

The eel-like lamprey was a delicacy in Medieval England and was mixed with wine and spices to make the traditional lamprey pie.


What ingredient is critical to a traditional shoofly pie?

Shoofly pie is similar to coffee cake and traditionally contains molasses and brown sugar.


What is another name for sugar cream pie?

Made from a simple mix of creamed butter and sugar, the sugar cream pie is also known as the Hoosier pie and the Quebec sugar cream pie.


What does it mean to serve pie a la mode?

Pie served a la mode has a scoop of ice cream on top to sweeten the deal.


Which of these is found in cottage pie?

The traditional cottage pie is savory and contains beef, potatoes and veggies.


What ingredient is used to make a shepherd's pie?

A shepherd's pie is similar to a cottage pie but uses lamb in place of beef.


Which of these ingredients is typically found in a brown Betty?

The brown Betty dates back to Colonial times and consists of layers of fruit and sweet, crumbly bits of crust.


Which of these is true of a cobbler?

By definition, the cobbler is a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick, biscuitlike crust.


What state is home to the sonker?

North Carolina is home to the sonker, or zonker — a rectangular cobblerlike dessert.


When were the first fruit pies made?

The first fruit pies, in the form of tarts or pastries, were whipped up in the 1500s.


Who is famously credited with creating the cherry pie?

According to British tradition, Queen Elizabeth baked the first cherry pie while toiling in her kitchen — a story that's probably more fiction than fact.


What year was the first recipe for sweet potato pie published?

The sweet potato pie recipe dates back to 1881, when it was published by former slave Abby Fisher.


When did McDonald's introduce its famous apple pie?

Pie lovers on the go may appreciate the fast food offering, which McDonald's started selling in 1968.


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