If You Were Born After 1964, You'll Have a Hard Time Passing This Food Quiz

By: Lauren Lubas
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If You Were Born After 1964, You'll Have a Hard Time Passing This Food Quiz
Image: The Stay At Home Chef via YouTube

About This Quiz

Growing up in the '50s, '60s and '70s meant you had to eat meals that were ... How do we put this? Jell-O-fied. It's incredible what people jellied, put in a Jell-O mold and simply mixed with powdered gelatin. We found some amazing foods that are guaranteed to pull up some nostalgic feelings for the loaves, salads and rolls that sat on your dinner table back in the day. You probably remember that plating was important back then, especially for foods that were prepared for parties. To make plating easier on those who cooked dinner, everything was pretty much slammed together, stuffed or Jell-O-fied (kind of like how everything in the '90s was pizza-fied). 

You're going to wish you had a scratch and sniff monitor when you see these vintage foods. In this quiz, you'll find 40 foods and recipes that will bring you back to the days when you knew it was time to come home when the street lights turned on. Do you think you can name them all? Don't worry; we aren't going to hold anything back. Take this quiz to see the foods we found from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Fair warning: Most of these foods contain SPAM, hot dogs and ground meats..

1. salmon canapes
HealthyRecipes via YouTube
You may have spotted these hors d'oeuvres at a garden party when you were young. What are they?
Salmon mousse canapes
Twice-baked crakers
Salmon Jell-O bites
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Salmon mousse was very popular in the Midwest during the 1950s and '60s. The mousse was usually served on or with crackers, but it could also be found on cucumbers for a refreshing crunch.

2. tuna casserole
The Stay At Home Chef via YouTube
This hot dish was often made with crunched up crackers on top. Can you name it?
Chicken stuffing casserole
Tuna noodle casserole
Salmon nut casserole
Crunchy cracker casserole
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Tuna noodle casserole was a staple in homes across the country. With canned tuna being readily available at a low cost, it gave those looking to add more fish to their lives a chance to get a tasty home-cooked meal out of it.

3. swedish meatball
Coop Can Cook via YouTube
In the '60s, this was the perfect dish for cocktail parties. Do you remember what it's called?
Candied cobs
Corn fritters
Swedish meatballs
Dippin' balls
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Cocktail parties were an excellent way to get your friends together to gossip, catch up, or just hang out. Most people read magazines to learn about new and interesting topics to discuss during those get-togethers, but you weren't considered a good hostess if you didn't offer your friends a little something to eat.


4. pineapple upside down
Pixabay by cote62
Can you name this interesting-looking cake with fruit on it?
Coconut cream cake
Pina colada cake
Mixer cake
Pineapple upside-down cake
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The 1950s and '60s offered America's home cooks the ease of boxed meals and desserts to give them more free time. With the introduction of boxed cake mixes, cooks were able to get a little more creative, adding fruits and decorations.

5. Chicken a la king
The Stay At Home Chef via YouTube
Do you remember this dish that included chicken, cream sauce and vegetables?
Chicken a la king
Super chicken
Chicken mix
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Chicken a la king was often made with condensed cream of mushroom soup as the base of the cream sauce. Though these days people might be concerned with the amount of sodium it contains, it was a delicious addition to menus in the '50s and '60s.

6. Ambrosia salad
Sugar Spun Run via YouTube
What is the name of this "salad" that includes marshmallows?
Fruity salad
Ambrosia salad
Cream of fruit salad
Cherry topper salad
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Ambrosia salad has it all: Jell-O, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, coconut, oranges, grapes, bananas and marshmallows. Growing up in the '60s and '70s meant that you got to indulge in this sweet treat at nearly every party.


7. meatloaf
The Stay At Home Chef via YouTube
Everyone's mom had a secret recipe for this classic dinner that included ground meat. What is it?
Stuffed loaf
Pimento loaf
Bologna loaf
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Recipes can range from a simple ground beef and seasonings to mixing beef, pork and lamb together to create a literal loaf of meat. Ground meat was inexpensive back then, and cooking a meatloaf for dinner could feed the family and provide leftovers.

8. Tunnel of fudge cake
Cast Iron Chaos via YouTube
You might be able to get a taste of this cake if you try a chocolate lava cake, but what did they call this bundt back in the '60s?
Chocolate explosion cake
Explosive chocolate cake
Ring o' fudge
Tunnel of fudge cake
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The tunnel of fudge cake won the Pillsbury bake-off in 1966. It soon became a household staple, showing home cooks that it was easy to create a fudge center in baking. Additionally, it was successful for drumming up business for the producers of bundt pans.

9. Swanson TV dinner
Pinnacle Foods/ Campbell Soup Co.
Which packaged meal had everything you needed?
Swanson TV dinner
Tyson chicken legs
Frozen tray dinner
Schwann's frozen meal
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The idea for creating frozen meals came around when the Swanson company had an overstock of turkey after Thanksgiving in 1953. They thought that if they froze it and sold it, they would lose less money. They actually made quite a profit.


10. Tomato aspic
Southern Living via YouTube
Do you recognize this tomato-based Jell-O loaf?
Salsa loaf
Tomato aspic
Tomato gel
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If you ever saw your mom host a luncheon or bridge party with the girls, you most likely saw this on the table. It was a favorite of many women in the 1950s. Back then, people made a lot of interesting things with Jell-O.

11. spam
Mashed via YouTube
Home cooks prepared this meat in many creative ways. What is it?
Canned ham
Milner pressed meat
Canned tuna
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Nearly every meat-eating home in the 1950s and '60s had at least one can of SPAM on hand. It was a pantry staple that helped home cooks make a fast meal in a pinch. It could be fried, added to a Jell-O mold, baked and so much more.

12. pigsinablanket
Wyse Guide via YouTube
These little dogs made the best finger foods at parties. Can you tell us what they're called?
Smokie Goods
Lil' Smokies
Pigs in a blanket
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When you take a hotdog, wrap it in a pastry or biscuit dough and bake it, you get one of the best finger foods or appetizers that the 1950s had to offer: pigs in a blanket. They were mostly served at parties, but later became after-school snacks for kids.


13. 7upfloat_revised
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Green sherbet plus a clear fizzy drink makes what kind of sugary snack for kids?
7-Up float
Root beer float
Trivia punch
Inside scoop
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As a way to market and sell more 7-Up, the company decided to deliver a recipe that rivaled root beer floats. The citrus flavors mixed well and made for a creamy treat for kids. This technique was later found in punch bowls at parties across the United States.

14. Astronaut ice cream
Wikicommons by Ruth Hartnup
If you grew up in the '60s you probably begged your parents to buy this frozen treat. Do you remember what it was called?
Bricks and bucks
Astronaut ice cream
Neapolitan shards
Triple threat
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Astronaut ice cream was an attempt to exploit the NASA space program and the moon landing in general. This ice cream was freeze dried, helping it lose that creamy texture you were looking for, but it was what the astronauts ate, so kids wanted it.

15. Chicken in a biskit
JLNRaw via YouTube
Can you name these crackers that were found at every party in the '60 and '70s?
Chirpy crackers
Egg biscuits
Chicken in a Biskit
Whiz crackers
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If you've never seen one of these before, imagine a thick cracker covered in chicken bouillon dust. They were high in sodium, but even higher in flavor, making them a household staple back in the day.


16. Dippy Canoes
Quaker Oats Company
Do you remember these chips that rivaled modern-day Fritos Scoops?
Native Feathers
Corn Salines
Dippy Canoes
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Anyone who enjoys a good corn chip knows that the shape is important. Dippy Canoes looked very much like today's Fritos Scoops, but some argue that they had a better flavor and texture.

17. French onion dip
Divas Can Cook via YouTube
This simple dip gave cooks the ability to add flavor to every party. Do you know what it is?
French onion dip
Ranch dip
Cheese dip
Sour dip
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Packaging French onion soup mix doesn't seem like a good idea, until you realize how many different recipes can come out of it. If you add the mix to sour cream, you have French onion dip, giving your chips extra sodium and a delicious, creamy flavor.

18. Quake
Quaker Oats Company
Which cereal offered a toy and was distributed by Quaker?
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Quake was marketed as a "vitamin powered sugary cereal." It gave kids energy, or so it claimed. It was a corn-based cereal that had honey, sugar, oats and more sugar. If you sent the company 50 cents and two box tops, you could get yourself a quake toy. Quaker released Quake and Quisp cereals simultaneously. Quisp won the "breakfast feud," and Quake was discontinued.


19. Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Lincoln Snacks
Do you know which popcorn treat came in a black box?
Tripping Popcorn Balls
Sweet Glazed Corn
Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Maize Friends
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The black packaging of Screaming Yellow Zonkers was noted among grocery shoppers and talked about for years. Rarely would you find a child's treat packaged in something that didn't catch the eye, which ended up catching people's attention.

20. Tab
esw01407 via YouTube
Before Diet Coke, the Coca-Cola company offered this diet drink that boasted only a single calorie per 16 ounces. What drink is it?
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Before Tab, there was only one other diet drink on the market, Diet Rite. Tab has an interesting history of using sweeteners that were banned by the FDA and replacing them with saccharin, a known carcinogen.

21. Quiche
Pixabay by RitaE
In the early '70s, this pie was found on many dinner tables. What is it?
Cob pie
Salad pie
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Quiche is a simple concept: egg filling in a pie crust. Most recipes packed the crusts with vegetables, fresh herbs and cheese. It became one of the most interesting and simple dinners for home cooks to make.


22. Carrot cake
Pixabay by silviarite
Which popular vintage cake had loads of veggies in it?
German chocolate cake
Carrot cake
Baked Alaska
Trouble cake
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Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was one of the most popular cakes of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Its popularity made it all the way to the 1990s. It was a sweet cake that also offered a lot of fiber.

Do you recognize this boxed cheese?
SPAM cheese
Government cheese
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Velveeta has been around for over 100 years, and surprisingly, it was marketed as a health food. This processed cheese was incredibly popular throughout the middle of the 20th century, and it was given a lot of attention at parties.

24. Oyster cheese appetizer log
MyRecipes via YouTube
Cream cheese, chili powder, nuts and smoked oysters are the ingredients in this classic party spread. Do you know what it's called?
Party log
Sour dip
Mix dip
Oyster cheese appetizer log
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Those who grew up in the '60s and '70s most definitely saw these at holiday parties across the country. They were considered a tradition and were devoured while people waited for the main course to be served.


25. Cheesy cheddar broccoli casserole
MyRecipes via YouTube
Can you name this side dish that was covered in French fried onions?
Cheesy cheddar broccoli casserole
French fried onion casserole
Mixed greens casserole
Mean cheese casserole
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Many home cooks liked to add chicken to their cheesy cheddar broccoli casserole in order to make it a complete dish. However, this casserole was usually considered a side dish, much like green bean casserole.

26. Jellygrill
totikky tikky via YouTube
Do you remember what this grilled sandwich that included grape jelly and Velveeta cheese was called?
Grilled 'Veeta
Sweet Velveeta
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Marketed by craft to sell both jelly and Velveeta cheese, the Jellygrill sandwich tastes about as good as it sounds. You get the sweet and salty mixed together, along with various textures. If your mouth and taste buds could handle it, you probably loved this thing.

27. Tiger--Tiger
Slightly Odd via YouTube
What was this orange ice cream with licorice "stripes" called?
Tiger Tasties
Tasty Tiger
Tiger Tiger
Stripes and Growls
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Feed your hungry stomach with the pallet-cleansing flavor of black licorice and orange. Though we can all think of a better way to get black stripes in ice cream (like chocolate), some loved this product made by Sani-Dairy.


28. Deviled ham
FoodslingerTV via YouTube
Somewhere between ham salad and ham pate is this gem that you probably tasted back in the day. Do you know what it's called?
Ham paste
Loaf ham
Mayo ham
Deviled ham
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Marketed as the best possible thing to do with your leftover canned ham, deviled ham had an interesting recipe. It included cream cheese, mayonnaise, onion, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce.

29. Ham banana rolls
CultMoo via YouTube
This dish was more popular than one might think. Do you know what it's called?
Ham banana rolls
Banana sausage
Fruit and ham roll-up
Short cut
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Not only was this recipe shared by the Chiquita banana company, it was also marketed by ham companies. The recipe involves wrapping a peeled banana in ham and covering it with cheese sauce. It's a real thing.

30. Frozen Hawaiian pie
Amy Lynn's Kitchen via YouTube
Can you name this pie that looks very much like a fruitcake on the inside?
Jellied pie
Frozen Hawaiian pie
Candied pie
Fruit pie
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Using jellied fruits and whipped cream, people created pies out of practically nothing back in the '70s. This pie gave you the satisfaction of eating candy, and pie that felt like ice cream. It was innovative but didn't stand the test of time.


31. Black forest cake
Pixabay by Couleur
Do you remember this cake that turned heads in the '60s and '70s?
German chocolate cake
Shipper's cake
Black Forest cake
Sweet love cake
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Black Forest cake is a chocolate cake that is saturated in cherry juice. It usually is decorated in fresh or jarred cherries and some almonds. The flavors made a comeback in the mid-2000s, and the cake will always have a cult following.

32. Sardines
Pixabay by lola56
Which canned fish was used in recipes and as a quick snack?
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Sardines were salty and easy to eat, if you liked the taste. They were often used in recipes throughout the '50s and '60s. Though their popularity has decreased quite a bit, you can still find them at supermarkets across the country.

33. Golden rabbit
RFC Group of Companies via YouTube
This dish was made by mixing two cans of soup and serving it over saltines. What is it called?
Golden rabbit
Cheesey chunks
Mixed millings
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If you mix a can of cheddar cheese soup and condensed tomato soup, add a little milk and heat, you have the base of this recipe. For the most part, it was served over a bowl of saltine crackers, giving you one of the most sodium-filled eating experiences of your lifetime.


34. Popovers
dreamflight6000 via YouTube
What are these rolls that were a common side dish throughout the '50s and '60s?
Bread muffins
Hockey pucks
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Popovers were an essential addition to nearly every vintage meal. They were a simple, yet satisfying roll that puffed up in the oven when it was cooked. While most of us resort to Pilsbury biscuits these days, popovers were the go-to recipe back when.

35. Orange cranberry relish mold
Two Old Crabs via YouTube
Can you name this gelatin that made its way to Thanksgiving tables across the country?
Cranberry sauce
Mulberry sauce
Orange cranberry relish mold
Cinnamon relish
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Oranges and cranberries have always paired well together, and when turned into a gelatin, they can be molded to your liking. The orange cranberry relish mold holds a lot of nostalgic value for those who have ever tried it.

36. SPAM and eggs
Mark 2kero via YouTube
This delicacy gave you a lot of protein and salt at the breakfast table. Do you know what it is?
Shaved ham and eggs
Chipped beef
Milner's breakfast bundle
SPAM and eggs
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If bacon wasn't readily available, frying up slices (or chunks) of SPAM was a great alternative. It matched the salty flavor of the bacon and gave you additional protein for your breakfast treat.


37. Derby tamales
Simply Mamá Cooks via YouTube
They came in a jar instead of a corn husk. Do you know what these are?
Derby tamales
Hash logs
Corned brisket
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Though many of us have seen tamales that come in a can, others have fond memories of tamales that were jarred. Though they didn't look as appetizing as they may have been, they did attract home cooks looking for a quick meal.

38. Meal in a mould
The Vintage Kitchen via YouTube
Any ground meat and vegetables mixed with gelatin had a catchy name. Do you remember what it was?
Meal in a mould
Jelled beef
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Meal in a mould was everything you imagine it could be. For the most part, the vegetables were put at the bottom of the Jell-O mold so they could be on top when the entire meal was extracted. It made for interesting plating and an even more interesting flavor.

39. E-Z Pop
stoppedsnoring via YouTube
Do you remember the name of this popcorn that came with its own pan?
Kernel Poppers
Kernel Top
E-Z Pop
Stove Poppers
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E-Z Pop was a great way to get the popcorn you loved without owning a popcorn machine or a pan. You simply put the foil pan over a heat source and shook it until the kernels were fully popped.


40. Tang
Desi Mom via YouTube
Can you name the powered drink mix that was used in many recipes?
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Tang was well known as the drink the astronauts took to the moon. It was so popular in the 1960s and '70s that people found many different recipes to make with it, including desserts and ice cream.

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