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Random knowledge, hey?

Do you know lots of random things? Like what the value of Pi is? Or who was the quarterback when Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in 1996? Or perhaps you know exactly how many bones there are in the human body? That's adult bones and not kid bones ... there is a difference but you probably knew that, right?

Well, if random knowledge or general knowledge is your thing, you've come to the right place. If you're the kind of person who loves opening random pages on Wikipedia, who devours every book they can come across, who reads the newspaper front page and not only the funnies, then you should do pretty well on this random knowledge quiz.

And believe us when we say, these questions are pretty random and are about pretty much everything. You'll find sports, geography, history, animals, minerals, capitals, civil right activists and tanks. Yes, even tanks!

So sit back, relax and take your time. Each question has four options. Sometimes you can pick out the ones that just don't fit but if you are stuck, a helpful hint will set you straight back on track.

So what are you waiting for? A random knowledge experience awaits!

Good luck!

Can you name the American president inaugurated on January 20, 2009?

Yes you can! Certainly an easy one to start. It was Barack Obama who was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. He served two terms in office as the president of the United States.


The Asian country formerly known as Ceylon is?

Famous for its tea - you have heard of Ceylon tea, right - Sri Lanka only changed its name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka on May 22, 1972 after becoming a republic. Even though it gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1948, it retained the name Ceylon.


Any idea as to the name of the primary gas found in the Earth's atmosphere?

Yes, nitrogen makes up most of the Earth's atmosphere, along with oxygen and argon. In fact, nitrogen is 79% of the atmosphere and oxygen just under 21%.


Name the capital of the African country of Zimbabwe.

The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare. It is home to around 1.6 million people. Previously it had been known as Salisbury up until 1982 and the name changed when Rhodesia became known as Zimbabwe.


The inventor who averaged a patent every three weeks of his life was?

Edison was certainly prolific! In fact, he is credited with 2,332 patents. Of course, his most significant were the light bulb, the phonograph and the kinetoscope, which essentially led to modern-day movies.


True of false: A manx cat has no tail.

A manx cat, from the Isle of Man, has no tail. They also have elongated legs and a rounder head than other cat breeds.


The Tropic of Capricorn cuts which continent almost in half latitudinally?

Also known as the Southern Tropic, the Tropic of Capricorn slices through Australia, almost dividing it perfectly in half. Did you know that this is the southernmost point on Earth where the sun can be directly overhead?


What farm animal did Hernando de Soto introduce to America?

Christopher Columbus had eight pigs on board his ships when he landed in Cuba in 1493. No one knows if they were eaten or left there. Hernando de Soto, however, brought 13 pigs with him to Florida. Three years later, that had grown to 700!


Dogs sweat through their _______?

Dogs regulate their heat by panting and sweating through the pads of their feet. Just think about it, if they were us and sweated through their skin, we would have very wet dogs that smelled horrible!


Name the first planet to be discovered by telescope, please.

As many of the other planets are seen with the naked eye, it was Uranus that was the first to be discovered by a telescope. Sir William Herschel did so in 1781.


True or false. Pennsylvania is the only US state to start with P.

True! Pennsylvania has a long and rich history in the telling of the story of the United States. In fact, it was the second state to join the union. It did so on Dec. 12, 1787.


Which of these describes the diameter of the earth most accurately?

The earth has a diameter of 7,926 at the equator. This changes when measured at the poles and becomes 7,899.


"The Dark Side of the Moon" was recorded by which band?

"The Dark Side of the Moon" is perhaps Pink Floyd's most famous album. It was released in 1973 and stayed on the Billboard charts for a period of 741 weeks! Sales of the album are estimated at around 45 million units worldwide.


The Sherman, Churchill and Tiger are what exactly?

Yes, they are tanks from World War II. The Sherman was from America, the Churchill from England and the Tiger was German. Of them all, the Tiger was superior but the Germans could not produce them fast enough to have any impact on the war.


The northernmost country in the world is _____

Yes, Iceland has the most northern point of any country in the world. The area itself is called Kötlutangi and it is at 63°23'N, where the Arctic Circle is at 66°33′39″ N.


Who is the superhero The Green Hornet's sidekick?

Kato seems just like a regular chauffeur, but without a doubt, Green Hornet could not do without him. Kato became Green Hornet's sidekick after the Hornet's alter ego, Britt Reid, saved his life.


Do you know what N.A.T.O. stands for?

NATO formed in on April 4, 1949 thanks to the growing threat of the U.S.S.R. after World War II. It comprises 29 member countries including the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.


African civil rights activist Steve Biko died in which country?

An anti-apartheid activist, Steve Biko was the leader of Black Consciousness Movement. He was arrested in 1977 and died in captivity, as a result of beatings he received from the state security police. He was only 30 years old.


Which "unsinkable" ship sank on its maiden voyage in 1912?

Despite claims that it was unsinkable, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on its way to North America and sunk with the loss of 1,503 lives. The wreck of the Titanic was found in 1985.


Author Dick Francis is well known for his novels about which sport?

A former steeplechase jockey, Dick Francis based his novels around the world of horse racing. Francis was born in 1920 and wrote over 40 best sellers. His son, Felix, continues his legacy to this day.


Which American baseballer did Marilyn Monroe marry?

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio met in 1952 and were married on Jan. 14, 1954. It didn't last long and the two were divorced after just 274 days.


In chess, a knight may only move ______

Meant to represent a cavalry unit, the knight in the game of chess has a very unique way of moving. He may only move in an L-shape, even over other pieces, which can be used very tactically. The knight is sometimes called the horse.


Of all the mammals in the world, which has the longest gestation period?

Bigger and better as they say, and an elephant certainly is when it come to their gestation period. Elephants will carry their young for up to 22 months in the case of an African elephant and between 18 to 22 months for an Asian elephant, their slightly smaller cousins.


The Fifth Symphony in C minor was written by which composer?

One of Ludwig van Beethoven's most influential pieces, the Fifth Symphony in C minor was written over a four-year period between 1804 and 1808. This piece of music is around 40 minutes long.


The highest waterfall in the world is located in which country?

The world's highest waterfall is Angel Falls, which is located in Venezuela in South America. It measures an incredible 979 meters high. The falls drop over the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountain.


Adults have how many bones in their bodies?

Yes, all adults have 206 bones in their bodies. Interestingly at birth, this number is up to 270 but many bones actually fuse together so the number lowers significantly.


Do you know which two metals pewter is made from?

Pewter is made from 85% to 99% tin mixed with copper, or in ancient times, lead. The oldest pewter ever found dates back to around 1450 BC after it was discovered in an Egyptian tomb. The malleability of the metal makes it easy to do fine detail work on.


True or false: The state of Maine in the United States is the only one with a name that is a single syllable.

True! No other state has a single syllable. Did you know that Maine is home to horror writer Steven King? It was also the 23rd state to join the union in 1820.


Which famous sea captain's ship was called The Golden Hind?

Sir Francis Drake did it all. Sea captain, explorer, privateer and much more. He was vice admiral and second in charge of the English fleet when they battled the Spanish Armada in 1588.


Can you name the ocean that surrounds the Maldives islands?

The Indian ocean surrounds the Maldive islands. This republic consists of 26 atolls across a 250-square kilometer area and is a massive tourist attraction. The Maldives were given independence from Great Britain in 1965.


Can you name the fictional character created by Carlo Collodi?

Pinocchio is the name of a wooden puppet made by Geppetto who wants to be a real boy. Interestingly, "The Adventures of Pinocchio" was published in a children's newspaper in Italy, the Il Giornale per i Bambini.


Name the British comedy troupe from the 1970s famous for their TV sketch show, Flying Circus.

The comedy team Monty Python consisted of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin. Many went on to have successful careers following Python, especially John Cleese.


Who sang the classic country song, "A Boy Named Sue?"

"A Boy Named Sue" was released by "The Man in Black", Johnny Cash in 1969 as a B-side. It was not written by Cash but by humorist and poet Shel Silverstein. It gave Cash his only top 10 hit on the Billboard charts.


Which city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?

Hitler wanted the 1936 Berlin Olympics to show the superiority of the Aryan race. American Jesse Owens had other ideas and went on to win four gold medals, in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and the long jump.


The fictional newspaper, "The Daily Bugle" employs which superhero?

Did you get it mixed up? Superman (Clark Kent) works for the Daily Planet while Spiderman (Peter Parker) works for the Daily Bugle. One is a reporter and the other a photographer.


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