Reply to Your Crush’s Texts and We'll Guess How Many People You've Kissed

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According to some research, about 68% of Millennials prefer texting to talking on the phone and that number only goes up for Gen Z. Talking on the phone is just too stressful and involved. A text you can answer on your own terms. You want to watch a movie while texting? Fine. You're at a loud party? No problem. You want to ignore a text for two hours then answer? Awesome! It's easier in almost every single way. The only problem is sometimes things get lost in translation. it's hard to tell tone from a text. Is a text a joke or serious? Is someone drunk? Angry? Confused? It's hard to tell sometimes, and that can be an issue. But for the most part, we navigate them pretty well and they're fast becoming the standard for all communication. Given that they're the easy and simple way nearly everyone communicates now, it's clear that the way you text must tell a person a lot about you. It will certainly tell us a lot about you if you respond to a few texts from your crush that we came up with here. For instance, we bet we can tell how many people you've kissed. Crazy? Not at all! Take the quiz and see!

You're just sitting down to dinner and your crush texts "Facetime?" You reply with what?



"Want to hang out later?"

"OMG you will not believe what I just saw!"

"Today was the worst!"

"I missed you today."

"You gonna be around for a while?"

"What's up for this weekend?"

"When can I see you again?"

Your crush just sends you a selfie, no words at all. Cute pic, nothing too crazy. What do you say?

"What are you wearing?"

"Where are you?"

"I see you!"

You just sent a super long message with all kinds of important information. They say "K."

"Can I ask you a serious question?"

"Have you been ignoring me?"

"You were looking super cute today."

"I'm super bored rn, you?"

"Sorry I didn't text you sooner!"

"I can't make it this weekend. I'm so sorry!"

You were having a bad day and they obviously noticed. You get this text late in the day; "You ok?"

It's just a string of heart emojis. Endless heart emojis.

"Miss me yet?"

"You should come over"

"Weekend is almost here!"

No text, just a random YouTube link. Now what?

"Hey, what's your Insta?"


"So are we doing this or what?"

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