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HBO drama "The Sopranos" is widely hailed as one of the best TV shows ever. Let's see how much you know about Tony, Carmela, Christopher, Paulie Walnuts and the rest of the gang.

"The Sopranos" premiered in January of this year.

The first episode aired on Jan. 10, 1999.


When was the final episode?

Episode 86 aired on June 10, 2007.


"The Sopranos" was the second hour-long HBO drama series. What was the first?

The prison drama "Oz" ran from 1997 until 2003.


Twenty-seven members of the "Sopranos" cast were also in this movie.

Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi), Michael Imperioli (Christopher) and Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts) were among the 27 who also appeared in "Goodfellas."


Tony Soprano is a member of the DiMeo crime family of New Jersey. What's their New York City counterpart?

The DiMeos and the Lupertazzis have a complicated, violent relationship that only becomes more so as the series progresses.


Why does Tony collapse in the series' first episode?

He has a panic attack while grilling at his son's birthday party.


Tony's uncle, Corrado, goes by this nickname.

Uncle Junior is a constant thorn in Tony's side.


In an early episode, Tony hunts down and kills a former "colleague" while doing this with his daughter, Meadow.

Tony and Meadow are visiting colleges in Maine when he spots Fabian Petrulio, whom he ends up strangling with a wire.


While Tony and Meadow are gone, Tony's wife, Carmela, has an almost-romantic movie night with _________.

While Tony and Meadow are off visiting colleges, Carmela hangs out with her crush, Father Intintola — who vomits just as she's about to kiss him.


Why does Tony choose Dr. Melfi to be his therapist?

Tony likes the fact that Dr. Melfi is also Italian-American.


This guys gets out of jail in season two and starts sleeping with Tony's sister, Janice.

Richie and Janice had dated in high school and picked it up again after his prison sentence.


How does Richie die?

Janice shoots Richie after an argument and gets Tony to cover it up — most people think he's disappeared into the Witness Protection Program.


Who does Janice end up marrying?

After Bobby's wife dies, Janice gets her hooks into him.


In season three, Meadow starts dating the son of this former DiMeo family boss.

Meadow and Jackie Jr.'s relationship doesn't end well — Ralph puts out a hit on Jackie after he bungles a card-game robbery.


Why does Johnny Sack want to kill Ralph Cifaretto?

Johnny becomes enraged when Ralph cracks jokes about his overweight wife.


Who ends up killing Ralph?

Tony confronts Ralph about setting the stable fire that killed their racehorse — and winds up strangling him.


In the episode "Pine Barrens," these two characters chase a Russian mobster through the snowy woods.

We never do find out what happened to the Russian, whom Paulie and Christopher shoot but fail to kill.


How does Big Pussy die?

Tony and the gang take their FBI-informant former friend out in a boat, shoot him and dump him with the fishes.


How does Adriana die?

When Adriana admits to Christopher that she's an FBI informant, Tony has Silvio kill her.


How does Johnny Sack die?

Johnny Sack succumbs to lung cancer while in prison.


How does Christopher die?

When he and a drug-impaired Christopher are in a car crash, passenger Tony holds his cousin's nostrils shut to end his suffering (and also so he won't have to deal with him anymore).


Why does Uncle Junior start acting like he's senile?

Junior is under house arrest and acting crazy to avoid trial for racketeering — but he actually does develop dementia.


Why does Dr. Melfi finally stop treating Tony?

Probably all of the above, but Dr. Melfi also learns — through her own therapist — that therapy usually doesn't help sociopaths.


When he's released from prison, this cousin of Tony's decides to go straight and get his massage license.

Tony Blundetto is determined to stay on the straight and narrow, but he's soon reeled back into a life of crime.


This is the strip club that Tony's group runs.

Soprano consigliere Silvio Dante manages the Bada Bing!


While working at the Esplanade construction site, Meadow's boyfriend, Finn, finds this guy in a compromising position.

Finn is terrified when he spies Vito in a portable toilet with another man.


Why is Tony in a coma at the beginning of the final season?

Uncle Junior, suffering from dementia and thinking Tony is an old enemy, shoots him.


Why does Johnny Sack totally lose the respect of Tony's crew in season six?

To the delight of Tony and the guys, Johnny Sack bursts into tears while being handcuffed and returned to prison after his daughter's wedding.


What's the name of the mobster horror film that Christopher and Carmine Jr. shop around in season six?

Christopher describes "Cleaver" as "'Saw' meets 'The Godfather II.'"


In the final scene of the series, Tony plays this Journey song on the jukebox while waiting for his family to arrive at a restaurant.

Tony plays "Don't Stop Believin'" and waits patiently as the tension ratchets up both in the song and on-screen … and then the screen goes black.


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