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It's one of the biggest games on Steam, with no sign of slowing down. Take our quiz to find out why the "Harvest Moon"-like "Stardew Valley" is so much more than just another sim game!

What store has set up shop in Stardew Valley, forcing players to choose between buying local or supporting a major corporation?

JojaMart has come into town and shut down local businesses. The store is also the reason that the local community center has fallen into disrepair.


How do players get their parcel of land in the game?

New "Stardew Valley" players learn that they have inherited a small plot of land from their deceased grandfather, giving them a space to set up a farm.


Who runs the local JojaMart?

Morris runs the JojaMart and offers memberships to new players. If you purchase one, the community center in your game will turn into a JojaMart warehouse.


What is the name of the town in "Stardew Valley"?

"Stardew Valley" players set up a homestead and become a part of the community in Pelican Town.


Which "Stardew Valley" character uses a wheelchair?

George, who is married to Evelyn and known for his grumpy attitude, relies on a wheelchair to get around.


Which "Stardew Valley" character lives in his parent's basement?

Sebastian lives in the carpenter's shop in his parent's basement and is often at odds with his sister Maru.


Who owns the general store?

General store owner Pierre is often at odds with the mighty Joja Corp.


How long did it take developer Eric Barone to create "Stardew Valley"?

Barone spent four years crafting every aspect of the game on his own before releasing it for PC on Feb. 26, 2016.


Where does Linus live?

Linus is a homeless character in Pelican Town who lives in a yellow tent and forages for food.


What is Clint's job?

Clint serves as head blacksmith in Pelican Town.


Which "Stardew Valley" character owns a ranch?

Marnie's Ranch is located just south of the player's farmland, to the west side of town. Shane lives on the ranch with Marnie.


What's the most profitable spring crop?

When planning your spring crop, include plenty of strawberries, which will net you 500 gold in profit per crop, the most of any spring crop.


What's the most profitable fall crop?

Rare seed will earn you a profit of 2,000 gold per crop, while pumpkin nets just 440 per crop, making rare seed the best fall crop for building your bank account.


How many potential mates do players have to choose from?

"Stardew Valley" characters can choose from 10 potential mates over time, and yes, same-sex couplings are allowed.


Which villager is NOT a potential mate?

Linus is not one of the potential mates, which include Abigail, Alex, Elliott, Haley, Harvey, Leah, Sebastian, Maru, Penny and Sam.


How do you win the favor of a potential mate?

Giving gifts is the best way to win someone's heart in the game. Food generally ranks among the best gifts, especially if you take the time to cook it.


What must you give your mate in order to marry them?

In order to marry, you must visit the Old Mariner and purchase the Mermaid's Pendant for 5,000 gold, which you can then give to your beloved.


What home level must you reach before having kids?

Procreation requires a level three home, which requires 50,000 gold and 150 hardwood.


How many festivals does Pelican Town have each spring?

Stardew Valley has two spring festivals, including the Egg Festival and the Flower Festival.


What magical dance occurs during the summer in Stardew Valley?

The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies occurs each Summer 28th and is one of two summer festivals.


What festival features a spooky Halloween maze?

Each Fall 27th, players can enjoy a spooky maze during the Spirit's Eve Festival.


What do Pelican Town residents celebrate on Winter 25th?

In Stardew Valley, Winter 25th is the Feast of Winterstar. It is one of two winter festivals, which includes the Festival of Ice on Winter 8th.


How many legendary fish are there for players to catch?

The five legendary fish that players covet include the angler, crimsonfish, glacierfish, legend and mutant carp.


Which is the most valuable of the legendary fish?

Of the elusive legendary fish, the legend — valued at 11,250 gold — is the most valuable. It can only be caught on a rainy spring day at Mine Lake.


How many rarecrows are there in the game?

There are eight rarecrows in "Stardew Valley," which work like scarecrows. Players obtain the rarecrows by buying them, finding them or exchanging them for donations to the museum.


What happens if you hit a worm with your hoe?

Hitting a worm with your hoe nets you a special prize or reward, which can range from books to artifacts.


What do you get when you complete all 120 mine levels?

Completing all 120 mine levels gets you the Skull Key, which you can use to open the door to Skull Cavern.


True or false: The mine is unlocked as soon as you start the game.

New players have to wait until Spring 5th for the mine to unlock. Once you get inside, the mine cart won't work until you complete the appropriate community center bundle.


How many mine levels must you complete to score a treasure chest?

Every 10 mine levels, you earn a treasure chest. To proceed to the next level, keep mining rocks and killing enemies until you find the next ladder.


How long did it take "Stardew Valley" to sell 1 million copies?

The indie "Stardew Valley" sold over a million copies on Steam at $14.99 each in just two months.


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