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When you think of Canada, you probably think of its two big cities: Montreal and Toronto. Don't forget about Vancouver, which is one of the most beautiful cities you might ever see. Situated at the western edge of Canada, Vancouver has a distinctly West Coast feel to it. Its many attractions include the orchestra, the comedy festival, and the aquarium. Take our quiz to learn more about Canada's "other" city -- Vancouver!

Vancouver is located in which Canadian province?

Vancouver is located in the southwest mainland of British Columbia, on the West Coast of Canada.


How far is Vancouver from the Canadian-U.S. border?

It's only a 45-minute drive from Vancouver to Washington State.


In what year was Vancouver established?

Though indigenous peoples had lived there for many centuries, the city of Vancouver was officially established in 1886.


Which of these American cities is most similar to Vancouver?

If you want to put Vancouver into context, think of Portland or Seattle, both of which have a similar West Coast.


How large is Vancouver's Stanley Park?

In the heart of Vancouver you will find a 1,000-acre (405-hectare) forest known as Stanley Park.


How long is the perimeter seawall of Vancouver?

Vancouver sits on a peninsula with a 13-mile (21-kilometer) seawall that is ideal for jogging or biking.


What kind of body of water is False Creek?

It would be false to claim that False Creek is a creek; it's a lake-like inlet.


How many people live in the Vancouver Metro area?

The Vancouver Metro area is home to more than 2 million people.


What is the average summer temperature in Vancouver?

Vancouver's summer months, July and August, average around 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 C).


How much rain falls in Vancouver each year?

Vancouver is famous for its rain -- more 44 inches (1 meter) per year!


How long does it take to get from Vancouver International Airport to downtown?

Vancouver International Airport is actually located on Sea Island, Richmond, about 45 minutes south of Vancouver.


How much does a cab ride from Vancouver International to downtown cost?

You should expect to pay between C$23 and C$26 for a trip from the airport to downtown.


Which number highway is the Trans-Canada?

The Trans-Canada highway, which touches the boundary of Vancouver, is called Highway 1.


Which road starts at the Canadian-U.S. border and runs through Vancouver?

Highway 99 begins at the Canadian border with the state of Washington, and runs north; it cuts through Vancouver on the way.


Which of these annual festivals features uncensored plays at 11 venues?

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival, held every September, offers numerous plays performed at 11 different venues. As with many fringe-style plays, the material is uncensored -- be ready for a surprise or two.


Where does the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival take place?

Dragon-boating is one of the many Asian-inspired traditions found in Vancouver. Every year thousands flock to False Creek to compete for a chance to represent Vancouver in international competitions.


In which of these venues does the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform?

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performs at the Orpheum Theater, which opened in 1927 as a vaudeville theater.


The Aquarium in Vancouver features a performance by which of these?

At the Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Science Center you can enjoy a 90-minute performance by beluga whales.


Which Vancouver museum offers an exhibit of totem poles?

The Great Hall of the Museum of Anthropology, in Vancouver, has an exhibit of genuine totem poles from native villages.


The Vancouver Art Gallery is famous for its paintings by which of these artists?

The Vancouver Art Gallery features many paintings by Emily Carr, a Canadian painter who focused heavily on depictions of Canada's indigenous people.


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