What Kind of Energy Do You Give Off?

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Whether it's meeting someone for the first time or reconnecting with a long-lost friend, how do you think they see you? Better yet, how do you think complete strangers see you? Not physically, either. They, of course, can all see the color of your hair and the shape of your body, but deep down, what do they see? We're talking energy here, people! Everyone gives off a different vibe, and sometimes people even give off different vibes to different people. It's said that first impressions are everything, that they can last a lifetime, that they tell you all you need to know, etc. but maybe that's not the case.

The energy that you give off could be so dependent on something that's going on in your life that it's not showing people who you really are or what you're all about. They're seeing your energy as it is in that moment. But there is still that overarching energy that should come out no matter what else is going on in your life. Do people find your positive and a joy to be around or are you more negative and people tend to stay away? Take this quiz now to find out what kind of energy you give off!

Can you decide on the one activity that makes you feel the most at peace?

If you're sitting down to watch a documentary, what's the subject matter?

Do you enjoy getting your groove on in the club?

What type of restaurant is ideal for a special meal with a special someone?

How do you like to enter a room full of people?

If you were at a coffee shop and your order was made wrong, what would you do?

In your own opinion, what's your best quality?

Would you consider yourself an all-around enthusiastic person?

Do you try your best to put good vibes out into the universe?

Has anyone ever complimented you for your pragmatism?

When you're feeling off, how do you turn your mood around?

What do you think would make the world a better place?

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Have you achieved the elusive work/life balance?

What does "living the dream" mean to you?

How do you know when you're on the right track in life?

What's the first thing you do when you meet someone for the first time?

Do you think more with your head or your heart?

Would you rather wake up early to see the sunrise or enjoy the sunset?

Are there any emotions that you actively stop yourself from feeling?

Which landscape is your soul most drawn to?

If you could possess any type of magical power, which one would you choose?

Do you think people like you the first time they meet you?

Are you often wrong in your first impressions of other people?

What are you most afraid of in life?

Would you consider yourself more spiritual or religious?

What color do you think your aura is?

Which pattern is your eye most drawn to?

When things aren't going your way, who or what do you blame?

Do you like putting pen to paper or documenting everything on your computer?

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