Which "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Character Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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In the five seasons that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has been on the air, the show has enjoyed a substantial fan following: one so effective that they managed to rescue the show from cancellation in April 2018. This used to be essentially impossible to do, but in an age of social media, fans were able to mobilize immediately to make the case to TV executives that there was life in the old girl yet. As a result, Fox and NBC made a deal, and control of the show has passed to the so-called "peacock" network. 

Fans were drawn to the show for many reasons, including Saturday Night Live alumnus Andy Samberg in the lead role.  In addition to this, there is a core cast that took the increasingly fashionable step of letting their female characters enjoy some laugh lines, in contrast to a lot of shows of this type that stereotypically cast women as the "straight man" of the group dealing with immature and silly men. The show's diversity is also appealing to audiences, with the beloved Terry Crews in the role of Sergeant Terry Jeffords. Most of all, though, it's about the writing: the show is funny and not too cynical, and its core characters are relatable despite their numerous flaws. That means it's time to figure out which of them you are most like!

How badass are you?

Do you obey the rules?

Do you love your job?

How good of a dancer are you?

Are you brave?

How family-oriented are you?

Do you think you are funny?

Do other people think you are funny?

Do you fear commitment?

How mysterious are you?

Do people fear you?

Are you good at your job?

Do you dress well?

Do people often give the wrong impression based on how you look?

Do you like teasing people?

How important is a sense of humor?

Do you have something to prove?

Who or what do you love most?

If you weren't a cop, what would you be?

Do you have a knack for paperwork?

If you were fired, what would it be for?

Last time you were written up at work, what was it for?

Do you look good in blue?

How much do you work out?

Do you like to keep it tidy?

Do you bounce back easily from a setback?

Are you charming?

Are you careful?

If you were to die in the line of duty, what would kill you?

Do you trust easily?

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