Which Colors Really Look Best on You?

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One of the easiest ways to bring pizzazz to an outfit is with a pop of color! With the wrong choice, however, your pop will lose its power and leave your ensemble looking drab and dull. You can't blame the color, but your choice of color can make or break a great outfit. 

Sticking to a color palette might sound limiting to your style, but it unlocks the power of your wardrobe. With great colors flattering your skin, eyes and hair, your outfits will give confidence and vitality to your everyday looks. Color choice is surprisingly essential to how you present yourself, and when you look your best, everyone around you notices. When you make an effort to find complimentary colors and wardrobe choices, your coworkers, friends and family all get to see how much you are truly worth. It is incredible that this can be achieved by adjusting your closet, but these changes can have a genuinely positive impact on how the world sees you. 

You always want to look your best, but you don't know how to do that all the time. Take our quiz to figure out which shades you should be rocking!

Which statement best describes how you feel about hot pink?

Which is closest to how you love decorating your home?

What color is your favorite t-shirt?

Which season do you prefer to dress for?

What color is your grandmother's hair?

What color are most of your shoes?

In the sunlight, what color do the veins in your wrist look like?

Which animal print do you love wearing?

Which of these make-up palettes would you rather have?

What are your go-to pants for the weekend?

Do the roots of your hair have any red tones in them?

How often do you wear black?

Which movie star does your hair color most closely resemble?

Which metal jewelry do you like the most?

How would bold black glasses look on you?

Which of these backgrounds would you choose for a professional photo shoot?

How does white look on you?

Which of these jackets would you rather wear?

Which of these pop stars is your favorite fashionista?

Which of these decades has the most influence on your fashion choices?

What color eyes do you have?

Which of these colors washes you out the most?

Which of these wedding dress/suit colors would you rather choose for your big day?

Which complimentary color set draws your eye the most?

How do you usually wear your hair?

Which of these shades of grey is most flattering on you?

Would you ever wear camouflage?

Which homemade hair dye would you use?

What kind of eyeliner works best for your beautiful eyes?

Which gemstone looks best on you?

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