Quiz: Which Military Dog Breed Is Right for You?
Which Military Dog Breed Is Right for You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: labsas / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Ever since dogs were domesticated around ten thousand years ago, humans have put dogs to work. Their first jobs were no doubt the obvious tasks one would assign to a dog, knowing their behavior in the wild: guarding camp, herding animals, tracking prey for the hunt. Dogs weren't just companions, they were tools, and like so many tools created by mankind, they were put to work in new ways in times of war.

The Romans so loved their war dogs that they erected statues in the honor of specific war dogs. The Roman war dog breed Molossus disappeared centuries ago, but according to contemporaneous paintings and sculptures, they exhibited many characteristics associated with breeds we have with us today, making them the likely descendents of the Romans' dogs of war.  In fact, war dogs and the breeding of such became such a big deal that by the middle ages, it was common for a gift of a dog to be given by royalty to royalty as a gesture of friendship.

Today, dogs play many roles in the military, and not all of them are on the battlefield. Of course, not everyone can handle a dog with the characteristics needed for duty in the military, just as not everyone is meant to be a soldier. But if you answer our questions honestly, we'll tell you which breed of military dog is right for you.

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How much time do you spend in dangerous areas?

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Are you really seeking a dog who will just love you, and let you love it?

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Who would you like your dog to intimidate?

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How many commands would you like to teach your dog?

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If your dog had a non-military job, what job would you hope it would have?

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Are you often away traveling, meaning you need a dog who can handle staying home without you?

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Have you ever been burgled?

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What sort of home do you live in?

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How big should a dog be, in your view?

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What branch of the military were you in (or if you did not join, which would you prefer to have been in)?

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Do you tend to change where you go for a walk every day, or stick to the same route?

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How tall is the fence around your property?

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