Which Wild Animal Are You?

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Since ancient time,s people have anthropomorphized, or ascribed human attributes to animals, plants or other objects. It's so common because humans have needed to interpret the world in a way they see and understand it.

In Egypt in the 13th century BCE, you'll note the "Tale of Two Brothers" features talking cows. Another example is in Rome in the second century CE, the west wind is anthropomorphized in the tale "Cupid and Psyche" and carries Psyche away. Later in the story an ant feels sorry for Psyche and helps her in her quest. For more recent examples, head to YouTube and you'll see people ascribing human emotions (shame, anger, joy) to cats and dogs. They even dress them in clothes and Halloween outfits to make them more people-like. 

Whether you can see yourself as a leader and King of the Jungle, or a fun, frolicking, sociable dolphin or a loyal and loving dog, take this quiz and learn more about how you truly see yourself. You'll be asked a series of questions about your outlook on life, your likes, dislikes and your social interactions. Your answers will help us match you with the kind, intelligent or domineering animal that is similar in personality to you. Everyone knows you have animal magnetism, but now you can find out the type of wild, attractive animal you are most like. Take the quiz now.

How would you describe where you live?

Do you enjoy being around water?

Are you social?

How do you feel about group work?

How's your memory?

Is it easy for you to see things from others' perspectives?

Are you any good at climbing trees?

What color is your hair?

How are your swimming skills?

How curious are you?

Which would you rather eat?

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Which climate would you prefer?

Are you afraid of heights?

How would others describe you?

Which sounds like a better hang out spot?

How much energy do you have?

Are you good at following instructions?

Can you entertain yourself?

Do you usually investigate your suspicions?

Do you like to dance?

How loud are you?

Which of the following animals which you be most scared to come face-to-face with?

Which zoo animal exhibit do you find most exciting?

How are your communication skills?

Do you ever struggle with feelings of jealousy?

What do people usually first notice about you?

Which of the following is closet to your greatest strength?

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Do you have any weird or embarrassing talents?

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