Are You a Siren or a Mermaid?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

During this quiz, we'll examine the things you have in common with the mythological Siren or the alluring mermaid. While Sirens were said to lead men to their deaths, mermaids were thought to save sailors in times of trouble. Do you consider yourself a helpful soul, or do you lead people on and then abandon them?

Have you ever heard that you have the voice of an angel or that you swim like a fish? Those things are fundamental when deciding whether you're a Siren or a mermaid. However, it's your inner traits that will tell us what we need to know to make our final decree.

Tell us about your thoughts, your lifestyle and the things that comprise your personality. Once we get a good sense of your inner light, it will be fairly easy to differentiate your mermaid traits from your Siren traits!

Make sure you have a drink before you get started on this quiz! Sirens need to stay hydrated to sing so well, and mermaids must have water to survive. Your answers will tell us everything we need to know to decide whether or not we can trust you with our life, or should steer clear of your dangerous vibes!

What do you think of the Good Samaritan?

How's your swimming?

Who's your role model?

Would you ever change yourself for a man?

What's your ideal home?

You see a hot guy. How do you get him to come over?

Are you a good negotiator?

How do you like to travel?

How would you describe your ideal man?

Who's your best friend?

Do you ever hurt people just for fun?

What's your ideal weather?

Do you talk to strangers?

How petty are you?

What's the best way to sail through a whirlpool?

How's your relationship with your father?

Have you ever slept with someone on the first date?

Do you believe you have a soul?

Do you like people who are very different to you?

Do you like to travel?

How do you feel about marriage?

Do you trust too easily?

What would you do for a friend in trouble?

Can you handle time alone?

How are your boundaries?

How charismatic are you?

How jealous are you?

Would you ever run a business?

How's your singing voice?

Scales or feathers?

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