British Men: Are You a Chap, a Bloke, a Geezer or a Boffin?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

These days, there are many more ways to be a true Brit than there were a hundred years ago, which is handy since the old ways didn’t suit many of us! Today’s Britain is a more tolerant place for those who are different, and even men don’t have to squash themselves into a box that doesn’t fit.

Still, while some things surely change, others stay the same. The four great British archetypes change their names, but they’re still with us. There’s the chap, an affluent fellow from an aristocratic family who knows he’s a little out of touch but does his best to be decent about it. There’s the bloke, an honest sort of guy who’s a good friend and a better husband and father, but may not shake the world too much with his modest ambitions. 

There’s the geezer, who’s always on the make and is determined to come good and buy his mum a house one day — if he can stay on the straight and narrow long enough! Then there’s the boffin, the put-upon nerd whose role models broke the Enigma code and who knew if he could just survive school, he’d find his people out there somewhere.

They’re all good men, but they have different life philosophies. Which of these fine British specimens are you?

What sport do you play for fun?

How do you feel about the Queen?

Would you call yourself a traditionalist?

What topic would you never discuss at a dinner party?

What outfit makes you feel all dressed up?

Which is the most exciting event in your social calendar?

Your mate asks you to be his best man. Where will the stag do take place?

What kind of pet do you have?

In your dream house, what special room would be included just for you?

How do you like to give back to your community?

In a normal year, how many times do you go overseas?

Would you ever start your own business?

To which long-running British soap do you relate most easily?

What sort of secondary school did you attend?

At what age did you first sit on a horse?

Who mows your lawn?

How far back can you trace your family tree?

What socially awkward situation would be sure to make you squirm?

If you had to leave Britain in a hurry because the law was onto you and you did actually do it, how would you do it?

How close do you live to the town or village where you grew up?

For what political party would you vote if you wanted to really upset your parents?

What do you call your mother's mother?

Even if money were no object, what price point would still make you uneasy when buying a car?

Which generation of your family were you to live in your childhood residence?

How many of your neighbors do you know?

What would definitely make you cry in front of everyone?

What is typically the most special meal in your week?

Which British TV or movie hero is totally you?

What would your job have been in World War Two?

Do you have a family crest?

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