Can You Actually Read These Sentences Written in Cursive?

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Although many consider cursive a dying art form, there are many enthusiasts out there who hope to keep it alive forever. Whether you frequently show off your penmanship or you haven't read anything other than a screen in a while, this quiz will put you to the test. How many of these cursive sentences can you get right? 

You might think it will be easy to pick out the correct sentence, but you'll have to put your best handwriting skills to work. The way people construct letters is always unique to the individual. Some sentences will be easier to read than others, but it's your job to choose the sentence you think is correct. 

While we will challenge your reading skills, we promise not to make it too terribly difficult to read the sentences. We thought about asking a doctor to write them out for us, but then we realized that no one, including us, would be able to read them. Instead, we've chosen nice sentences that will test you but not drive you up a wall trying to decipher them. 

Do you think you can read them all, or will you struggle with some of the fancier letters? Quiz on along now to find out!

What does this sentence say?

Doesn't it make you feel special to know that you are someone's sunshine? We hope it means more now that you've read it in cursive.

What does this cursive sentence say?

If you are not already sitting comfortably, we recommend it for this quiz. Even being told what to do looks better in cursive than in typeface.

Can you read these words?

We you hope you are doing fine and dandy today. The cursive sentence does, in fact, say, "How are you?"

What does this sunny sentence say?

You should always let your light shine. Even your creative spark can be seen when you practice writing in cursive.

What does this question ask?

The letter D looks so much nicer when written in cursive. You really don't have to tell us how often you come here, though.

What does this sentence say?

While not all lakes have water all the time, all lakes have water some of the time. Unless they have completely dried up, of course. We're glad our cursive sentence could clear it up for you.

How do you read this sentence?

Even if that crush doesn't yet realize it, you are extremely attractive. Take as much time to pamper yourself today as you have taken for this cursive sentence quiz.

What does this short sentence say?

This short cursive sentence is here to remind you that life is short. We thank you for spending part of your day reading cursive with us.

What does this sentence say?

While it does go without saying that rainbows are beautiful, you did a great job reading it in cursive. It is a skill some folks are losing.

Can you read this sentiment?

Your keen eye picked that one up right away. Admit it! Your inner child really does want to go to the playground.

What is this friendly fact?

You were able to pick up that sentence without any problems. Best friends are invaluable, and it's more impressively said in cursive.

What does this spiritual sentence say?

It might be a little too much TMI, but our spirit animal around here really is the moose. That was a tricky sentence to read in cursive!

What does this cursive sentence say?

Although we do hope you do not have strange dreams, we are glad you could read the sentence. We're sure this is how Freud would have written it.

What does this sentence say?

You boss might not be a saint, but they would be impressed with your ability to read these cursive sentences. You should send them a report of your final score.

What does this melodic sentence say?

Music is an art, just like beautiful cursive handwriting. It's always there to soothe your soul, no matter what your mood!

Can you read this sentence?

Just like we've carefully chosen these cursive sentences, quality control is important. It looks so much less strict with these flowery letters, though.

What does this sentence tell you?

We hope you didn't have to learn about it in cursive, but Taco Bell does have a secret menu. You can find tasty treats such as the Cheesarito on it.

What does this sentence say?

You didn't need a cursive sentence to tell you that Robin Williams was funny. We're glad you could read it in fancy writing, though.

What do these flowery words say?

Roses do smell wonderful. There's nothing better than a dozen of them accompanied with a handwritten love note.

What is this friendly question?

Whether you will be attending or not, you did a great job reading the question in cursive. If you do decide to go, remember to take a jacket.

Can you decipher this cursive?

Even though this cursive sentence made it look fancy, farming is a lifestyle that's not for everyone. Do you think you could do it?

What does this statement say?

Even this beautiful cursive writing couldn't make cooked carrots taste better. Rabbits everywhere happen to agree.

What does this sentence say?

Although she might not be as pretty as cursive handwriting, she is a beautiful woman. Her sisters also inherited her good genes and lots of K initials.

Can you read this exclamation?

Even though learning to write in cursive might not have been much fun, reading it in cursive was! Quizzes are also a whole lot of fun.

What does this sentence say?

If you look deep enough within, you will find Zen. We are poets and we didn't even know it. Good job reading the sentence in cursive.

What does this fact say?

You didn't need a cursive sentence to tell you that sleep is important. For your your health, you should remember it, though.

What does this sentence say?

When cats take over, don't say we didn't warn you. According to this cursive sentence, they already rule the world!

What does this sentence say?

If you haven't met a talking parrot, you've been missing out. Just like the sentence says, they are hilarious.

Can you decipher this cursive?

Hopefully, your lunch was as tasty as this cursive sentence is pretty. May your dinner be full of flavor, too.

What does this sentence say?

That was a tricky one! Xylophones do sound nice, and you are really good at reading cursive sentences.

What does this cursive sentence say?

Some cursive letters resemble ocean waves. This sentence shows how pretty letters can be.

Can you read this script?

Even though it looks sweet written in cursive, it doesn't change the fact that thunderstorms are scary. When the next one rolls through your world, calm yourself by practicing some fancy writing.

What does this cursive sentence say?

Whether you are team football or team soccer, everyone knows its a great sport. Even this cursive sentence proves it.

What does this cursive sentence say?

Let this cursive sentence serve as an official decree. Pineapple has no place on top of a pizza.

What does this sentence say?

We are aware of the fact that we've stated the obvious by telling you that cows like grass. Really, we just wanted to see how it looked written in cursive.

Can you read this question about nature?

We were hoping that asking if bears go in the woods in cursive would get a final answer to the question. We're still waiting.

Can you read this script?

Being able to read "The moon is full" is not a skill that everyone possesses. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

What are these fancy words?

Astronauts are highly trained and highly skilled. We are betting that they even know how to write in an elegant form of cursive.

What does this sentence say?

This is just a little cursive reminder to believe in yourself. After all, you're killing it on this quiz!

What does this question say?

If you can't see the light from your screen, try opening those eyes. You've done a great job reading this question, though.

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