Quiz: Can You Name All of These Australian Trucks From an Image?
Can You Name All of These Australian Trucks From an Image?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Pixabay by Elfiepenn

About This Quiz

Keep on trucking!

One of the most geographically significant things about Australia is the fact that it is largely isolated from other countries when it comes to traveling on land. However, this hasn't stopped trucks of all shapes and sizes from being massively popular in Australia. Australia's diverse and lucrative economy, along with its massive size in terms of land area, create an ever-present need for powerful vehicles that can get work done.

Compared to a lot of other countries and regions, it is plain to see that Australia doesn't have the strongest automotive industry. However, what has actually happened over the years is that many companies from all over the world have established branches in Australia. In addition to this, many automotive companies have also outsourced a considerable amount of their production to Australia as well. This has led to quite a few trucks being made that can only been seen on Australian roads! In this quiz, we've collected a wide array of trucks that are marketed in Australia and now it's up to you to see if you can name them all! Let's see if you can haul all the correct answers through this quiz.

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