Quiz: Is This a Regular or Shiny Pokemon?
Is This a Regular or Shiny Pokemon?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company International

About This Quiz

In the world of Pokemon, when it comes to "catching 'em all," a trainer has to take into account all of the shiny Pokemon out there. What exactly is a shiny Pokemon, though?

First introduced in Generation II, the most obvious difference that separates a shiny Pokemon from a regular Pokemon is that they have a different coloration than their regular counterparts. Sometimes this coloration is drastically different, and other times the coloration is very similar to the natural species, which makes it a little tricky when identifying if the Pokemon is shiny or not. 

Shiny Pokemon are also extremely rare to catch, much more so than regular Pokemon. Players can spend hours searching an area for a shiny Pokemon and still not walk away with a catch. The rarity makes these Pokemon prized possessions within the Pokemon community. 

Are you an expert on all of the shades of shiny Pokemon out there, from common Pokemon like Rattata to rarer finds like Groudon? Can you separate those shiny Pokemon from their regular counterparts? Here's a quiz where you get a chance to find out just that. 

If you think you're ready, prove you're a legendary Pokemon trainer by getting a perfect score on this quiz! 

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