The Australian Geography Quiz

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The Australian Geography Quiz
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About This Quiz

As the Australian national anthem goes, the nation has boundless plains and abounds in nature's gifts. There's simply no limit to how many national treasures the nation offers, with people from around the world flocking to Australia to swim, hike and otherwise explore the country. 

Geography lovers also have plenty to enjoy when it comes to Australia! As a breathtaking and diverse landmass, there are heaps to know when it comes to Australia's geography. From its trademark deserts and beaches to its lesser-known rainforests and mountain ranges, the stunning country is fascinating for geography lovers. Holding numerous world records and being home to many UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, Australia is truly unbeatable when it comes to its gorgeous geography.

So how does your knowledge of Australian geography stack up? Can you tell your billabongs apart from your beaches? Do you know what makes each state and territory unique in terms of its geographical landmarks and features? 

On top of this, Australia's geography also varies culturally, with different communities having their own landmarks. It's time to put your knowledge of Australian geography to the test with this quiz! From Albury to Zeehan, let's see how much you really know about the land that is girt by sea. 

1-Mount Augustus
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Which monolithic rock is the largest in Australia?
Ayers Rock
Mount Augustus
The Seven Sisters
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While Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) is Australia's most famous rock, Mount Augustus is actually its biggest. Located in Western Australia, Mount Augustus is more than twice the size of Uluru!

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What percentage of Australia is covered by desert?
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While Australia is known for its outback, desert actually only covers 18% of the country. Technically, however, a further 35% of the country receives such little rainfall that it is also considered 'desert'.

3-Time Zones
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How many time zones are in Australia?
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Australia spans three time zones: Eastern Standard Time (the default), Central Standard Time (followed by South Australia and the Northern Territory) and Western Standard Time (followed by Western Australia).


4-Wallaman Falls
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Where should you go to witness Australia's tallest waterfall?
New South Wales
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The stunning Wallaman Falls are in Queensland, featuring a plunge of almost 300 metres. Try going for a dip here, or visiting New South Wales, which also has an abundance of famous waterfalls.

5-Cape York Peninsula
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Where did European explorers first land?
Cape York Peninsula
Van Diemen's Land
Torres Strait Islands
Botany Bay
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While Englishman Captain Cook is most know for building a settlement at Botany Bay, a Dutch explorer was actually the first to land in Australia at Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

6-Great Barrier Reef
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Australia is home to the largest structure built by organisms. What is it?
Shark Bay
Undara Lava Tubes
The Bungle Bungles
Great Barrier Reef
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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure built by organisms other than humans. It is recognised as a World Heritage Site, and the current living coral is thought to be 6,000-8,000 years old.


7-Great Australian Bight
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What is the Great Australian Bight?
A mountain range
An open bay
A continuous stretch of road
A desert
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The Great Australian Bight is a large open bay (or bight) off Australia's southern coast. It's known for its stunning clifffaces and due to its connection to the Nullaboor Plains.

8-Mt Kosciuszko
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Where should avid hikers go to summit the tallest mountain in Australia?
Snowy Mountains
Cradle Mountain
Mt Hotham
Mt Kosciuszko
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Mt Kosciuszko is Australia's tallest mountain, standing at 2,228 metres. It is located in the Snowy Mountains, near the popular tourist town Thredbo. From skiing to hiking, Mt Kosciuszko has something for everyone.

9-Arnhem Land
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Where is Arnhem Land?
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia
Norfolk Island
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Arnhem Land is a region in the Northern Territory known for its gorges, rivers, waterfalls and rocky escarpments. As it is home to the Yolngu people, a permit is needed to visit the area.


Simone Celeste / Moment / Getty Images
Where should you go to meet a friendly quokka?
Fraser Island
Rottnest Island
Kangaroo Island
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The adorable quokka lives on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia. The cute critters are known for their friendliness towards humans, even posing for selfies with tourists!

11-Terra Nullius
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Which problematic name was given to Australian by European settlers?
New Holland
Terra Nullius
Land of Oz
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Australia was once referred to as terra nullius, which is Latin for "nobody's land." This completely discredited the local Indigenous people who have thrived in Australia for 40,000 years!

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What is the Westernmost point in Australia?
Port Augustus
Hay Point
Steep Point
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Steep Point is the westernmost point of Australia, located within the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. This is 670 kilometres from Perth, the state capital. Australia truly is massive!


13-Murray River
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What is the longest river in the country?
Thomson River
Murray River
Murrumbidgee River
Darling River
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The Murray River is the longest continuous river in Australia, if its tributary the Darling River is included. The drainage basin covers 14% of mainland Australia at 2508 kilometres long!

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How many countries are larger than Australia by land mass?
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Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the USA and Brazil. Interestingly, Australia is both the world's largest island and its smallest continent!

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What is the tropical Queensland town of Mackay known for?
Its sugar and fruit production
Its natural sights
Its tourism industry
Its deadly animals
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Mackay in Queensland is the hub of sugar production in Australia, also growing some of the country's best bananas and mangos. Also, did you know Queenslanders are affectionately called banana benders?


16-Cradle Mountain
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Which state will you find Cradle Mountain in?
New South Wales
South Australia
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Cradle Mountain is the most popular hiking mountain in Tasmania, but it's actually only the sixth-highest mountain in Tasmania! The mountain is known for its gorgeous views and uniqueness.

17-Lake Burley Griffin
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Which of these is not a pink lake?
Lake Hillier
Lake Burley Griffin
Lake Eyre
Lake Hart
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Australia is home to some stunning pink lakes due to the presence of salt and algae. Lake Burley Griffin, however, is not a pink lake. In fact, it is a manmade lake in Canberra, the nation's capital.

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Which of these activites can you not do in the Kimberley?
Take a scenic flight
Swim in a gorge
Ride a camel
Bungee jump
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The Kimberley in Western Australia is a region known for its fantastic outdoor activities like camel riding, swimming and more. Bungee jumping, however, is not a common endeavour in the area.


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The highest recorded temperature in Australia was 50.7°C. Where was this recorded?
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In the summer, temperatures often go well into the 40s. However, a record was set in the South Australian town of Oodnadatta in 1960. Let's hope it never gets to this scorching temp again!

20-Fraser Island
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The world's largest sand island is Australian. What's it called?
Lord Howe Island
Phillip Island
Magnetic Island
Fraser Island
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Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and is a World Heritage Site. It stretches over 123 kilometres in length and 22 kilometres at its widest point, making it a popular tourist destination.

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What year did Cyclone Tracy devastate Darwin?
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Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin over the Christmas period in 1974. It killed 71 people and destroyed more than 70% of the town and 80% of homes, making it a devastating event in Australian history.


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Kata Tjuta is also known as what?
The Grampians
The Twelve Apostles
Wave Rock
The Olgas
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Kata Tjuta is the Indigenous name for the rock formation commonly known as the Olgas or Olga Mountain. They are known for glowing orange in the evenings, making it a popular tourist destination.

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How many beaches are in Australia?
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Australia has the most beaches in the world, with the total thought to be around 10,000. Given that the entire country is surrounded by coastline, this shouldn't come as a surprise!

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Which of these locations is not great for whale watching?
Hervey Bay
Port Stephens
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Australia has many fantastic whale watching spots, but Launceston isn't one of them. Instead, visit hot spots in Western and South Australia such as Exmouth, Victor Habour and the others mentioned.


25-Daintree Forest
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Australia is home to the oldest rainforest in the world. What is it called?
Dandenong Ranges
Daintree Forest
Kakadu National Park
Great Otway National Park
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The Daintree Forest is in northeastern Queensland and is widely known to be the world's oldest rainforest. Much of the Daintree Rainforest is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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What scenic train journey can you take through the centre of the country?
The Ghan
Scenic Railway
Puffing Billy
Spirit of the Outback
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The Ghan takes you through the Red Centre of Australia across an almost 3,000-km journey over several days. There's even an entire TV show that livestreams its journey from a camera atop the train!

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What's the longest continuous road trip you can take in Australia?
Great Ocean Road
Hume Highway
Highway 1
Pacific Highway
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Australia's Highway 1 joins all the mainland state capitals and is thought to be approximately 14,500 km long. This makes it the longest national highway in the world! It takes 14 days to finish the drive.


28-Blue Mountains
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Why were the Blue Mountains given their name?
They were known for making people sad.
They are surrounded by lakes.
It rains frequently in the area.
There is a blueish haze to them because of the eucalyptus leaves.
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The Blue Mountains are covered in eucalyptus trees, with disperse tiny droplets of oil into the air. This combines with dust and water vapour to create a blueish haze over the horizon.

29-Mountain Range
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What are the Eastern Highlands also known as?
Great Dividing Range
The Australian Alps
Namadgi National Park
Halls Gap
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The Great Dividing Range is the world's third longest land based mountain range and is also referred to as the Eastern Highlands. It stretches all the way from Queensland to New South Wales before finishing in Victoria!

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Which of these is not true about Australia's land mass?
It's the largest island.
It's the smallest continent.
It's surrounded by the Indian Ocean.
It has the most islands of any country in the world.
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While Australia is one large island and lays claim to many other islands surrounding it, it does not have the most islands when compared to countries like Sweden, Finland and Indonesia.


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Which kind of mine is the largest of its kind in South Australia?
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Coober Pedy in South Australia is known as the opal capital of the world, supplying most of the world's opals. The town lies between Adelaide and Alice Springs and is a popular tourist destination.

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What is Australia's largest desert?
Great Sandy Desert
Great Victoria Desert
Simpson Desert
Gibson Desert
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While not as well known as the Simpson or the Gibson, the Great Victoria Desert is actually Australia's largest with an area of 348,750 square kilometres. You wouldn't want to take a wrong turn there!

33-Big Ocean
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Which of these 'big things' does not exist?
Big Banana
Big Pineapple
Big Prawn
Big Donkey
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Australia is known for its love of big things, with various towns competing to come up with quirky landmarks. Unfortunately, the Big Donkey is not yet a real one, but all the others mentioned are very popular tourist destinations.


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What was Tasmania originally called by settlers?
New Holland
New Devon
Devil Island
Van Diemen's Land
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Tasmania was originally called Van Diemen's Land after the Governor of the Dutch East Indies, Anthony Van Diemen. Eventually, the name was changed as a nod to Abel Tasman, the Dutch navigator who first landed on the island.

35-Lake Disappointment
Wiki Commons by NASA's World Wind program
Where can you find Lake Disappointment?
The Katherine
The Nullaboor
The Pilbara
The Kakadu
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Lake Disappointment is a salt lake located in the Pilbara, in Western Australia. The lake got its amusing name because the explorer who first found it expected to come across a large fresh water lake. He instead saw that it was dried up!

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