Quiz: What Should Your Makeup Style Be?
What Should Your Makeup Style Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Whether you are a sassy broad, a classy lady, an all-natural girl, or a vampy vixen, you need a makeup style that matches your personality. What's yours?

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Who are you trying to impress?

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What's your budget?

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What's your skill level?

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How creative are you?

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Do you mind doing a quick bathroom touch-up if you're out for a while?

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Where are you going?

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How sensible are you?

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Do you plan to eat something super messy?

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What celebrity would you like to look like?

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Would you wear makeup that had been tested on animals?

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Do you know how to blend?

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Can you put mascara on your lower lashes without your eye watering uncontrollably?

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Are you trying to hide anything?

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Do you sometimes need to change looks halfway through your day?

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