What Type of Sport Matches You?

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To play any sport at a high level, even one like darts or golf that doesn't require peak athletic condition, it takes lots of physical practice. While you may only be involving certain parts of your body depending on what sport you are playing, at the end of the day most sports-related tasks are simply a combination of different muscles generating or receiving force.

But in the last few decades, the media has also highlighted the non-physical side of sports. Kobe Bryant, widely considered one of the best basketball players to ever dribble a ball, has been successful with investing as well as multimedia production endeavors in books and television. Much of his success is attributed to his remarkable work ethic, a concept that he captured in his best-selling book The Mamba Mentality.

Sure, anyone with a relatively healthy body can play sports, and the fittest among us will have an advantage on the court or field. But if you want to play at a high level and be the best when you start a game, you'll want to choose the sport that fits you not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Paint a picture of yourself with these questions and we'll decide which sport's hall of fame it'll be hanging in.

Which part of your body is the strongest?

Every sport has its heroes. Which of these legendary athletes is your favorite?

How much skill should be required to play a sport?

How often do you lift weights?

We all need tunes to get pumped up. What's your pre-game hype music?

Do you think a sport should need a lot of equipment to play?

What is the ideal number of teammates for a sport?

How often do you want to have to practice your sport?

Every sport has different uniforms. What do you like to wear when competing?

How long should it take for a game in your sport to end?

Which of these would you say is your weakest skill?

Does it matter how many other people like to play your sport?

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you visit?

How much physical contact do you want to have in your sport?

How much do you want your sport to depend on running fast?

Do you prefer to play sports outside or indoors?

How much do you talk trash to your opponents?

How would you describe your level of accountability for your actions?

What are you like when socializing with your friends?

Which of these would be your ideal choice for a post-game meal?

Which of these describes your ideal vehicle?

How important is the mental game of sports?

All athletes need some help from time to time. Where would you look to find a coach?

Many great sports stories have unfolded on the silver screen. Which of these is your favorite sports movie?

What is your favorite accessory to complete a great outfit?

You just won a big match or game, how are you celebrating?

Would you describe yourself as a sore loser?

Do you think sports is more about competing with yourself, or competing with others?

Do you think sports should be traditional or progressive?

If you could have a non-athletic role in sports, what would it be?

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