Who Is Your Historical Doppelgänger?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; The Wright Brothers, Elizabeth I, Dido Belle Lindsay

About This Quiz

Has anyone ever told you that you have an old soul? Well, that may just be because you remind them of someone who belongs in the past. Sometimes, we’re even compared to actual people in the past, sometimes because of how we look or dress and other times because of how we act. And although a doppelganger is usually someone who looks exactly like you, we’re going to use the term loosely here and add in someone who also acts like you. Are you ready to find out who that person from the past is? Do you know who your historical doppelganger is?

Are you Elizabeth I? No one made more waves when it comes to English history than this woman. Or would you be Lord Byron? He was a complicated one who was as passionate as he was moody. What about the Wright Brothers? Their careers took flight, literally, and made it easier for other humans to soar (not so literally). Are you Dido Belle Lindsay? She made her moves behind the scenes and was able to accomplish a lot without many people knowing.

So if you’re curious to find out if you ruled an ancient empire, if you discovered something invaluable or if you caused one of the greatest wars of all time, take this quiz!

Do you blaze a trail in your field?

Do you go against the grain?

Do you need all the credit?

Do you stand out in a crowd?

Do you think having diverse decision makers in the room leads to better decisions?

Are you afraid of heights?

Are you willing to go along to get along?

Do people find you threatening?

How creative are you?

Are you tech savvy?

Do you intend to conquer the world?

Do you care about the little people?

Do you get on with your family?

Do you know how to party?

If you get rich, how will it happen?

What one thing would you buy if you had all the money?

Do you find it hard to commit to a single cause?

Do you consider yourself lucky?

Do you mind offending everyone?

What's your personal style?

How do you feel about your hair?

Do you feel like you fit in well in the modern world?

Do you fear failure?

Do you mind being talked about behind your back?

What languages do you speak?

Who is your enemy?

Who is your friend?

What is your downfall?

Have you ever beaten the odds?

How important is fame to you?

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