’90s Kids Should Be Able to Identify All of These Toys!

By: Lauren Lubas
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’90s Kids Should Be Able to Identify All of These Toys!
Image: The Cyber Archive via Youtube

About This Quiz

The 1990s were one of the most memorable decades. Hair flattened out. Fashion explored previous decades. New music genres emerged, and MTV became the voice of the youth. But the most memorable changes that came into play (pun intended) in the '90s were the toys. It was still a time when safety was left in the hands of people who could read the instructions, and kids still relied almost solely on their imaginations. Plastic wasn't BPA free, and water gun companies made epic strides in design. However, it was also a time of transition. We were given video games and over 50 cable channels to help us through the rainy days. The Internet was becoming a sensation, and we could see images of what others were doing as well as talk to people from all over the country and world. We were no longer bound to our backyards. Life was fascinating and new, and our toys became a part of us. 

We created a quiz to take you back to the good old days of the 1990s. If you were growing up or coming of age back then, you will definitely recognize some of these toys, but only true '90s kids can name all 40. Do you think you have what it takes?

14 Troll Dolls
80s ToyHunter via Youtube
These little guys were around for a long time, but they were incredibly popular in the 1990s. Do you know what they were called?
Troll Dolls
Rainbow Friends
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First released in 1959, Troll Dolls made a sweeping comeback in the 1990s. These little dolls came in various colors with tons of outfits, and some of them had jewels in their bellies (feel free to take a moment to pause in nostalgic reverie).

39 Power Rangers
MMPRtoys via Youtube
These action figures were perfect for every gender. Do you remember what they're called?
Teen Tightens
Go Fight Wins
Power Rangers
Fighter Jets
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To be more exact, these were the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and you didn't mess with them. Though some people noticed that the colors of their outfits were a little insensitive, others just watch to see these characters fight it out.

28 Nerf Guns
LordDraconical via Youtube
What were these "safe" guns called?
Soft Shooters
Bullseye Bouncers
Nerf Guns
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Nerf made a long line of softer toys that you could throw at people without hurting them (well, we all know it simply hurt less than actual plastic toys, but all the same). These guns were great for older kids in the '90s.


16 Skip-It
The ysa & gaby show via Youtube
Heart health and exercise were important in the 1990s. Which toy helped children keep themselves fit?
Roller Ball
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Skip-It was the perfect replacement for jump roping. You did the same movements, but this toy actually had a counter on it, so you could prove to your friends just how good you were at jumping over a plastic stick.

6 Bop it
Wiki Commons by Nv8200p
It replaced the Simon machines of the 1980s. Do you know what it is?
Stop It
Bop It
Sim It
Call It
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Bop Its were a great way to challenge your friends. It was nice to take turns with them, but it was also a very stressful game for children. The oddly shaped contraption would give you commands, and you had to follow them quickly or lose.

23 Nintendo 64
Wiki Commons by Evan-Amos
This game console changed controllers forever. What is it called?
Nintendo Game Cube
Sega Super System
Nintendo 64
VR Valance
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The controller for the Nintendo 64 had three handles, a trigger, a joystick and a D-pad ... not to mention six button options for moves. It was intense, but nothing like some of the controllers we see these days. They were pioneers, that's for sure.


4 Game Boy
Wiki Commons by Evan-Amos
Nintendo came out with which handheld game that was released in the United States in 1990?
Tiger Football
Game Boy
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When Game Boys first came out, they were crude monochrome graphics on a green background (very much like the first computers). However, later in the 1990s, Nintendo released the Game Boy Color, and life got better for everyone.

8 Furby
Silvolf via Youtube
At the dawn of AI, which toy frightened people the most?
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Furbies were really innovative toys for their time. They would talk to you and ask you for things. Every once in a while, you could hear it tell you that it was lonely or scared if you left it alone too long.

18 Stretch Armstrong
Kentucky Ballistics via Youtube
Can you name this toy that made people test the limits of the materials it was made out of?
Arnold Longstrong
Stretch Armstrong
Lance Armstrong
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Nobody really wanted to play with Stretch Armstrong dolls, they just wanted to try to break them. You could push this guy to his limits, but he rarely broke. If you broke him, your parents were out some cash, and you lost interest quickly.


36 Pokemon
DarkGhoul via Youtube
Which card game swept the nation in the 1990s?
Catch 'Ems
Magic: The Gathering
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Pokémon cards were a great game. You could trade them, bet them and play them. These days, cards from the original packs are highly collectible, some of them reaching over $1,000. We hope you caught some.

10 Doodle bear
Mr Toys Toyworld via YouTube
A teddy bear that encouraged graffiti? We'll bite. Do you know the name of this toy?
Rocker Bear
Doodle Bear
Signage Bear
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Doodle Bears were pretty awesome to have around. When you could do nothing to stop your kids from drawing on things, it's always best to give them something that they are actually allowed to write on. It was washable too!

24 American Girl Dolls
thedollsintherain via Youtube
Do you remember these expensive dolls that were popular in the 1990s?
Maximum Barbies
Tall Tallies
Cherish Dolls
American Girl Dolls
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American Girl Dolls weren't just dolls. They had their own book series, names, personalities and clothing line. They were the greatest dolls ever, but they were incredibly expensive.


30 Vortex
TTPM Toy Reviews via Youtube
No one needed to reinvent the football, but Nerf did with which product?
Slim Weight
Fall Ball
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The Nerf Vortex Aero Howler whistled when you threw it and it could go far, especially if you had a good arm. These balls were perfect for kids of all ages, because they didn't hurt and they were smaller than regulation footballs.

32 Street Sharks
GeekOut FreakOut via Youtube
Can you name these little fighters?
Marine Fighters
Muscle Marines
Street Marines
Street Sharks
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If you took a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a Shark Bites snack and forced them to have a baby, this is what you would get. They were kind of ugly, but they were definitely fun to play with.

13 Polly Pocket
Zubbie via Youtube
They were a choking hazard, but they sure were cool. Can you name these little girls' toys?
Polly Pocket
Minnie Marvels
Little Friends
Little People
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Polly Pocket sets came with tiny figurines that could sit down and stand up. They were excellent for young kids who had to go to the babysitter's house a lot, and they were actually really fun and creative to play with.


35 Beanie Babies
Earth Titan via Youtube
No '90s toys quiz is complete without these guys. What were they called?
Flushy Beans
Flushy Stuffies
Beanie Babies
Beanie Stuffies
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Beanie Babies were all the rage in the late 1990s. Adults even collected them, and fights broke out when new releases showed up. People couldn't get enough of these little guys ... that is, until they had too many and couldn't sell them for anything.

Super Soaker
The Cyber Archive via Youtube
Do you recognize this innovative squirt gun?
Super Shooter
Super Soaker
Pumper Soaker
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Super Soakers were the best reinvention of a toy that anyone could ever have in the 1990s. They squirted 50-100 feet, meaning you could get someone wet and run away with one heck of a head start.

3 Lite-brite
TTPM Toy Reviews via Youtube
Can you name this toy that prepared graphic designers for the future?
Happy Brite
Lite Board
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Lite-Brites were all the rage in the early 1990s. They were basically a pegboard with a light behind it, but if you were smart enough, you put a piece of construction paper on it and made your own designs.


9 Moon Shoes
Laura Legends via Youtube
Do you know the name of these law-suits-waiting-to-happen?
Moon Shoes
Bounce Boots
Hop Heels
Hip Hoppers
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Moon shoes made you feel like you were on the moon, except for the whole lack-of-gravity part. They were a bunch of high-end rubber bands tied to buckets, and they weren't very safe. But no one ever died from a scraped knee.

26 Buzz Lightyear
ToyReviewsDisney via Youtube
You've definitely seen these toys make a comeback. Do you know this character?
Buzz Lightyear
Space Cowboy
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Buzz Lightyear was a fictional toy in the movie "Toy Story" (1995), but when the movie was released, so was his action figure ... which did everything the fictional Buzz could do (except come to life ... that we know of).

20 Koosh balls
My Cool Nostalgia via Youtube
These balls made fun sounds when you hit them. What are they called?
Wild Balls
Hacky Sacks
Koosh balls
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Koosh balls were a great way for young kids to play with rubber strings and accidentally snap themselves. They weren't super painful, but these little balls were actually pretty fun to play with, and they eased stress.


5 Tamagotchi
Wiki Commons by Tomasz Sienicki
Your parents got you one of these if you were allergic to real animals. What is it?
Pocket Pets
Digital Animals
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You had to feed them, water them and give them love, and if you didn't they would die. It was a harsh lesson for young children, but it taught them responsibility in the 1990s. '90s kids still look back on these with fondness today.

40 Puppy Surprise
Toy Reviews For You via Youtube
Which toy made you want quintuplets?
Pinky Pups
Mama & Pups
Mama Pups
Puppy Surprise
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Puppy Surprise was a coveted toy by girls who just wanted more animals in their lives. Every time you opened a puppy surprise, you got to look inside the mama to see how many puppies you got. You could get up to five puppies, but most of the time, you just got three.

38 Creepy Crawlers
NEStalgiaholic via Youtube
Which toy did boys love to scare their sisters with?
Bug Machine
Creepy Crawlers
Spider Maker
Easy Bug Oven
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Girls got to make cookies in their Easy-Bake Ovens, but boys got to make fake spiders and bugs in their Creepy Crawlers machines. Couldn't we give girls the options to make cool stuff too? No? We're just cooking. Cool.


25 Pogs
Wiki Commons by WikiFido
This was the greatest game ever invented, and it only lasted a few years. What are these pieces called?
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Pogs were everything in the early- and mid-1990s. They were just little chipboard circles with images on them, but they changed the way we looked at games. Whatever Pogs landed right side up were given to the person who slammed the stack. It was a play-for-keeps game.

7 Socker Boppers
Channel Super Fun via Youtube
Can you name these toys that protected kids from play fighting?
Balloon Hands
Hulk hands
Socker Boppers
Smash Bops
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Socker Boppers were made during an era when it was still cool to hit people for funsies. These days, a toy like this probably wouldn't make it to market, as it encourages violence ... because hey, no one ever got hurt by being punched in the nose by a pillow.

1 Betty Spaghetty
Richprime Global Inc.
These dolls were interchangable. What is the name of this toy?
Betty Spaghetty
Noodle Hair Hayley
Mickey Millner
Cherish Doll
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Betty Spagetty dolls were small plastic dolls that gave young girls the opportunity to get creative and create their own toys. They all had interchangeable heads, legs, shoes and clothes, along with various other accessories.


31 Littlest Pet Shop
FourPawProductions via Youtube
Move over Polly Pocket! Do you know the name of these little guys?
Pocket Pets
Littlest Kitties
Littlest Pet Shop
Smallest Animal Store
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Littlest Pet Shop characters came out a little later in the 1990s, but they were excellent toys. Some children had multiple sets and basically made entire towns filled with pet shops (because that's the dream in the end).

15 Perfection
Play with me - Toys for Kids via Youtube
If you played this game at a young age, you probably experienced your first panic attack before 10 years old. Which game is it?
Exploding Shapes
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"POP! Goes Perfection!" *Terrifying Screams* This game was fun if your older brother didn't palm one of the pieces every time you tried to finish the puzzle. Otherwise, plastic exploded all over your face.

17 Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop
Let's Play // Best of Toys & Games via Youtube
Which Play-Doh accessory came out in the '90s that all kids had to have?
Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop
Troll Toppers
Funny Hair
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Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop was a great way to accidentally mix the colors of your Play-Doh. The commercials mixed the colors of hair, which was fun, but when you did it, all of your Play-Doh just turned brown.


33 Mighty Max
JTMitchell87 via Youtube
What was the "boy" version of Polly Pocket?
Mighty Max
Minnie Max
Peter Pocket
He-Man Pocket
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Mighty Max took the idea of Polly Pocket and added some He-Man designs to it, and gave boys a travel option for toys. They were very creative settings (even if they were a little grotesque at times).

27 Spice Girls Dolls
Mick & Mikke via Youtube
Celebrity dolls were a big thing in the 1990s. Do you recognize these celebrity dolls?
Britties Dolls
Britney Dolls
Spice Girls Dolls
Scary Dolls
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Baby, Posh, Ginger and Sporty Spice all had their own dolls (not that we know what a sporty spice actually is ... it may taste like Gatorade). The British pop sensations owned a large part of the decade.

21 Sky Dancers
Mashable Watercooler via Youtube
The '90s finally gave girls which flying toy?
Sky Dancers
Fairy Flyers
Helicopter Helens
Big Ballerinas
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You put them on a platform and pulled a string, and these things got some major air. They were an awesome action toy for young girls who didn't have brothers. They came in a lot of varieties, and they were super cute.


2 Foxtail
Do you know the name of this ball that replaced footballs for a lot of outdoor games?
500 ball
Lawn ball
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Foxtails were heavy balls attached to cloth tails. You could throw them like regular balls, or you could twist them around your head to get momentum and then release them ... you know, in case you wanted to break a window.

29 Water Talkies
TheThings via Youtube
Do you know what these impossible toys were called?
Water Talkies
Spit Talkers
Boom Mics
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Yep, you could talk underwater. Your friends couldn't really hear underwater, but you could talk. These came out in 1997 and didn't last very long, but they were definitely a fun idea.

37 Dream Phone
Tami Rotchford via Youtube
Pre-teen girls across the country loved playing this game. What is it?
Dream Phone
Dream Date
Play Date
Play Phone
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Dream Phone was a game that was all about getting your favorite "hunk" to answer the phone for you. Save your anxiety, you didn't have to actually call real people. What luck when he finally answered!


11 Gak
What was Nickelodeon's answer to Play-Doh?
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People make their kids slime as fun rainy day projects these days, but before there was a recipe for such fun stuff, Nickelodeon gave us Gak. It made farting sounds and got stuck in furniture really easily, but only the parents cared about that.

22 Magic Mitt
Joshuas FunVideo via Youtube
What is the name of this toy set that didn't require as much hand-eye coordination as a baseball and a glove?
Crow Mitt
Magic Mitt
Sticky Mitt
Fuzzy Ball
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Magic Mitts were great if you were bad at playing catch. When someone threw the furry ball your way, all you had to do was place your hand in the general vicinity of where the ball was, and you'd catch it. Everyone's a winner!

12 Poo-Chi
Wiki Commons by VofDoom
Do you recognize these robot dogs?
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These "puppies" weren't just robots, they were interactive. After turning it on, you could use its bone to give it some commands. Alright, they didn't do much, but they were still pretty cool (for a little bit).


34 Sylvanian Families
Wiki Commons by Sylvanian Families France
Here's a blast from the past. Do you remember these little velvet figurines?
Bunny Families
Sylvanian Families
Family Bunnies
Rabbit Ears
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Sylvanian families first arrived on the scene in the mid-1980s; however, by the time we reached the 1990s, most '90s kids got a few for hand-me-downs and others just collected them from garage sales. They were the perfect size and so very cute.

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