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"The Brady Bunch" is that rare instance of a show that became more popular in syndication. More than 40 years after its cancelation, it's still going strong. Take this quiz and test your Brady knowledge.

When did "The Brady Bunch" premiere?

The first episode aired in 1969.


When did the show end?

The final episode aired on May 8, 1974.


Who are the only three characters who appear in every single episode?

Carol, Alice and Greg made it into each episode.


In which episode did Robert Reed (Mike) not appear?

Robert Reed and the producers had a long-running feud over the show's "corny" tendencies. Apparently the last episode of season five was too much for Reed to take, and it turned out to be the last episode of the series.


What was one "corny" thing that happened in the finale?

A newfangled hair tonic turns Greg's permed locks orange, and he almost skips his high school graduation.


Who's the only character whose name is not part of the title of an episode?

For some reason Carol's name never made it into a title.


This '70s heartthrob had Marcia swooning when he appeared as himself.

Marcia boasts that she can land Davy Jones for the school dance, and she actually pulls it off.


This '70s heartthrob (not playing herself) gives Bobby his first kiss.

Anderson (Mary from "Little House on the Prairie") plays Bobby's crush, Millicent.


Who is the Brady's dog?

Tiger is a big, fluffy sheepdog.


Which Brady pet causes mayhem at Mike and Carol's wedding?

The girls' cat, Fluffy, appears in only one episode — the pilot, in which she ran through the wedding and knocked over the cake table.


What's Alice's last name?

Her name is Alice Nelson.


Who is Alice's boyfriend?

Sam is often talked about but seldom seen.


Who is Oliver?

The much-maligned Oliver is an annoying young cousin with wire-rimmed glasses and a bowl cut who shows up in season five.


Season three starts with a three-episode Brady vacation to this American landmark.

All eight Bradys plus Alice pile into the station wagon and drive to the Grand Canyon.


On the way to the Grand Canyon, the Bradys run into a creepy old prospector named Zaccariah T. Brown, played by Jim Backus. Backus is best known for his starring role on which TV show?

Backus played Thurston Howell III on "Gilligan's Island."


Where do the Bradys go to kick off season four?

Season four started with another three-parter, this time in Hawaii.


Who plays the creepy old guy they meet in Hawaii?

Vincent Price plays Hubert Whitehead, an archaeologist who thinks the Bradys are trying to steal his ancient artifacts.


What is the name of the doll Cindy loses in an early episode?

The house basically shuts down as everyone scrambles to find Kitty Karry-All.


Where is Kitty Karry-All found?

Turns out that Tiger is a hoarder, and Kitty is in his house.


Why does Marcia scream "oh, my nose!"?

Peter's errant pass ruins Marcia's chances for a date with Doug Simpson.


Who is Greg's groovy rock-star alter ego?

Being Johnny Bravo really goes to Greg's head for a brief period, but he's soon brought down to Earth.


In the episode where the kids have the measles and two doctors make a simultaneous house call, who plays the female doctor?

Marion Ross of "Happy Days" fame is the girls' doctor.


What's the name of the song the kids sing when Peter's voice cracks?

Greg pens "Time to Change" to showcase Peter's changing voice.


What's the name of the goat mascot that Greg steals and must hide in the house?

Strangely enough, the goat is named Raquel.


Who is Jan terrified she'll end up looking like?

Weird, redheaded Aunt Jenny looked just like Jan when she was younger, so Jan freaks out.


When the family has trading stamps to cash in, the boys want to get a rowboat. What do the girls want?

The girls have their hearts set on a sewing machine, but the family springs for a TV for everyone to enjoy.


Which baseball star appears at the Brady house to discuss Greg's dream of becoming a pro baseball player?

Mike's client Don Drysdale gently takes Greg down a peg or two.


Why does Joe Namath visit the Brady house?

Bobby wins a contest to meet Joe Namath because he says he's dying.


Who was known as "Scoop Brady" for one episode?

In yet another instance of a Brady child getting carried away with an alter ego, Peter totally annoys the whole family as "Scoop Brady," a reporter for the school paper.


Why does Jan wear a wig in one episode?

Jan thinks she looks like a pale imitation of Marcia, so she wears a black bouffant wig to differentiate herself.


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