Can You Pass This Canadian Trivia Quiz?

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Can You Pass This Canadian Trivia Quiz?
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About This Quiz

So, you live in Canada, but how much do you know about your country? Sure, you know the national anthem and the current prime minister, but do you know the history, important moments and other different facts? Being a country of many firsts, famous people and food, now is your chance to find out how much you really know about Canada!

Starting with Canada's Confederation, the country has had a long history. There have been many prime ministers and other politicians who have shaped our country into what it is today. Aside from politics, there's been plenty of famous people including artists, musicians and activists who have represented Canada proudly. Another way to represent Canada is through the official colours and flag. Do you know what they are and what they look like? That is some important trivia to keep in mind! Some trivia is also more modern, such as some sports trophies important to the country and who plays to win them. We're willing to bet that you know what we mean!

You've aced Trivial Pursuit, but now it's time to find out if you could ace a Canadian edition. Think you're up for the challenge? Get started on the quiz to see how much you know about the Great White North!

Q1 - CFL
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In the United States it's the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but what cup is played for in the CFL?
The Gold Cup
The Stanley Cup
The Lombardi Cup
The Grey Cup
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The Grey Cup is the cup the teams in the Canadian Football League play to win. The Grey Cup takes place yearly, where it is much like the Super Bowl in that there is a game and a famous performer from Canada.

Q2 - CanadaGlobe
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Canada places where on the rankings for the largest countries in the world?
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Canada comes behind only Russia in the rankings of the largest countries in the world. With so much land, the population is quite spread out overall. The size of the country is over 9.9 million kilometers squared.

Q3 - Anthem
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What is the third line in "O, Canada," the national anthem of the country?
"True patriot love"
"O, Canada"
"God keep our land"
"From far and wide"
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"O, Canada" became the official Canadian anthem in 1980. The anthem officially has three versions, English, French and bilingual to include all of our official languages. Everyone has stood up for it at a hockey game or in school!


Q4 - toonie
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There's been a lot of talk about Canadian money all around the world, but our famous toonie wasn't around until which year?
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Did you know that before we had the toonie, we had the two-dollar bill? It was created by the Canadian Mint to give the currency a longer life span. On one side of the toonie, we get to see a polar bear standing on the ice.

Q5 - mountie
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In which year were the Royal Canadian Mounted Police formed?
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The police force was known by another name when it was formed in 1873, the North-West Mounted Police. At this time, they only had a total of nine police officers. They officially became the RCMP in 1920.

Q6 - Montreal
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Some cities lean more toward one of the country's official languages. Which city is one of the largest French-speaking populations in the world?
Quebec City
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Living in Canada, you know that French is one of our official languages. Quebec is home to a large part of Canada's French population, but Montreal is where you'll find a large majority of the population.


Q7 - Molson
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Molson is a famous company that sells which of the following?
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Molson Canadian is a very popular beer brand with a long history in the country. It's in fact known as the oldest North American brewery. It was founded in the late 1700s, before Canada was even considered to be a country!

Q8 - pacific
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Canada's motto is "from sea to sea." Which water body is on the west coast of the country?
Atlantic Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
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Three oceans surround Canada which are the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. Toward the south is the United States. Did you know that the Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the world?

Q9 - St. John's
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Do you know what the oldest incorporated city in Canada is?
Saint John's
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Becoming a city in 1785, Saint John's is one of the oldest cities in Canada. Quebec City is also an older settlement, being settled as far back as the 1500s and only incorporated in the 1800s.


Q10 - Kraft
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This is loved by everyone around the country. What food do Canadians buy the most of?
Kraft Dinner
Maple Syrup
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Canadians love many things, but one thing we love most is Kraft Dinner! It's something that many Canadians pick up on their grocery trips, making it the highest-selling grocery item in the country.

Q11 - trivial pursuit
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Can you name the classic board game that was invented by a Canadian?
The Game of Life
Trivial Pursuit
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In 1979, Trivial Pursuit was invented in Montreal, beginning a worldwide love for this Canadian-made game. Trivia lovers have been enjoying the many editions of the game for more than 35 years!

Q12 - Alert
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The farthest place that you can live up north is found in Canada. What is the city called?
The North Pole
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Living in the extreme north in Nunavut are the people of Alert. Not many people want to brave this cold, but the city has a population of just over 60 people. It's important to the Canadian Armed Forces, as one of their stations is located here.


Q13 - Pizza
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Hawaiian pizza is worldwide now, but it was invented in which province?
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
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The world has Ontario to thank for this delicious tasting food! Hawaiian pizza was created by Sam Panopoulos, who worked at the Satellite Restaurant. The recipe took off and made it all around the world in no time.

Q14 - rat
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In which of the following Canadian cities are rats non-existent?
Quebec City
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If you have a fear of rats, then Edmonton is the place you'll want to live. The reason that there are no rats here or in any part of Alberta is because the government did a massive amount of pest control to eliminate them.

Q15 - Roberta
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Roberta Bondar is a famous person in Canada's history. What is she most famous for?
Canada's first prime minister
Canada's first female voter
Canada's first Olympic gold medalist
Canada's first female astronaut
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Roberta Bondar made history when she became the first Canadian female astronaut. Roberta is a talented person, as she is a neurologist, diver and pilot which all require some very distinct skills.


Q16 - lakes
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Canada has more of what than any other country in the world?
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Canada is known to have more than 31,000 lakes throughout it. The biggest of the lakes which is entirely situated in Canada is Great Bear Lake, which you can visit in the Northwest Territories.

Q17 - Saddledome
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Do you know which of the following buildings is found in Calgary, Alberta?
The CN Tower
Parliament Hill
Museum of Anthropology
The Saddledome
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The home of the famous Calgary Stampede has a fitting name for its local arena, the Saddledome. Resembling the seat of a saddle, the building is also located on a road of the same name.

Q18 - letter
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If you write a letter and send it to the postal code H0H 0H0, who will receive it and reply?
The queen
The prime minister
A polar bear
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Kids all around the world will love this great Canadian fact. Santa's official address is: North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. Santa always replies if he receives letters from children in time for Christmas.


Q19 - Olympics
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Canada hosted the Olympics for the first time in what city?
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The very first Olympic Games hosted by Canada was in Montreal in 1976. They were the summer Olympics where Canada took home 11 medals in total. There were no gold medals won, but only silver and bronze.

Q20 - Edmonton
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This is another great landmark. What mall in Canada has an amusement park inside?
Lonsdale Quay
Champlain Place
Le Village
The West Edmonton Mall
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One of Canada's most famous malls is the West Edmonton Mall. It was once the world's largest mall! Of course, there is so much more to enjoy there, such as the indoor amusement park which you can go on rain or shine!

Q21 - Saskatoon
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Do you know which province doesn't participate in daylight saving time?
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
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Saskatchewan sticks to Central Time no matter what time of year it is, ignoring daylight saving time. If you want to avoid that loss of an hour or don't want to change your clocks, then this is the place to move to!


Q22 - curling
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While the country as a whole has its own official sports, what is the official sport of Saskatchewan?
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Saskatchewan loves curling! It's well-known that there are many arenas for the sport all around the province. It became the official sport of the province for the first time in 2001, despite being loved by many of the citizens of the province from long before that.

Q23 - New Brunswick
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There's only one officially bilingual province. Can you name it?
New Brunswick
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Quebec focuses on French, while most of the other provinces have a focus on English, but New Brunswick is the exception. This province is officially bilingual, so you can practice both languages!

Q24 - Flag
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First used in 1965, what is on the sides of the Canadian flag?
A moose
Tiny maple leaves
Red bars
White stripes
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The Canadian flag may be quite simple, but it embodies Canada as a whole. Red and white, being the official colours of our country, are used in the flag. With the iconic red maple leaf in the middle of a white background, two red bars are found on either side.


Q25 - Carr
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Which artist is not part of Canada's Group of Seven painters?
Lauren Harris
Arthur Lismer
Emily Carr
Franklin Carmichael
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Emily Carr was a talented artist in her own right who was highly associated with the Group of Seven, despite not being part of it officially. One famous painting of hers was titled, "Autumn in France."

Q26 - highway
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Canada has the longest highway in the world. Do you know what is it called?
Highway 418
International Roadway
Trans-Canada Highway
Royal Canadian Highway
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If you're planning a trip across the country, then chances are that you'll be spending quite a bit of time on the Trans-Canada Highway! It makes traveling and deliveries much easier for everyone.

Q27 - Rememberance
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What is the name of the Canadian poem that is often recited on Remembrance Day?
"As If A Raven"
"The Circle Game"
"In Flanders Fields"
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Every Canadian has heard this poem over the course of Remembrance Day. Written by John McCrae, it's all about the First World War. One important part of the poem is where it speaks about the poppies, which have become a symbol of remembrance.


Q28 - Thompson
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You can probably name the first, but can you name the fourth prime minister?
Sir John Thompson
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Mackenzie Bowell
Kim Campbell
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Sir John Thompson was the fourth prime minister of Canada, who was in office for two years. Before becoming the prime minister, he was a lawyer who was a bit weary of getting started within the area of politics.

Q29 - Winterlude
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Which of the following festivals would you visit in Ottawa-Gatineau at a certain time of year?
The Calgary Stampede
Celebration of Light
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This fun winter festival is held in the Ottawa-Gatineau area of the country. It's all about fun in the snow with great events like ice carving and sledding, and you can get those world-famous BeaverTails at the stands all around it.

Q30 - Banff
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Where would you find the scenic Rocky Mountains?
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
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Head over to British Columbia to check out these incredible mountains. They reach into a few other Canadian provinces and American states as well. They're a beautiful sight that should be seen at least once in your life!


Q31 - Rideau
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This is one place worth checking out. Can you name the longest skating rink in Canada?
Nathan Phillips Square
Rideau Canal
Beaver Lake
Lake Louise
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The Rideau Canal attracts tourists from all around the world for a long, long skate! It stretches over 200 kilometers which is pretty far to skate, but don't worry. There are refreshment stands and BeaverTail stands down the open sections of it.

Q32 - quarter
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Whose face is on the back of the quarter?
Kim Campbell
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
The current Prime Minister
Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II is on the back of our Canadian quarters as she is the Head of State. Some quarters even mark the Queen's jubilee! Just look on the back of your quarters by her face to see the inscription of "1952, 2002 P."

Q33 - speed
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You'll need to know this one if you're cruising down the road. How is speed measured in Canada?
Kilometers per hour
Knots per hour
Miles per hour
Meters per hour
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Kilometers per hour is how speed is measured in Canada, and as many other places in the world do, it varies by area and road what the speed limit is. Often, highways suggest a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour, but this can also vary.


Q34 - coffee
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Which famous Canadian restaurant sells an item known as a double-double?
Tim Hortons
Second Cup
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The famous Tim Hortons is home to the double-double, which is another way to say coffee with two parts of milk and two parts of sugar. Many of us stop here on our way to work or any event to pick up a double-double to start off our day.

Q35 - bacon
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Though it's known as Canadian bacon everywhere else, what is it known as here in the north?
American bacon
Backbone bacon
Peameal bacon
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What the rest of the world calls "Canadian bacon," we know as peameal bacon. They're the same thing, bacon rolled in cornmeal, they're just known by different names. We'll let you decide if you like peameal bacon or the regular stuff best!

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