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Take two single girls and add one girl-crazy bachelor, throw in some quirky friends and neighbors and you've got "Three's Company," a show known as much for its physical comedy as for its outlandish comedy-of-errors situations. Take our quiz -- we've been waiting for you!

Where is Jack when he meets the girls for the first time?

After a wild goodbye party for their roommate Eleanor, Janet and Chrissy discover Jack asleep in their bathtub. The trio becomes friends and, eventually, roommates.


What do the girls tell the Ropers so that Jack will be able to move in?

Knowing the Ropers would never approve of a man living with two women, the girls tell their landlords that Jack is gay so they will give their approval for Jack to move in.


Who plays Jack Tripper on the show?

John Ritter played the clumsy, lovable ladies man Jack Tripper on "Three's Company."


What is Jack's job on the show?

Jack is initially in culinary school. He goes on to be a chef -- first at Angelino's and then at his own restaurant, Jack's Bistro.


Where is the show set?

The lighthearted comedy is set on the sunny shores of Santa Monica, California, within walking distance to the beach.


Where does Janet work?

Janet works at the Arcade Flower Shop and eventually becomes the store manager.


What is Chrissy's real name?

Chrissy -- played by Suzanne Somers -- reveals that her real name is Christmas Snow, because she was born in December.


Who becomes the third roommate after Chrissy moves out midway through the series?

Chrissy's spot in the apartment is taken over by her cousin Cindy Snow, played by Jenilee Harrison. Cindy not only takes over Chrissy's place in the apartment but also takes over her old secretarial job.


What is Terri's job?

After Cindy leaves the apartment, nurse Terri Alden, played by Priscilla Barnes, moves in for the final three seasons.


Who is Jack's best friend?

Jack's best friend Larry Dallas -- played by Richard Kline -- is a lady-loving used car salesman who lives in the apartment upstairs from Jack and the girls.


Who manages the apartment when the Ropers move away?

The Ropers sell the building to Bart Furley, who has his brother Ralph take on the role of building manager. Don Knotts plays the "macho man" Mr. Furley.


What character did Ann Wedgeworth play on the show?

Wedgeworth played Lana Shields, who spent most her time pursuing Jack while ignoring Mr. Furley's amorous advances.


Where does the gang like to go for a drink?

Jack and the girls like to head down to their favorite pub, the Regal Beagle to unwind, have a drink, or meet a date.


Who is Jack's conniving uncle, played by Don Porter?

Jack's Uncle Fremont has a habit of writing bad checks and gets Jack and his roommates in big trouble when he writes a check to Mr. Roper.


What act does Janet score tickets for in "Bird Song?"

After Janet scores a pair of Frank Sinatra tickets, Chrissy and Jack fight over who gets to attend the show. Janet finally resolves the problem by giving the tickets to the Ropers.


How does Jack try to avoid the FBI in the Season 4 premiere?

Worried that the FBI is coming to drag him back to the Navy, Jack dresses as Chrissy to avoid them. Eventually, he learns that they only wanted him to provide a character reference for an old friend.


What is the name of Jack's pretend twin in the Season 5 episode "Double Trouble?"

To score a date with Mr. Furley's niece without breaking his "gay" cover, Jack pretends to have a twin brother named Austin.


Who does the gang bring in as a temporary housekeeper during Season 6?

Cindy still made appearances on the show after Terri moved into the apartment, including a spot as a temporary housekeeper for Jack and the girls during Season 6.


Who hosted "The Best of Three's Company" retrospective?

Legendary comedian Lucille Ball took on the hosting duties for "The Best of Three's Company" retrospective, which aired during the show's sixth season.


Where does Jack hide $1,000 he gets from a broken ATM?

Jack hides the money in the couch, not knowing that Mr. Furley plans to replace the old sofa that very same day.


Which body part does a drunken Jack have tattooed?

After a night out with his old Navy buddies, Jack gets a tattoo on his backside. When he tries to have it removed in secret, Mr. Furley suspects he's having a sex change operation.


Which of the girls marries a man named Phillip?

In the final season of the show, Janet marries art collector Phillip Dawson.


Who moves to Hawaii in the final episode?

In the final episode of the show, Terri quits her job as a nurse and moves across the Pacific to settle in Hawaii.


Who does Jack move in with in the final episode?

The series ends with Jack appearing to finally settle down. He moves in with girlfriend Vicky then discovers that her father is their new landlord.


"Three's Company" was based on this British sitcom.

"Three's Company" was largely based on a popular British sitcom called "Man About the House," which ran from 1973 to 1976.


How many seasons did "Three's Company" run?

The show ran for 174 episodes over eight seasons, from 1976 to 1984.


How many spin-offs were made from the show?

"Three's Company" inspired two spin-offs, including "The Ropers" and "Three's a Crowd."


How many seasons did "The Ropers" last?

"The Ropers," which focused on the couple after they moved to Cheviot Hills to manage an apartment building, starred Norman Fell and Audra Lindley and ran for two seasons from 1979 to 1980.


Which "Three's Company" character did "Three's a Crowd" focus on?

"Three's a Crowd" premiered just a week after "Three's Company" ended and focused on Jack and his new life without his roommates. The show lasted only a single season.


Who is Jack living with in "Three's a Crowd?"

In "Three's a Crowd," Jack and Vicky are living together in an apartment over Jack's restaurant.


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