Which Fashion Decade Do You Belong In?

Kennita Leon

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Fashion transcends time, but there are some decades in our history known for incredible clothing and even better style. Which one of them do you belong in?

Do you dress to fit in?

What would you say your sense of style is like?

Which season has the best fashion?

Nine times out of 10, which of the following does your outfit have?

What kind of fabric feels the best against your skin?

What kind of outerwear do you love wearing?

Which of these stores do you shop at the most?

What kind of jeans are your favorite to wear?

Whose closet would you love to raid?

How long is your hair?

What's the easiest way to wear your hair?

How do you style it for special occasions?

Which of the following would you accessorize it with?

Time for accessories. Which of these do you always have on?

How much bling do you like?

Which shapes of sunglasses looks the best on you?

If you were to wear a ring, which precious stone would you want in it?

Which of these can you never leave your house without?

Let's talk shoes. Are you a fan of high heels?

How high are you willing to go?

Which of these designers makes the best shoes?

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

And what kind of shoe makes up most of that collection?

Fashion also includes nails. How long do you normally keep yours?

What's your go to nail color?

And which nail trend are you all about?

Makeup time. How much is too much?

What's your go-to look?

Which make-up trend do you despise?

If you could only put one item on, which would it be?

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