Build Your NFL Dream Team and We'll Tell You if You'll Make It to the Super Bowl

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About This Quiz

When you are watching the Sunday game from the recliner, you know that you are a better coach than half the posers you see strolling along the sidelines. Now's your chance to prove it! Put together your ultimate in winning NFL teams, and we'll let you know if your coaching skills are as good as you think. In fact, we'll let you know if they are good enough to get your team all the way to the Super Bowl! 

During this quiz, you'll get to choose the player you would put into every position on the field. From placekicker to quarterback, the players you assign will let us know how far your team will go. With so many great teams out there, making it to the playoffs is a terrifically difficult task. Making it to the Super Bowl will require careful and expert choices that even Vince Lombardi would be proud to see you make. 

Now's your chance to shine, coach. Pick your players, pick your coach, and pick your field. Once you've put together the NFL team of your dreams, we'll tell you if you will get a Super Bowl ring or if you will be sent home packing! 

Who will you choose to coach your NFL dream team?

Who is your starting quarterback?

Who will fill your star running back position?

Which talented wide receiver would you choose?

Which tight end will you add to the payroll?

Who gets to be your starting center?

Who gets to fill your first string right tackle position?

Who gets to play defensive tackle?

Which defensive end would hold your team together?

Which outside linebacker would you bargain to have on your team?

Who would you choose for the inside linebacker position?

Who would you choose for your punter?

Who is your placekicker?

Which NFL team would you rather coach?

Which Hall of Fame fullback would you add to your roster?

Which offensive guard would you put back in the game?

Which Hall of Fame coach would you like to have as a consultant?

Who would be your second string quarterback?

Who would you choose as your safety?

Who is your left end?

Who would you choose as your second string center?

Who would you choose for your halfback?

Who would you want as your cornerback?

Which player would be your middle linebacker?

Who would play your second string safety?

Which retired player would you like as a team analyst?

Who would you want as your assistant head coach?

Which player would you consider the biggest asset to your team?

Who would be your second choice for wide receiver?

Who would be your second choice for halfback?

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