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Fenway Park has the 'Green Monster,' Wrigley Field has the ivy, and Coors Field is famous for home runs. Almost every ballpark has something unique about it, which is part of the beauty of baseball. Every ballpark is a different experience. Some of them are over 100 years old, like Fenway Park, which opened in 1912. Whereas other stadiums, such as SunTrust Stadium in Atlanta, are only a few years old. 

Unlike the fields and courts of most professional sports, baseball fields come in a range of sizes. Comerica Park in Detroit has the deepest center field at 420 feet. Fenway has the shortest center field at 390 feet. 

San Francisco's Oracle Park features 'McCovey Cove,' where people wait for home runs in kayaks out in the bay. In Toronto, you can see the CN Tower looming over the park as you watch the game.

We've assembled pictures of every park in Major League Baseball (and some parks twice). Do you think you can guess which team plays in each stadium just by looking at a picture? You can search for clues in the images, but we've tried not to make it too easy on you. 

Are you ready to rest your stadium IQ?

This team has arguably the most well-rounded MLB player in the league. Can you guess the stadium?

The Angels may not be the most well-known of the two LA teams. However, they won their last World Series in 2003 whereas the Dodgers haven't won one since 1988. Will Mike Trout soon bring the Angels another championship?


Can you recognize the stadium of this iconic franchise?

There's probably no team more well-known in baseball (and maybe professional sports) than the New York Yankees. The Yankees have been playing at the new Yankee Stadium since 2009. However, the new stadium has the same name as the original Yankee Stadium in which the team played since the 1920s.


This stadium is home to some of the most passionate fans in baseball. Can you guess who plays there?

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful teams in the National League. The play at Busch Stadium. Their most recent championship came in 2011 in Albert Pujols' final season with the team. The Giants are the only NL team with more championships since 2000.


Along with Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, this might be one of the most widely recognized stadiums in baseball. Who plays here?

The Cubs have been playing at Wrigley Field since 1916. The ivy was planted in 1937 and has been the cause of hundreds of lost baseballs over the years. If a ball is lost in the ivy, the official rule is the hit is considered a ground rule double.


This ballpark is home to one of MLB's newest teams. Who is it?

The Diamondbacks didn't come into the league until 1998. However, they won their first championship in 2001 thanks to Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. They went on to win the division in 2002, 2007 and 2011, but they haven't made it back to the World Series since. The team plays at Chase Field.


Can you guess which small market team plays here?

The Tampa Bay Rays usually have one of the lowest budgets in the MLB. However, since coming into the league in 1998, they've done fairly well. In 2008 and 2010, they won the American League East over the Red Sox and Yankees. The team calls Tropicana Field home.


Do you know which team plays out of Citi Field?

The New York Mets might not be as iconic a franchise as the Yankees, but they'll always be famous for their 1969 "Miracle Mets" season. They moved from Shea Stadium to Citi Field in 2009.


What northern team plays out of this stadium?

The Minnesota Twins are one of the most northern franchises in the league. In 2010, ESPN ranked Target Field as the top baseball stadium experience in the United States and Canada.


This team is known for its fanatical fans. What team is it?

The Phillies have played out of Citizens Bank Stadium since 2004. They already managed to bring a championship to the new ballpark in 2008. Their only other World Series title came in 1980.


Which coastal team plays in this ball park?

Seattle has been in the league since 1977. However, they're still waiting on their first World Series title. In 2016, they tied the record for most wins in a season with 116. Ichiro Suzuki won Rookie of the Year that same season. The team plays at T-Mobile Park.


Can you identify which MLB team plays out of this park?

The Detroit Tigers won the American League in 2006 and 2012, but they haven't won a World Series title since 1984. They've been playing out of Comerica Park since 2000. Before then, they played out of Tiger Stadium from 1912-1999.


What National League team plays here?

The Atlanta Braves have been one of the league's more successful teams since 1990. They've won the NL East division 13 times since 1995. Their most recent World Series championship also came in 1995, but they won the pennant five times in the 1990s. The team plays at SunTrust Park.


Who plays out of this notoriously hitter-friendly park?

Coors Field is located 5,200 feet above sea level, which is almost five times higher than the next highest park in the league (Chase Field in Arizona). In 2002, they installed a humidor to try to reduce the number of home runs hit here. However, it's still the most hitter-friendly park in the league.


You'll see a sea of blue in which stadium?

The Rogers Centre is home to MLB's only Canadian team since the Expos moved from Montreal to Washington. The field consists of artificial turf and a retractable roof (Who wants to play in Toronto in April otherwise?)


Which successful franchise plays out of this stadium?

The Dodgers have won 23 NL pennants dating back to 1890. Their most recent World Series championship came in 1988. However, they reached the World Series in 2017 and 2018 and won their division six years in a row. Is their championship drought almost over? The fans at Dodger Stadium are ready!


Can you recognize the stadium of this AL team?

The Indians have won their division three years in a row, from 2016-2018, and nearly won the World Series in 2016. Now that the Cubs have broken their 107-year drought, the Cleveland Indians have gone the longest of any team without a championship (since 1948). It's time for them to bring the World Series home to Progressive Field!


Which team plays in this park?

Fenway Park is most famous for the 'Green Monster' in left field, the shortest left field porch in the majors. Fenway is also the oldest active MLB ballpark in America, having opened in 1912.


Which MLB team plays in this ballpark?

The Pirates have been playing out of PNC Park since 2001. Before then, they were at Three Rivers Stadium. The Pirates haven't won a World Series title since 1979. They've also never won the NL Central Division.


Can you recognize what team plays in this MLB park?

The Rangers have never won the World Series. They came close in 2011. In game 6, they were one strike away (twice) from winning. However, the Cardinals came back to win the game and went on to win game 7.


Which NL team is based here?

The Padres are another team who have never won a World Series. Since their inception in 1969, they've won the NL pennant twice, in 1984 and 1998. Their last division title came in 2006. They play in Petco Park.


This is the home of which NL Central team?

The Cincinnati Reds first became a team in 1882 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. They've won five World Series titles dating back to 1919. Their most recent championship came in 1990. The play at Great American Ball Park.


Which MLB team plays out of this stadium?

The Baltimore Orioles haven't had much success in the past 30 years. Their last AL pennant and World Series title came in 1983. Unfortunately, they share a division with two of baseball's toughest teams, the Yankees and Red Sox so bringing a World Series to Oriole Park at Camden Yards will be quite the challenge.


Can you recognize this park from an aerial shot?

The Chicago White Sox won their last MLB championship in 2005, which ended an almost 90-year drought. Their only other two titles came in 1906 and 1917. They are one of MLB's original eight franchises. They play at Guaranteed Rate Field.


Can you recognize this stadium on the bay?

The Giants have the most World Series Championships of any NL team since 2000. Starting in 2010, they won the World Series every second year until 2014. In 2016, their streak was broken by the Cubs.


Can you guess which team plays here?

The Oakland Athletics are notorious for being successful despite consistently having one of the lowest budgets in the league. A large part of their success has come from their early adoption of Sabermetrics, as seen in "Moneyball." The team plays at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.


Do you recognize this stadium? What team plays here?

The Washington Nationals came into the league in 2005 after relocating from Montreal. There have been several short-lived teams in Washington over the years as well as the Washington Senators from 1901 to 1960. They call Nationals Park home.


Do you know what team plays in this park?

The Astros have been one of the better teams in the American league since moving from the National league in 2013. They've been playing out of Minute Maid Park since 2000. Before then, they were in the Astrodome.


Which NL team plays here?

The Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League from 1969 until 1997. In 1998, they moved to the NL Central Division. They've won the NL Central in 2011 and again in 2018, although they're still waiting on their first World Series win. They play at Miller Park.


Do you know the team that plays at this stadium?

The Marlins came into the league in 1993. However, in their short history, they've already managed to win the World Series twice. They won their first championship in 1997 and their second in 2003. Their stadium is simply known as Marlins Park.


Does this park look familiar? What team plays here?

The Kansas City Royals most recently won the World Series in 2015. Their only other title came in 1985. They've been playing in Kaufman Stadium since 1973. Before then, they played out of Municipal Stadium.


Can you guess what team plays here?

The New York Yankees hold the record for most World Series titles with 27. Their most recent championship came in 2009. They have also won a staggering 40 AL Pennants dating back to 1921.


Can you guess the team that plays in this park from this picture taken from the outfield?

The Red Sox broke the 'Curse of the Bambino' in 2004 when they won their first championship since 1918. The curse started when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the rival Yankees.


Does this stadium look familiar? What team plays here?

St. Louis has been home to many star players over the years, including Albert Pujols and lifelong Cardinal Stan Musial. The Cardinals have won 11 World Series titles since their inception as the St. Louis Brown Stockings in 1882.


Which popular team plays here?

The Dodgers first moved to Los Angeles in 1958 from Brooklyn. In their early history, the team underwent a series of nine name changes from 1884 to 1931, starting with the Brooklyn Atlantics and ending with the Brooklyn Robins.


Can you recognize the team that plays in this stadium?

The Rockies came into the league in 1993. They've never won a World Series and their only NL pennant came in 2007 when they lost to the Red Sox.


Can you name the team that plays at this field?

The Miami Marlins changed their names from the Florida Marlins in 2012 when they moved into their new stadium, Marlins Park. The Marlins are the only team in the league who have never lost a playoff series.


Which team plays at this park?

The Mets came into the league in 1962, a few years after the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. The last time they won the NL pennant was in 2015, but they lost to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.


Can you guess who these blue seats belong to?

The Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series in 1992 and 1993. In 1992, they defeated the Atlanta Braves and the next year, they went on to beat the Phillies. They haven't won the World Series since, but they won the division in 2015.


Which team is in the home dugout at this park?

In 2017, the Indians broke the record for longest consecutive winning streak with 22 wins. They would go on to win the AL Central with 102 wins but were later defeated by the Yankees in five games.


Can you name this park's team?

The Pirates have existed as a franchise since the 1800s. They were originally based out of Allegheny City, which has since become part of Pittsburgh. Their last NL pennant came in 1979.


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