Can You Match the NFL Team to Their Stadium?

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Every NFL team has a home base. These stadiums are built like the colosseums of ancient Rome and Greece. So fitting for the heated competitions that take place within each of them!

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium can hold up to a whopping 100,000 fans.

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is home to the Green Bay Packers. The field is nicknamed "The Frozen Tundra."

Soldier Field

The Chicago Bears are at home at Soldier Field. The stadium was at double capacity once.

Heinz Field

Heinz Field is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The field opened in 2001.

CenturyLink Field

CenturyLink Field is home to the Seattle Seahawks. The stadium is 260 feet tall.

EverBank Field

EverBank Field is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The venue was originally named Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

University of Phoenix Stadium

The Cardinals play at the University of Phoenix Stadium. But you probably guessed that one.

Ford Field

The Detroit Lions play at Ford Field. The venue holds 65,000 fans.

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is home to the New York Giants. The Giants share the stadium with the Jets.

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium houses the Miami Dolphins and more than 65,000 of their fans. The University of Miami football team also plays there.

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium is home to the Kansas City Chiefs. The stadium opened in 1972.

M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens are at home in M&T Bank Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of over 71,000.

Paul Brown Stadium

Paul Brown Stadium is home to the Cincinnati Bengals. We'll forgive you if you guessed the Cleveland Browns.

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is home to the Indianapolis Colts. The stadium holds 70,000 fans.

Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium is home to the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution soccer team. The stadium opened in 2002 as CMGI Field.

Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles are at home at Lincoln Financial Field. The stadium holds almost 70,000 fans.

New Era Field

New Era Field is home to the Buffalo Bills. Construction began on the stadium in 1972.

FirstEnergy Stadium

FirstEnergy Stadium is home to the Cleveland Browns. The stadium was originally called Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium is home to the 49ers. The stadium seats up to 75,000 people.

Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium is home to the Bucs. The stadium is nicknamed Ray Jay.

Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium is home to the Panthers. The venue holds more than 75,000 fans.

Nissan Stadium

The Tennessee Titans are at home in Nissan Stadium. The stadium is also home to the Tennessee State Tigers.

NRG Stadium

NRG Stadium houses the Houston Texans. More than 80,000 fans were in attendance for the George Strait concert in 2013 at the stadium.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is home to the Rams. That one was too easy.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

The Saints call Mercedes-Benz Superdome home. The stadium opened in 1975.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is home to the Denver Broncos. The stadium is called Mile High, for short.

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is home to both the Jets and the Giants. The stadium holds 82,500 fans.

U.S. Bank Stadium

The Vikings call U.S. Bank Stadium home. The stadium cost over $1 billion to build.


FedExField is home to the Redskins. The stadium holds 82,000 fans.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to the Atlanta Falcons. The stadium opened in August 2017.

SDCCU Stadium

SDCCU Stadium is home to the San Diego Chargers. The stadium's full name is San Diego County Credit Union Stadium.

StubHub Center

StubHub Center is host to the Chargers. The stadium was formerly called the Home Depot Center.

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